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Candida and Hormones

I have been doing more investigations into candida and with the help of my naturopath have realised that hormones are playing a large part in encouraging the candida. I have been the contraceptive pill for medical reasons for about 20 years and I am lactose intolerant so I have been drinking soya milk for about 10 years.  Last year my GP decided to change my Pill to Cilest. Goodness knows why now as I can practically pinpoint the date as my candida came back instantly and it has been difficult to shake off.   I was unaware that oestrogen (spelt estrogen in the US) and progesterone can promote candida growth.  Soya (spelt soy in the US) milk is also a complete no-no for candida sufferers apparently though this is new news to me.  I’m really shocked. I’ve been trying so hard to stick to the diet, destress, vary my anti-candida supplements and generally take stock of my whole life to see where I am going ‘wrong’ and it turns out its the soya milk and Pill!

So I am now considering a return to dairy milk (yuck!) but I’ll have to take lactase or the lacto-free version.  And I have to come off Cilest as soon as I can.  

I have found this interesting article from the National Candida Society concerning candida and hormones  It reminded me that Mandy Smith (then Bill Wyman’s wife) was the first UK public person reported in the press to be suffering from candida, which was attributed to her continuous use of the contraceptive pill from puberty.  I remember reading about her and I was shocked at how thin and ill she became.  Now I’m in the same situation and its quite shocking.  Anyway this page from the NCS has an important section called ‘Steps to Recovery’ which I recommend.

I’ll let you all know how I get on!



I’m finding that this little blip is a lot easier to deal with.  I’m taking a lot more probiotics than previously as my aim is to beat this once and for all. In the past I’ve been so keen to get to the end of the 8 weeks that I havent really had a plan to beat it forever apart from trying to stick to the anti candida diet and keeping my fingers crossed! Not a good plan as I realised this year. I had a tremendously stressful period. I wont go into all the details but it was a nightmare and I thank God that all my loved ones are ok which is the main thing.  I have found a fantastic cook book which I recommend called ‘Cooking Without Made Easy’ by Barbara Cousins. Its full of recipes without dairy, gluten, yeast or sugar.  It even includes cakes!! Perfect for candida sufferers and also anyone who is intolerant to gluten.  We are having fun trying out the recipes!  I think Dr Mercola’s view that trying to zap the candida with anti fungals is not really the long term solution.  I am trying to boost my immune system through vitamins, healthy eating, lots of sleep, aromatherapy massages, chill out time (a new one for busy bee me!) and of course probiotics.  I understand that most of the immune system is in the gut so an imbalance of gut will adversely affect the immune system. I understand this better now. I am keeping on the diet as I’ve managed to lost a half a stone!! So I want to lose another half a stone so that I look nicer in my bikini this summer.  One of the perks of the anti candida diet! 😉

But one of the negatives is other people’s attitudes. Does anyone else have any ideas on this one? I dont tell many people about candida or the diet as its supervised by my naturopath and they think anyone who isnt a ‘proper’ Doctor is a crank.  My limited diet makes office parties and meals an absolute nightmare.  I have heard rumours that the women in the office think I’ve got an eating disorder as I avoid the junk food that they eat!! Mind you I also avoid their obesity so I’m not complaining too much!  So do I tell them and risk getting called a crank? I’ve tried it and totally regretted it so I tend to keep quiet and try to avoid eating in front of people… and I wonder why they think I’ve got an eating disorder! he! he!  I wish I knew someone else who has candida.