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Avoiding colds and flu

Well the winter weather seems to be on its way here in the UK as its definitely become a lot chillier.  I am still being very careful about my diet and I am trying to avoid sugar as I know it feeds candida but I also heard that it lowers the immune system and can promote ageing! Yikes!  Although my candida appears to be low (for now!) I am always a bit paranoid each winter about avoiding bugs.  This is partly because being run down helps the candida to thrive and also because my boss and work colleagues are very unsympathetic to anyone who is ill.  Heaven help anyone who has a day off ill as their reputation is blackened.  The implication is they are unprofessional and unreliable.  Can you believe it?!   I live in hope of my boss and his evil favourites getting some lurgy!! (nothing serious you understand just a bad cold or flu would be great!)  Interestingly my boss had a heart problem and was rushed to hospital but made sure that his evil team kept it a secret from everyone.  How weird.  Anyway last winter I asked everyone for their tips on avoiding winter bugs and here were the best ones:

  • drink lots of fluid and keep warm, especially your nose! (thanks Djinn!)
  • wash your hands regularly (long enough to sing happy birthday to yourself so they are really clean!)
  • take a probiotic
  • essential oils eg lavender, tea tree can be used in air purifiers or in the bath (just a few drops)
  • I love 100% natural tea tree candles
  • get lots of sleep
  • eat garlic
  • exercise regularly
  • keep a positive attitude

Personally I find the last one the hardest.  The more I worry about things like being ill, the more likely I am to get ill.  I am relying on positive affirmations and personal goals to focus my mind elsewhere.  I am a big fan of EFT (tapping) and so I was very interested to watch this video from Carol Tuttle who explains how to use tapping to avoid colds and boost your immune system.   I’ve no idea how it works but its got to be worth a try!


wishing you all good health,

love & light, Katie x