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Hi I havent blogged for a while as there’s been not a lot to say. The cold set me back as I had to drink fruit juice to ease my sore throat and I think it helped the candida to fight back ūüôĀ I’ve been carrying on with the diet but notice that any slip up means my candida symptoms rise considerably.¬† I’ve finished the capryllic acid and now take grapeseed extract, pau d’arco and oregano oil plus threelac each day. I’ve got used to the diet now and I try to rotate my foods so I’m on a roll! I’ve also lost weight which has cheered me up! I see my naturopath in October which is when I would normally be able to gradually reintroduce foods and put all this behind me but I’m not confident this time around. I’ve had a few set backs in terms so I am expecting to stay on the regieme for perhaps a few weeks longer. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Horrible cold :(

I havent blogged for a few days as I’ve had a nasty cold bug. I’ve had the sore throat, cough, sneezing, blocked nose, headache, tiredness – the full works! And its been harder because I havent been able to take any cough remedies as they all seem to contain sugar! I have found some sugar free strawberry Strepsils which are ok but you can only take a couple a day.¬† If anyone has any suggestions or recipies to ease the symptoms of a cold then please let me know! So far I have had¬†to rely upon hot lemon tea with a tiny amount of fructose.¬†¬† Also (confession time!) I ate a few grapes when my throat was unbearably sore.¬† I think my candida campaign will take a back step after this as I’ve also drunk small quantities of fruit juice to try to beat the cold virus.¬† I’m disappoined that I caught the virus as I am taking echinacea (3wk on 1wk off) and astralagus every day plus all my other vitamins and supplements.¬† I should be the healthiest person around!

Aspartame or Sucralose?

I have noticed that a number of UK supermarkets and retailers¬†including Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys are removing aspartame from their own brand products such as diet drinks.¬† This is¬†fairly old news for the health conscious as aspartame is so toxic. (If you are unaware of the risks to your health of ingesting aspartame visit Dr Mercola’s brilliant website).¬† But for those of us on an anti candida diet its worth checking the labels as they seem to be replacing aspartame with sucralose (also called Splenda).¬† Sucralose is a derivative from sugar so we need to avoid it all costs.¬† Anything which ends ‘ose’ I believe is from sugar eg dextrose, fructose etc.. Actually I tried to find out more about sucralose from Dr Mercola’s site before writing this post but every single article was unavailable to me. This is the message I got:

Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England.

It says it all doesnt it? I’ve done some internet research on the possible dangers¬†and toxicity of sucralose and lets just say that I wont be drinking or eating it even when I’m off the candida diet! I’ll be using natural sweetners in the future such as honey or maple syrup.¬† I cant believe the lawyers would go to such extreme lengths to stop us accessing the information at Mercola when the info is readily available on other sites!

Feeling down

I’ve been experiencing more ‘die off’ yesterday and today with a fuzzy head and a lingering headache with tiredness.¬† I am taking a lot to kill off the yeast so its to be expected.¬† Its made me feel a bit despondent.¬† I actually started this blog to help others and now I think its helping me too as I can look back and see the ups and downs that I am going through.¬† I’m sure I will be ‘up’ again very soon!¬† I was just thinking how candida seems to mess with my head and I wondered if its just me? Its like when I have candida something in my head hunts for things to worry about or get mad about and then dwells upon them.¬† Normally these things wouldn’t worry me and I’d be able to have some perspective.¬† I am using Louise Hay’s afirmations which do help. I can definitely recommend her books!