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Not sure about progesterone cream…

This post is for us girls! Last month I took the supplement I was recommended to take to balance my hormones plus I used natural progesterone cream for the latter half of my cycle (as recommended).  I had bad cramps on off for days before my period started late.  It was weird.  I did some homework on the internet and learnt that the cream can delay the start of menstruation so I stopped the cream and my period started within a day or so. I dont know if the cream was delaying things.  But this period was probably my worst ever in my whole life. I’ve been quite ill and awake for several nights which cramps.  On the pill my periods were fine and when I had a break a few years ago I was totally fine. I feel like I am trying too hard to balance my hormones and perhaps I need to let my body correct itself. So I’ve stopped the supplement and the cream and we will see what happens. Has anyone else gone through this? I have no idea what is normal!

love and light, Katie x

Reducing Oestrogen Levels

Morning! I am doing some research into foods and herbs which can increase oestrogen levels.  I am already shocked to discover that milk thistle is one to avoid. I have been taking milk thistle for about a year on-off to try to support my liver while I fight the candida.  Several books have recommended it for candida sufferers so I thought I would let people know.

I’ve also learnt that exercise will help reduce oestrogen levels which is interesting. I know that fat deposits can increase oestrogen in the body but after doing the candida diet for quite a while I have lost weight so that is not a factor for me.  However I dont take any exercise so that is going to change! I am way too unfit to even attempt an exercise class or the gym so I’ve dug out my old yoga and exercise DVDs! Worth a try!

If anyone has any tips for reducing oestrogen (estrogen) levels then please let me know!

love Katie x

DIY Skincare and Hormone Updates

Hi just thought I’d share some more info that I have found.  Thanks to everyone who has left comments!  I learning about making my own skincare products at the moment.  I have bought some of the natural stuff and everything seems fine enough but a little bland.  For example I like Tesco’s Bnatural range but its quite plain.  Some of the paraben-free stuff costs a fortune too. I was intrigued by an article that I read about Jo Fairley who wrote the Beauty Bible which I love.  She has now written a book packed with recipes which sound really interesting. Here is the article that I found

Unfortunately the writer doesnt say what she thought of the stuff that she made. But I am really intrigued!  Has anyone else tried this approach? Any tips? 

On the candida side of things I thought I ought to explan further that my naturopath uses a combination of homeopathy, kineseology, acupunture and reflexology.  The first two are used to diagnose the cause of problems.  Its very impressive! But he also has medical knowledge which is essential.  My candida is now ‘low’ and the tests confirmed this but he stressed that the conditions within my body would mean that if I eat anything which will need the candida then it will immediately flourish.  He is right!  I have eaten tiny quantities of ‘bad’ food and straight away my symptoms are back (wind, bloating etc).  So I am sticking to the diet while trying to balance my hormones.  Interestingly Dr Mercola believes that to balance estrogen and progesterone you need to first balance the adrenal glands.  This can be done by reducing stress and having early nights. Whoops! I think he is right as I went for a whole year (on the pill) yet Candida-free and I ate anything I wanted.  But I was very relaxed, went to meditation classes and I was in bed by 10pm each night so I think that all helped.  I am trying to do the same again (failed miserably this week though).  Still its 9.45pm so I’m off to bed!

Good night, Katie x

Faking the healthy look!

I forgot to add to my last post that although I am a bit fed up at having to carry on with the candida diet there’s a bit of good news – my new fake tan is brilliant!  I am looking quite brown!  Its by Lavera and it is natural and organic.  It does contain DHA which I am not sure is natural but everything is fine and no parabens! It was only about £10 for a quite a big tube so I am quite pleased! It smells ok too.  Unfortunately I now smell of nuts at bed time instead of fake tan due to the natural progesterone cream which contains nut oil!! Still its a small price to pay if I get better!

Goodnight, Katie x

Balancing my hormones

Once again I have had the candida ‘all clear’ from my naturopath as a result of following the candida diet and using anti fungals.  But my oestrogen levels are still sky high and to be honest I dont feel 100% candida-free.  We discussed the situation and agreed that my hormone levels mean that the candida will flare up again if I started eating food which will feed it.  So I am continuing with the diet and I am now using a natural organic progesterone cream to try to balance the oestrogen.  I am also taking a recommended supplement.  I am praying that this helps to balance my hormones enough to be able to start eating properly.  Has anyone else had to do this? Did it work? I have been warned it could take a few months but I hope it will be within one month. I have been using the cream for about 4 days so far. So fingers crossed!

love and light

Katie x

So far…nothing!

Hi just thought I’d post a quick update. So far I have managed to give up soya milk 95% of the time and have stopped the nasty old Pill for about 2 weeks and I’m still sticking the candida diet and the improvement has been exactly zilch! No improvement at all!  In fact I know that I only get hayfever when I have candida and my hayfever has kicked in recently so I’m not impressed. I am supposed to finish the 8 weeks of the candida diet this week (Thursday) but I dont feel better. However I realised that years of taking the Pill have probably messed up my poor hormones and so it could take several months to sort this out. 

In the meantime I have been talking to friends and discovered that environmental factors can also play havoc with our hormones.  I already knew that fabric conditioner is a nightmare and I stopped using it about a year ago.  I’ve learnt that chemicals in cleaning products and skincare can also affect our hormones and actually its been really interested. I’m currently testing new cleaning products from Ecover which is readily available here in the UK in the major supermarkets.  My research led to the fantastic Environmental Working Group website which has tested masses of many products.  You need to click on ‘For Parents’ (surely a strange choice of menu name!) and then ‘Tools’.  For example I found out about the dangers of using parabens on your skin and I was mortified when I checked the ingredients in my normal skincare range.  At this time of the year I cant manage without my fake tan but my usual brand contains FOUR different parabens.  I am ashamed to say that I have been using it for years and I actually slap it all over and sleep in it.  Anyway I have ordered a non-paraben version (called Lavera Self Tan Lotion) which still contains DHA but it is at least contains 100% pure and natural plant derived active ingredients. Actually I found it on the EWG website last week but I’ve tried to double check their rating for this post and realised that its no longer listed which is deeply concerning. I’ve also ordered Lavera’s sun block which is well rated.  I’m still learning a lot about this topic so I will keep you posted if I learn anything which might be useful for others.  If anyone has any tips I’d be really interested!

love & light, Katie x