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What works best?

My thanks to Teri Dourmashkin who left a comment asking me about the remedies which have helped me the most to beat candida.  This got me thinking as I’ve tried so many!  I have managed to stay ‘candida free’ for quite a while now (I get tested regularly by a naturopath) so I must be doing something right (I hope!)  so here is the list of everything I have tried and my personal comments on each one.  Please, please bear in mind that a product which didnt work for me might work for you as we are all made differently and live in different circumstances.  My main problem has been an imbalance in my gut due to food poisoning and tremendous work stress (which has now lifted).

In no particular order:-

Samento – my current favourite which is believed to kill viruses, candida, bacteria and boosts the immune system.  I take it every day.  Bear in mind that you need to start on 1 drop a day and build up by 1 drop per day until you get to 15 drops per day.  Since I have been taking it the candida has gone but my stress dropped around the same time so its difficult to know what did the trick.

Colloidol silver – a controversial one as you need to make sure you do your homework about your supplier.  I take 10ppm and it helps to kill the candida, viruses and bacteria.  I only use it in emergencies as I am not sure if the body stores the silver but 10ppm is very weak anyway.   But I used it a lot when the candida was really bad.  Its also great to apply if you get thrush.  I dont bother with canestan or other drugs now – I use silver instead.  I love this stuff!

Pau D’arco – I like this herb which is also believed to boost your immune system.  I have taken this on-off for years.  It helped me that’s for sure.

Capryllic acid – my own research shows that capryllic acid is one of the best anti-fungal remedies available.  Definitely worth a try.  I have taken it in the past and it did the trick but the candida came back probably due to my stress.

Tea tree (in the bath) – a few drops of tea tree mixed with a base oil and added to the bath seems to help especially with the thrush.  I add a few drops of lavender to improve the smell and aid a good night’s sleep.  I still do this occasionally.   I’ve also used tea tree solution to treat thrush.

Threelac – this didnt help me and I’ve heard of people who have to keep taking it forever to keep the candida at bay.  But I have read reviews from people who swear by it so the jury is out on this one.

Probiotics – I take a good probiotic every day which I hope helps but it isnt enough to kill off the candida for me.

Colosan capsules – to aid cleansing of bowls.  This didnt work for me but Milk of Magnesia did the trick!   Perhaps I didnt take enough of the colosan but with my busy lifestyle I was nervous when I read reports of some people spending all day near a toilet. 

SF722 – I used this years ago to get rid of the candida and did a great job but thanks to the incredible stress of my life the candida returned.

Yeast raiders – These are a combination of different herbs sold in Holland & Barrett.  My main problem was that the capsules were too big.  I recall almost choking on one as it burst as I swallowed it.  Frightening.  But ages later I was told I could have open the capules and stirred the contents into a drink and taken it that way. Doh! 

When my candida was really bad I felt that a combination of different remedies used in alternation was the best.  So I’d use one for one week and then swap to something else.  Also when the candida was at its worst I suffered from leaky gut syndrome so I took aloe vera and L glutamine to heal the gut lining and I took FOS along with my probiotic to try to rebalance the gut flora.  Its been years since I took these remedies so there may be better ones on the market now.

My biggest problem has been enormous stress and I have found reiki, meditation and Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life book invaluable but at the end of the day I really need to get rid of the source of the stress and I still havent managed to achieve that (yet).

Finally I wouldnt have got this far without the invaluable help of a naturopath.   Candida creates temporary food intolerances and he tested me to enable me to cut out these food types.   I met so many people with candida who try to guess what foods to cut out and they seem to live on very restricted diets without any real idea of what is upsetting their system.  It is worrying as any restricted diet puts your body under stress as the ideal is a varied diet.  So cutting out food types unneccessarily at a time when your body is already dealing with candida isnt a good idea in my book.   Of course all candida sufferers need to limit their intake of sugar, alcohol and fermented products.  If you cant find a naturopath then as a last resort you could try dowsing. 

I hope this summary is a help.  If I think of anything else I’ll add it.  If anyone has any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them.

love and light

Katie x

Update Jan 2010

I have just re-read my list and remembered something that has helped me loads not just with candida but other health issues too.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  I strongly recommend it.  You may feel odd tapping but it has worked for me.  No need to pay someone, just learn teach yourself!  Download the Manual and learn the Basic Recipe   Happy tapping! 

Katie x