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Theta DNA Healing

Hi everyone!
I have been going to a theta healer for treatments and I thought I’d share my experiences with you as it may help others. I believe that my on-going health problems are related to my stressful work. I am looking for a new job but I haven’t managed to secure a new job yet. I have been looking for 3 years! In the past I have had no trouble in finding new jobs and the feedback I have had has been positive so I couldnt figure out where I was going wrong. In the meantime my job is becoming more and more stressful so my health is suffering tremendously. I get insomnia, imbalanced hormones and bouts of candida. I am also susceptible to bugs (some quite serious) and viruses which often lead to time off work, which leads to more problems with my boss (who is a bully). Its a total nightmare. Anyway the healer listened to my concerns and decided to focus on my job situation as this seems to be the root. I was astonished to discover (through muscle testing) that I was blocking myself from leaving my job. You can test yourself by standing up and face North. I found it easier to take my shoes off. Then I was asked to state certain facts e.g. “My name is Katie”. My body naturally and automatically gently tipped forward. I tested this mechanism with various truths and untruths to determine that a backward tip for me meant ‘no’ and forward meant ‘yes’. I was shocked to discover in this way that I was actually blocking myself from getting another job! I said “I am free to get a new job” and my body instinctively replied ‘no’. This is where the work of the theta healer is invaluable. My healer worked with me for several hours to unblock the hidden beliefs which were behind this block. We all carry unconscious feelings, beliefs and even karmic blocks which can cause us problems. Theta healers work with through meditation to unblock these issues for us. I never dreamt I was blocking myself from leaving as I wanted 100% to leave. I’ve become desperate in my attempts to leave and wondered why I am not successful. After our session I felt strangely uplifted, as if a hidden weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I just hope and pray that it has worked. Has anyone tried it for a health issue?

If you are interested in Theta Healing and you are in the UK then visit

Here is You Tube video which explains more

Coping with anti-candida diet on holiday

Hi I am back from my holidays and it was brilliant although very tricky to try to keep to the anti candida diet. I did start off by drinking diet drinks with spirits as I never normally drink but I couldnt tolerate the fizzy drinks. I guess all the rubbish e-numbers didnt agree me as I am normally quite healthy and avoid junk stuff. I managed quite well for meals as there were plenty of salads with rice available. I was expecting it to be difficult but it was fine. I took lactase enzymes with me so that I could enjoy milk and I even had small amounts of ice cream! Wow! It would have been tricky if I was fighting to keep the candida down but at the moment I am in the ‘maintenance’ stage so it was easier. I am sure the sun helped me no end too. Just feeling the heat on my bones cheered me up so much that I wondered if I should have risked the occasional sun bed session during my darkest days? But I think the dreaded staph aureaus bug is still lurking (I wont know until I see my naturopath) and I have been feeling really down so I am now taking 5http. Its been a few weeks so I wont see the benefits yet apparently. And I have been so stressed out that I got out of the habit of going for acupuncture and my monthly cycle has been tremendously disrupted. So now I’m back home I’m going to make a new appointment for the acupuncture lady. I’m also going to try theta healing. Has anyone tried it for candida or other health issues?