Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spring is here!!

Spring 2009I think its safe to say that Spring is finally here as the daffodils and spring blossom are out and cute little lambs are appearing in the fields!  I hope this photo.  No I didn’t take it! 

I feel a lot better now that there is more daylight and I am following my naturopath’s suggestion to make sure I take my sunglasses off for 15 mins or so to allow the sunshine to reach my eyes. It is believed that this helps the body to produce seratonin which of course helps in many ways but I am particularly interested in the wellbeing / upbeat benefit. But I am still taking 5htp which seems to help my low moods. I had a check up with my naturopath who confirmed that the candida is gone (or really low whichever) and I am bug-free!  I knew as my energy levels have been high which is very rare! I am trying to keep happy and to focus on other parts of my life not just work which is a nightmare. For those of you who have been following my posts about work a quick update is that the woman who was bullying me and trying to get me sacked failed and now she is trying to pretend to my friend. I have to be polite to her but it makes my blood boil that she has got away with all the nastiness.  But now suddenly we have lost a contract and my bully boss is planning redundancies so I will not be surprised if I am one of the ones pushed out as the bully woman is on close terms shall we say with the boss.   It looks like her day may come when she finally helps to elbow me out.   But to be honest I cant wait.   This job is making me ill and I need to leave to get better.   I can afford to take some time off to get better and then I have lots of exciting ideas for my own business so I am feeling quite upbeat!   I just hope that being my own boss isn’t as stressful as working for a bully!

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying the longer days and Spring flowers!

love and light, Katie xx