Monthly Archives: May 2009

Colospan Update

Hi its been a while since my last post as I have been far too busy with work.  It seems to rule my life 🙁  Anyway I finally plucked up the courage to buy some colospan and give it a go.  I gave it a lot of thought and read up a lot.  I realised that I needed to take it on a weekend as I cant spend all day on the loo in work!  I tried the capsules and the recommendation was 1 per 25lbs of body weight.  I am 125 pounds so thats 5 capsules.  I read a review about a lady who took 6 and went to the toilet a lot.  So I thought I’d start with 3 on the Friday evening and see how I got on.  The next morning I took another 3.  And absolutely nothing happened.  I was tempted to take another 3 that evening but I had a function that night and family visiting on Sunday.  I was very disappointed.  Basically Colospan works if you have the time (and privacy!) to keep taking it until it works and then you can be near a toilet until I presume it stops working.  All in all it was too unpredicatable for my busy life.  Another expensive mistake on the path to clearing the candida….  Anyway I am now seriously considering a colonic irrigation treatment.  My candida is definitely back with a vengence and I am so sick of living on this stupid diet.   My digestive tract is very slow and I dont ‘go’ as often as I should.  Has anyone else tried this?   I’m still doing my homework on it but I am 80% certain its a good idea!