5 Tips To Avoid Candida Recurrence

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Stay positive – you can beat candida

Hi there.  I know many of my blog visitors are fighting candida infections and are not the stage of worrying about it coming back.  You may even doubt if it will ever go completely.  I was in exactly the same position but I think these tips might also help those of you who are suffering

One of my biggest problems when I had candida was to work out the missing piece of the jigsaw namely what was causing it to keep returning?  There are many possible causes which is why I recommend the book on the sidebar of this blog as it goes through them and you can try to work out your own issues.   So these tips are based purely on my own experiences and my own health issues.

1. Avoid constipation at all costs.  This was a massive problem for me as I was following a pretty strict anti-candida diet which did not include much if any fruit.  This led to constipation.  I have realised over the years that I must ensure my digestive system stays regular otherwise I inadvertently create ideal conditions of a growth of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut including candida.  So an apple a day became part of my candida diet.  These days I do try to pay attention to my erm toilet habits and if things slow down I eat more fruit.  If that doesn’t work then I take Milk of Magensia overnight.  I’ve blogged about this before.  Its sold in the UK in Boots and chemists and works well as a gentle laxative.

2. Don’t get run down.  Many of us lead very busy lives and its easy to get tired and run down.   But if I over do it for too long then I run the risk of adrenal gland fatigue.  This is serious and to be avoided at all costs.  My symptoms start with waking up at night (often about 4am) and lead onto not being able to sleep at all, low blood pressure, difficulty getting up in the mornings, dizziness and lower immune system.   I take Raw Adrenal Gland supplement for a few days until I’m sleeping well then I stop.   Two tablets over the course of a day usually sort things out within a few days.  But then its up to me to make the lifestyle choices to restore my good health.

3. Eat healthily 80% of the time.  Although I enjoy sugary treats such as cakes, chocolate and sweets I do my best to be sensible.  Of course my good intentions went out of the window over Christmas but I’m back to be being more careful.  So I tend to eat chocolate or cake or sweets on a weekend and I aim to stick to plain biscuits during the week.  This is also for weight reasons to be honest. I’ve also read that eating sugar can contribute to faster ageing so its another good reason to reduce the amount we eat.  I also believe that eating a varied diet with as little processed food as possible really helps too.

4. Avoid antibiotics.  There are times in life when antibiotics are essential and they’ve saved millions of lives.   But many people take them needlessly without realising that they adversely affect the bacteria balance in your gut and can lead to candida overgrowth.  You can try to limit the damage by taking a probiotic but if you are prone to candida then I would suggest going on the candida-diet and taking anti-candida supplements for a few months following your antibiotic treatment.  Ideally try to avoid antibiotics in the first place unless your doctor says its necessary.   Personally I take cider apple vinegar (1 tablespoon in mug of warm water) which is great for fighting bugs such as colds.

5. Avoid vaginal irritants – If you are prone to vaginal thrush avoid irritants such as bubble baths, scented sanitary pads and scented soaps.   The vagina often turns dry just before the thrush (candida) reappears so try inserting some petroleum jelly liberally.  I’ve avoided many thrush outbreaks using this method.  But beware the petroleum jelly can break down condoms!

Do you have any tips for avoiding candida?  If so please share them in the comments  by clicking ‘leave a reply’ at the top of this post.  Thanks 🙂


Katie xx


Iodine Kills Candida

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Hi!  If you are a regular reader of my blog and website you will already know that I beat systemic candida years ago. You can read more at About Me.  But I know a lot of people are not so fortunate so I keep this blog and website going in order to help others.

Recently I was made aware that iodine deficiency is quite common and interestingly iodine kills off candida. It is estimated that a lot of people are suffering from the effects of low iodine which can lead to hypothyroidism. Iodine is essential for a healthy thyroid so if you are not eating enough iodine (or not absorbing enough due to low stomach acid) then it makes sense that your thyroid could be affected. I am also interested in iodine as I know that it has been linked with helping to prevent breast cancer which has affected some of my family members.

Here are some of the symptoms that you may encounter if you have low levels of iodine:-

  • feeling cold
  • constipation
  • weight gain (iodine helps to balance your metabolism)
  • dry skin
  • hair loss or coarse dry hair
  • weakness
  • muscle aches
  • depression
  • fatigue

Now I know these symptoms are vague and could be attributed to many other causes.  But for me the dry skin was getting a real problem.  I noticed my skin was looking prematurely aged and would get so dry it would be itchy.  I started to buy special moisturizers for dry skin and experimented with bath oils.  But nothing was really helping.

Then I heard about the DIY Iodine Patch test so I decided to try it out.   You will need some iodine and I bought a brand that was recommended to me. Here is the link if you are interested >Iodine Supplement

Here is a simple video which shows you how to perform this test.

All I did was paint a medium sized patch (about 7cms square) on my stomach.   The iodine is dark brown but looked orange on my skin.  You need to check the square over the next 24hrs to see your skin absorbs the iodine.   Be sure to apply to clean skin and obviously don’t wash the skin until the test is complete.  If the orange disappears the theory is that you may be deficient.

I have been taking 4 drops of iodine twice a day.  I used muscle testing to work out the dose and I can tell by my skin if I forget to take it.   Don’t forget that tests also show it kills off candida so it is worth checking out for many reasons.

Love & light

Katie xx

Benefits of Eating Seasonally to Beat Candida

Monday 12th October 2015
beat candida with seasonal foodOne of the biggest problems with beating candida is sticking to the anti-candida diet. The most common question that I get asked via email is “Did you really stick to the diet?”. The answer is a resounding “yes!”.  I was desperate to get better and I was getting to the point where I would have tried almost anything to regain my health  (By the way if you are struggling check out my main website pages which have plenty of tips for following the anti-candida diet including little ‘cheats’ to keep you sane! > main candida site)

beating candida with seasonal vegOne of the best ways of sticking to the anti-candida diet is to plan your meals (VERY important) and to eat vary your food by eating seasonally. I still aim to eat seasonally even though the candida has long gone. But I am always a tiny bit worried that it may return so I try to maintain good health. So I was interested to read an update today on Dr Mercola’s website about the health benefits of eating seasonally. Not only does it introduce variety into your diet but it also has nutritional benefits too. > read Dr Mercola’s Fabulous Fall Foods

Dr Mercola explains the benefits of many of the vegetables available now which is great news for anyone following the candida diet.  All I need to do now is learn how to find some tasty recipes and learn how to use my new soup maker!

One word of caution though. One of the best Fall foods are apples.  Now I did eat an apple per day when I was on the anti-candida diet.  But I dont think you should over do it fruit-wise.   Why did I eat apples?   Well if you have followed my blog over the years you will know that I followed the instructions of my Naturopath.  He felt strongly that one of the biggest barriers to getting rid of candida is constipation.  The candida is mostly in the gut and it needs to be disposed of.  If you are not using the toilet regularly then the candida stays in your body and grows stronger.  So for me the solution was a daily apple which helped to keep me regular and the candida was eventually beaten.  I do get occasional emails from candida sufferers who don’t seem to believe that I got better eating a daily apple.  Well I did!  Some of them can be quite irate so I daren’t tell them that I also use to eat peanut butter!  I didn’t know it was regarded as a ‘banned’ food for candida sufferers.  All I can think now is that my overall regime was effective at destroying the candida and the occasional apple or peanut butter didn’t not impact upon this.

If you are suffering from candida please read my main candida website which I put together to help people.


Katie xx

Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally

Monday 21st September 2015
Natural treatment SAD

I wanted to do a post about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this Autumn (Fall) as my regular readers will know that in the past I’ve really struggled with the change in seasons at this time of the year.  So many of my friends enjoy the changing seasons and I am trying very hard this year to do the same.  I just love the warmth and light of the summer months. Plus I love the colors of the flowers.

In previous years I have tried many different treatments and I wanted to share the ones that worked best in case it helps someone else.   I personally think that many candida sufferers are prone to SAD syndrome.  I don’t know why but perhaps because having candida can affect our wellbeing so we are already feeling low?

Here are my personal tips in order of importance.

1. Daily walks
autumnal walkI think this works the best. Even if the weather is dark and depression, put on some waterproof clothing and get walking. I used to dread the walks as even the thought of walking through my nearby woods in winter was depressing.  I remember thinking “Oh but everything will be dark and dead and its so depressing…”. Luckily I was wrong!   I enjoyed the fresh air and there are still plenty of birds and squirrels around in our local woods.  I have also started to take along my camera which has helped me to look for the beauty even in the depths of winter.  And I do appreciate that if you are feeling unwell that you may not have the energy to take a long walk.  But if possible try sitting outside in the fresh air as that also helps a lot.

2. 5htp

This is a natural remedy which helps to ward off depression and aids better sleep. You need to take it about 3 months before it really starts to work apparently although I think it works much faster. So do not be put off if you think its too late to start taking it this year.  I felt a benefit within a week or two.  It helps to boost serotonin.  I took one tablet before bed.  It definitely helped my mood and helped me to sleep better too.  I haven’t started to take it this year as I feeling better with the regular walks.  I hope I won’t regret not taking it!  I have a pot
of 5htp in the cupboard if I do feel myself getting worse.  One of my friends takes it through out the year as she prone to depression and low moods.  She thinks its brilliant as it doesn’t have any side effects unlike prescription drugs.


3. SAD Light Boxes
I bought a portable SAD light box last year and initially I loved it. But I made the mistake of using it too much. I didn’t know that you are supposed to use it for only 30 mins per day!   I had it on in my home office for hours.  In the end I started to feel ill (which could be coincidence) and I stopped using it.  What an idiot!  Now I ensure that I have plenty of normal bright lighting in my office and that seems to help on dull days.  Personally I think my first suggestion of Daily Walks is cheaper and more effective that a SAD light box. But if you can’t get out then you could try one. Some of my friends swear by their light boxes so I will trying mine again this winter but this time with a sensible time limit!

4. Take Vitamin D3
This is a supplement which many people should take especially in the Autumn and Winter months. I live in the UK where the weather can be variable even in the summer.  So I tend to take vitamin D3 almost all year.  I don’t take it on bright summer days when I know I can get outside in the sunshine.   I’ve noticed that my general health has improved since taking this so I am really pleased.   I take 5,000 iu per day.  I am not a medical expert so I am going to link here to an excellent article by Dr Mercola which explains the benefits of Vitamin D3



5. Make the Best of Each Season
This is the one I struggle with but I am trying my best!  Instead of being sad at the sight of my favorite swallows disappearing on their autumnal migration to Africa, I am trying to focus on more positive aspects of the season.  For me this has included going blackberry picking, storing apples, buying beautiful Autumnal flowers for the house and digging out favourite winter woollies. What are your favourite Autumn (or Fall) activities?

I hope my suggestions help you.   If you have any additional suggestions to help others then please use the comment box below.    And one last thing, if you are really struggling then please go and see your doctor.


Yikes! Is the candida back?

Sunday 11th January 2015

As you may know I fought candida for about 10 years on-off and finally I have been free for many years.

But recently my stress levels have been really high and I have been feeling terrible. This situation has been continuing for several months. I know the long term effects of stress are awful and I was taking Rhodiola and Lemon Balm to keep myself calm. To be honest I was more worried about my mental stress and I hadn’t thought about candida.

But I’ve recently realised that my bowel is very sluggish and I’ve had a few ear infections again. Oh no. Of course these symptoms could be related to being stressed out. But I know that I have created the ideal conditions for candida again.

Also I must confess that I ate and drank a lot of sugary stuff over Christmas. Normally that sort of indulgence is fine but under stressful conditions it probably wasn’t wise.

So here I am hoping for a better year and realising that if I dont sort out this problem quickly then 2015 could the year that the candida returns with vengeance.

So I’ve decided to think positive (you know I am a BIG believer in the power of thought) and come with a plan of attack.
This is what I am doing:-

1. Avoiding sugar and yeast as much as possible.
2. Drinking tons of water to clear out toxins
3. Taking my homeopathic candida remedy (I use Helios Homeopathy products)
4. Taking teaspoon of colloidol silver 10pm once a day
5. Taking maximised capryllic acid with main evening meal
6. Reading through my blog and website for more ideas as I’ve forgotten a lot!

I also desperately need to get my bowel moving otherwise all my efforts will be in vain. Here in the UK I used to take Milk of Magnesia overnight to encourage bowel movements but then I heard they stopped selling it temporarily. When I had candida really bad I used to eat one apple per day with the permission of my naturopath. I am convinced that the regular fibre did more to get rid of the candida than the sugar helped to boost it. Hope I am making sense! lol!

Finally I also need to think about what is causing my stress and see if I can do anything about it.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and candida-free 2015
Katie x

ps if you have emailed me or left a comment then sorry but I’ve been having spam problems again. I am getting hundreds of junk emails and comments which I need to plough through to get the genuine ones. If you havent had a reply please resend.

Cider apple vinegar to treat candida

I am a huge fan of cider apple vinegar.   I use it for health and beauty purposes.  The key is to find a source which says ‘with mother’.   I’ve no idea what that means but I just know that the cider apple vinegar with mother is far more effective.   I also like the fact that it is cheap!

If you visit Earth Clinic which is a fantastic site full of natural remedies you will often see that cider apple vinegar is rated the best rememdy for many ailments.   This stuff is amazing!  If you dont believe me just click on the image of the bottle below to visit Amazon.  This brand alone has almost 1000 ‘five star’ excellent reviews! If you read the reviews it is very inspiring.

I use cider apple vinegar as a skin toner after cleansing.   I heard that Sarlett Johansson is supposed to use it on her skin so I figured I would give it a go!  And I am really pleased as I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts.  The vinegar helps to balance my skin and prevent spots and pimples.  It takes a bit of getting used to the smell but it quickly dries.  I know some people apply a moisturiser afterwards.

I also love cider apple vinegar as a hot drink.   I mix a tablespoon of the vinegar with equal amounts of honey and add a large mug of hot water.  I make sure to drink it through a straw as they say this helps to prevent acid erosion of your teeth.  The taste is more apple than vinegar I think.   Now I know that all you candida sufferers will be nervous of taking honey as you need to avoid sugar.   I agree.  Except that if your candida is mild then you could try this as it really seems to kill off candida.  But if your candida is bad then I have another suggestion.  Have you tried cider apple vinegarcapsules ?  These are great for anyone who hates the smell or taste of the cider apple vinegar.   If you try either thecapsules or the drink please let me know how you get on.

If you cant find the capsules in your local drugstore here is a link.



Katie xx

Inspiring day with Phillip Day

Eating more raw food is great for all of us

Eating more raw food is great for all of us

Hello!  I wanted to share some great tips I picked up during a day long seminar with Phillip Day from Credence recently.  He is touring the UK with his talks which are health-related.  I was amazed by his talks and I really wish everyone could listen to his message.

I first heard about Phillip Day when someone gave me a copy of his amazing book about cancer called Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth.  This awful disease haunts many of us and his book really made me think again about the causes and ideas for prevention.

So I was intrigued to hear he was touring and decided to go along.  Well I am so glad I did!  The whole day was packed with useful information and tips.   Here are just a few snippets which may help you on your path to better health.

In no particular order here are some of his tips to help avoid ill health and diseases:-

  1. Follow with Paleo diet as much as possible.
  2. Even if you can follow healthy eating for 80% of the time it is worth it.
  3. Avoid pork.
  4. Avoid grains, dairy and sugar.
  5. Raw food is best.
  6. Try to source non-gm meat.

I dont think he would be happy if I shared his entire talk but for candida sufferers he mentioned that it is worth getting your iodine levels checked.   Iodine kills germs and fungi in the blood stream including candida.  So if you are low in iodine then candida could flourish.  I recalled that my nautropath recommended Lugol’s Iodine for me when I was suffering from serious candida.   If you follow my blog and website you will know that I had a massive struggle to get better and I took a lot more than just iodine.  But we are all different and if you are struggling to get rid of candida its worth considering if iodine could be the missing piece of the jigsaw.  He recommended starting with just 2 drops in some water and slowly build up.  I think its worth finding a naturopath to help you to work out how much your body needs as we are all different.


Katie xx


Please help a candida sufferer

Hey everyone.  As you may know I am getting TONS of junk comments on this website.  Its been really getting me down as I have to go through 1000s of spam comments to try to find genuine ones.  The good news is that I am working with a lovely lady to finish a brand new website which should (fingers crossed) to reduce this problem.  But the terrible news is that I have missed a really important comment left by a candida sufferer.  I have copied her post below.  I am really upset that I missed this comment originally.   I am going to email Sara with my own ideas but if anyone has any ideas that they can share to help her then please use the Comment box or email me at beatcandidayeastinfections@hotmail.com 

Sara’s post:

Hi, i came across your page about candida. Iam 32 yrs old and from what i can remember ive had candida since a child! I only found out about it in 2006. Iam actually thinking of ending my life ! as the candida is just destroying me. I have bad depression, anxiety, constant ringing in my ears, itching skin, allergies, bloating, but what makes it worse is the depression and negative thinking, and due to feeling depressed i eat junk food ! i pig out on choclate and all the other food candida loves, so im actually feeding it !   Each time i try the diet i go even more depressed that i just have no motivation to cook the right meals.  And last march i had to be given more antibiotics due to an infection, since then its been much worse. Im now stuck on antidepressants that do nothing, ive gained alot of weight due to my poor eating habits. I had a test for candida a saliva and stool test, both showing i do have candida, yet the saliva was much higher. Also had a test for leaky gut, this showed negative although it was a very high mark. And to top all that, i had a adrenal stress test, showing abnormal high dhea hormone. And as well as having all 8 of my mercury fillings removed last year, i thought that would help but no such luck. Anyway ive spent so much money over ther years on diffrent supplement and antifungals, the longest i stuck to anything was 2 months that was taking threelac, but the die of was to bad i gave up. Anyway i had been reading about the EFT, i wonder if it may help my negative thinking, im starting to think that my negative mind may be making the candida worse ! or maybe the candida made me negative, im not sure. Anyway i know the email is bit long, sorry its just reading that somebody else had candida makes me feel a bit better, well not so alone. If you could email me that would be really good, and any advice on what or how i can go about the depression and how i could stop eating junk food ??   Thanks in advance.


Lets all get together to help Sara and everyone else in her position.   I’ll kick off with a few of my own ideas.  Please add your own.

1.  Positive thinking is essential so I believe in writing some positive statements out in big writing, sticking on the wall (ideally next to a mirror) and repeating them to yourself as much as possible.    Keep it short and in the present tense.   If you can look at yourself in the mirror while you repeat the statement then it works even better.   Some some positive affirmations could be

“I am feeling better and better with each passing day.”

“My candida is gone and I feel healthy and happy”

“My immune system is strong and I am feel full of energy”

The strange thing about affirmations is that they work even if you dont believe them statements.  Just repeat them constantly over and over.  I am a big fan of Louise Hay so check her out on Google for more information about this approach.  It works for lots of issues in life 🙂

2. Ok the temptation of junk food needs to be addressed.  We all know candida loves junk food.   If your temptation is hard to beat then perhaps some hypnotherapy could help to retrain your brain.  What worked for me was planning all my meals and snacks in advance together with a conviction that I really wanted to get better.  I threw out all the sugary food in the house and I avoided temptation e.g. meals out for a little while.  I followed Karen Tripp’s website as she was the only person I knew at the time who had beaten candida.

3.  Working out what to eat is hard I know.  There are plenty of candida diet recipies online so please go through them and plan some tasty food to eat.  Personally I lived off a lot of stir fries which I love.  I made the sauces from scratch and just made it all up through trial and error.   I added herbs and spices which are known to nourish the body.

4.  Definitely learn EFT to treat the symptoms and any underlying issues e.g. stress.

5. I would recommend finding a local naturopath to help you on your journey to recovery as we all different and what works best for one may not work as well for another person.

6. If die off is bad then try the diet for a few weeks alone first.  Then slowly add anti fungals.  I am not a fan of Threelac but there are plenty  of others to try.  If your candida is bad then you may need to alternate between different ones on a daily basis to zap it all.  That’s what I did in the end.

7.  Drink plenty of water each day.  You can add a slice of lemon or lime for flavour.   It helps to wash out any impurities, excess hormones etc which can detox the body.

8.  Take a daily probiotic to help replenish the gut flora.   This is really important if you have or are taking antibiotics.


I am sure there are a ton of others to try.  If you have any ideas to share please help.

Heart warming story of girl who used diet to cure her health problems

ellaI read this positive story this morning which just shows the power of what we eat.

Ella is a 22 year old in the UK who ate a dreadful, sugar-rich diet. She had terrible health and was bed ridden.  I believe she must have had candida along side other serious health problems. Typically her doctors wanted her to keep taking medication forever but Ella changed her diet and is now better!  Ella learnt about the power of food and she changed her diet completely.  She has cut out sugar, gluten, dairy and meat.

Ella has set up her own blog with tasty remedies to help others.

She has also launched an app (Deliciously Ella) to help others to eat healthily and this app is number 1 in the itunes app store.

I hope her story will inspire you.

> read Ella’s inspiring story on the Daily Mail website


Katie xx

Candida and Aspirin

AspirinAs you may already know, aspirin has been used for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of ailments. But I only recently learnt that it is anti-fungal and also possibly anti-viral. I was reading one of my favorite health websites (EarthClinic.com) for some advice. I have been feeling ill and I cant seem to shake off a low grade virus. I read advice from Ted from Bangkok suggesting that taking low dosage of aspirin can work well to treat viruses that seem to hang around forever. As always I decided to double check this advice myself. I know there are people out there who cannot take aspirin as it can cause stomach and digestive problems. I haven’t had any problems myself so I wasn’t worried about taking it. But I still searched on Google to learn more. And what a surprise! This is how I uncovered some preliminary medical research which suggests it could be used to treat candida. There are also reports in the Lancet that it may prevent cancers from spreading. This is exciting news! None of this seems fully proven yet but it is very interesting. Especially as aspirin is so cheap and easy to get hold of.
But there are dangers in taking aspirin every day. It can cause internal bleeding which can be fatal. So if you are thinking of trying it please ask your Doctor first.

Is anyone taking low dose aspirin to treat their candida problem? It would be great to hear your feedback. I’ve decided to take low dosage of aspirin (75mg baby aspiring) for a week to see if I feel an improvement with my bug. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Katie xx

ps here is a very good article about aspirin http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/243265.php