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Staying healthy this Winter


These days I regard myself as someone who is susceptible to candida due to my history of fighting it. If my immune system falters for any reason it is always there to rear its ugly head. So at this time of year, with all the winter bugs and viruses around, I am trying very hard to keep myself healthy.

I hope you stay healthy this winter!

Stay healthy this Winter!

One of my main problems is that my work is very stressful and it affects my sleep which are two issues I need to work on daily. 

But there are some things that I have been doing which seem to be helping so I thought I’d share my views in case it helps someone else.   I make a concerted effort to wash my hands frequently especially after shaking hands with someone or touching public areas e.g. door handles.  I try not to get too obsessed though!  I also use tea tree in several ways.  Firstly I use it (a few drops mixed with a base oil or milk) in my bath, I also light tea tree candles (100% natural plant wax) around the house and I also have a air purifier which allows you to add essential oils to the water to freshen and clean the air.   I love it!  I’ve got lemon, tea tree and lavender in it today and my house smells lovely!  I also think its killing germs which is the main point.

Another important part of my fight against bugs and viruses is the use of homeopathic remedies.  In particular I seem susceptible to staph aureaus (I have regular tests with a naturopath) which is a very common bug.  I have found that nosode homeopathic remedies are brilliant.  I’ve also used the nosode homeopathic remedy for candida and it helped me massively. 

I am also doing the usual things like trying to eat well, get lots of sleep and fresh air.  I am also doing regular meditations to help combat stress.  Has anyone else got any tips for keeping healthy this winter? I’d love to hear them!

love and light, Katie x