Monthly Archives: April 2009

Colon Cleansing

Hi everyone!  Well Spring has definitely sprung and I am feeling quite upbeat.  I had a blip recently with some work related stress (nothing new there!) AND I broke my diet to eat some ‘banned’ items (it was a treat!) and unsurprisingly this has resulted in a slight return of the candida.  It just seems to lurk in my system waiting for me to eat something bad e.g. bread and sugar.  A lot of stress then helps the candida to reappear.  My naturopath confirmed this but I dont have any major symptoms  just my own little tell-tale signs.   However this seems quite unusual and my naturopath has suggested that the candida may be lodged in my digestive system and I am not managing to remove it enough.  He has suggested a colon cleanse.   I have done some research and I am intrigued. Has anyone else tried this?  I am not brave enough to try colonic irrigation (yet).  I like the sound of Colosan and I am wondering to try it out.  But I am nervous as I lead a busy life.   I dont know how strong the effect will be or how long will it last?  I am considering taking it on a Friday evening so I have all weekend if it doesnt agree with me.   I’ll let you know how I get on!

Katie x