Monthly Archives: October 2009

I’m back!

Hello and a big sorry for not being back here for ages.   The reason is simply that I’ve been feeling miles better and for the first time in years I feel like I am finally getting my life back together.  My job has been such a source of stress and worry that its prevented me from living a full life.  Isnt that awful?  The stress made me ill and worn out and I never had the energy or enthusiasm for life really.  I can only really see it now things have improved.  Basically my work has become a lot easier and my bully boss is no longer allowed to bully anyone.  The bitchy women at work have had to start being nice and seem to have conveniently forgotten their past behaviour which is galling but at least it makes the atmosphere bearable.   The result is that I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Not surprisingly my health has improved drastically.  I have run out of liquorice tablets which I used to support the adrenal glands and to prevent waking up at 4am panicking about something or other.  And I have been sleeping fine without them!  Now I must be honest and explain that I am not 100% yet.  I still have a few health niggles but after such long term stress (since Nov 2004) I cant expect miracles overnight. 

But I am trying to make up for the ‘lost’ years and I am certainly a lot happier.   I know there will be people reading this who have candida and can’t avoid the stress or worry in their lives.  All I can say is that if you can avoid the stress then please do it as the one thing which makes me mad is thinking back to the so-called friends who all told me that it was my reaction to the stress which was making me ill and I needed to ‘change my attitude’ else the problem would follow me.  What a load of rubbish!   My motto is ‘if its making you ill then try to avoid it’.   By the way the two people who made me feel the worst as they repeatedly told me that I was making myself ill (so by implication its all my own fault) have both recently come under a lot of stress themselves.  They dont know each other and coincidentally both of them suffered major stress through their own mistakes which is interesting in itself.  Karma?  Anyway the pair of them have had big health problems as a result of the worry.  Their problems are in no way as serious as mine so its interesting that they are both struggling to cope.   How would they have coped if they were me?! I haven’t repeated their own advice by the way as I think it’s appalling advice to someone who has serious problems.  No sane person can ignore serious worries and problems.  I had people who had deliberately set out to ruin me and tried everything in their power over many years to do so.  And they nearly succeeded although I dont think they realise that.   I believe in karma and I’ve told them so.   At least one of them had the grace to look sheepish and agree.  So I will just get on with my life.   I think the best revenge is to be successful and happy.

Sorry if this sounds a like a rant!  I meant to be positive 🙂  It’s just that it’s dawned on me how time I have lost and how much my health has suffered because of these people.

love and light, Katie x