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Hi everyone!  It must seem like I am obsessed with my digestive system at the moment!  I wanted to give you an update 1 week after my colonic hydrotherapy treatment.  I have been taking the milk of magnesia each evening which seems to be helping to keep me ‘regular’.  I saw my naturopath who seemed surprised that the colonic had been painful so my experience is obviously not typical.  I am due to return for two more treatments.  To make those treatments easier I am determined to try to ease my ‘impacted’ colon.  I suspect other candida sufferers may have sluggish digestive systems so I hope my experiences are helpful.  Now I understand that the candida thrives in a sluggish bowel, regardless of what I eat (or rather dont eat) or what I take (capryllic acid) then I am focussed on making sure my bowel is working well.   I tried the Colosan tablets again last night (4 capsules) and this morning the capsules worked!  Colosan has extra ingredients to boost oxygen levels in the gut so my naturopath was keen for me to give Colosan another try.  I suspect that my bowel was so impacted last time that nothing would shift it (I took 6 over 12 hrs last time).   I hope this is not TMI (too much info!) as I really want to help other candida sufferers.  All I say is that your bowel is sluggish please try different things to get things moving otherwise the candida may go crazy.

Love and light

Katie xxx

Colonic feedback

Hi everyone.  Well I finally plucked up the courage to try colonic irrigation (also called colonic hydrotherapy).  My candida seems to have gone mad and my usual methods of controlling have not worked.  My digestive system has become really sluggish and I have almost constant bloating and a dull ache from stomach cramps.  It hasnt been this bad in years.  So I found a therapist who was a member of the Guild and was known to me through personal contacts.   Now I did plenty of homework but I wish I had read this page of reviews before I went so that I was prepared   If you are thinking of having it done I strongly recommend you read this link to get a broader idea of what it could be like as my experience may not be typical.

Well I’m not going to lie and say its was fine.  It was a bit embarrassing – I am glad I chose a female therapist!  I found the whole experience quite uncomfortable and at times painful.  She did warn me that if you have gas in your system it can get uncomfortable.  At times my cramps were almost unbearable and I felt light headed (I have low blood pressure).  But the therapist said that quite a lot of candida came out.  She said I had it really bad.  Some normal waste also came out but she said that my bowel was impacted and has given me tips to encourage my bowel movements.  These include drinking lots of water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning and (short term) taking milk of magnesia before bed.  After the treatment finished I had to sit on the toilet while the rest of the water and waste came out.   Lots of waste came out which was great but by then I felt shivery and weird.  Luckily I had a friend on standby to drive me home.   When I got home my stomach seemed a lot flatter and I had lost 1 or 2lbs.  But last night the cramps were still there and I had to take a painkiller to sleep which has been the case for several weeks now. I have an appointment with my naturopath this week so I’ll find out more then as I wonder if I have something else going on.

So in summary what did I think?  Well during the treatment there were times when I felt close to tears and I was promising myself I would never put myself through it again.  But these moments passed as the cramps eased when she massaged my abdomen.  I can tell it helped but I havent felt sufficient benefits yet.  I am going again in a fortnight as she estimates I need 2 more treatments.   I hope it is easier to bear next time.   It is expensive though – £70 a session!  I am in the wrong profession!  Only joking – there’s no way I would want to do that for a living!  Has anyone else found colonics beneficial for candida?

Katie x