Monthly Archives: July 2008

Doing a lot better!

Hi just a quick update to say that I am feeling miles better.  I really believe that the acupuncture is working.  Somehow its ‘balancing’ me out and making me feel more like my normal self.  I’m not 100% but I can see an improvement.  For example my head is a lot clearer and I feel stronger and calmer.  I am dealing with the problems in my life more constructively which how I used to be.  For the first time in absolutely ages I feel like my old self.  Probably the first time in years!  I can tell the hormones are balancing out more.  The candida isnt so quick to return if I eat something that I shouldn’t.  For example if I ate sugar then I would normally get burpy and a bloated stomach the same day but now I can tolerate small amounts.  I even ate some chips the other day which really cheered me up! But I am still sticking to the candida diet 90% of the time as I can tell that the candida is lurking.  I get a bit frustrated as its all taking so long but I remind myself that its great to be heading in the right direction at long last.  I havent done any meditation but I have been trying to relax using different methods and its helping a lot.  By the way if anyone is tempted to try acupuncture one word of warning – I find it quite painful for a second or two while the needles go in.  I try to be brave but I cant help shouting ‘ow!’ each time one goes in.  I don’t do brave! lol!  Everyone said it wouldnt hurt but apparently it depends on where they stick the needles so dont go cursing me if you give it a go!  On the plus side I am improving in leaps and bounds after every session so its worth it!

Goodnight and God bless, Katie x

Struggling along…

Well I have had 2 acupuncture sessions and so far I think its helping.  I’ve also started meditation classes again and had healing. I can recommend all 3!  But my stress levels have risen as changes in work have been announced which will make my work life more stressful when its already really stressful so I am trying not to panic.  I’ve applied for loads of jobs over the past few years but got nowhere.  I’ve had a few interviews which are good experience. I’ve been told by a psychic person that I am not meant to leave my job yet but thats incredibly frustrating! So I am continuing my job hunt anyway and looking into self employment options. Sorry thats nothing to do with candida but just wanted to explain my stress! Its hard to get better when you are under stress.  I hope that my hormone levels are starting to balance out.  My period was a lot easier and my head feels clearer though I’m not 100% my normal self yet.  I havent returned to my naturopath yet as I’m spending a lot on the other treatments and I dont feel there’s sufficient change yet.  If anyone has any ideas on how to cope with a stress in the workplace then I would be grateful! I know it affects the adrenal glands and there are herbs which can strengthen the glands but I dont know if they are safe to take.  I’ll ask my acupuncture lady.  I think she knows her stuff because I went to see her on the weekend and I had a really sharp pain in my ribs just below my chest.  It was the day after I had heard about the changes in work and I was really frustrated and annoyed.  I mentioned the pain to the acupuncturist and she quickly identified the exact spot and found another spot on the other side of my body which was also sore but I hadnt noticed.  She asked if anyone had really upset or annoyed me and when I said ‘yes’, she explained that in Chinese medicine this can affect the liver and spleen which causes the rib pain.  She used needles to soothe the problem and the pain went away!  Strange but true! 

love and light, Katie x