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Candida and healthy teeth & skin

Thanks to everyone who got in touch after my last post about the possible link with candida and teeth.   I have found that swilling warm salty water around my mouth twice a day has helped my tooth ache a lot.  In fact its almost gone I think.   I had a check up with my naturopath who tells me that my candida is not present which means I’ve been ‘clear’ since last summer I believe but I am still very wary.   

My thanks to Kaitlin Cassidy who got in touch after my last post to ask about the possible link with candida and skin.  It really made me think.  I don’t have great skin.  In fact I am worried that I am starting to get lines now as well as blogged pores which is NOT a good look!  I haven’t found a direct link between candida and the skin but as candida stops the body from absorbing all the nutrients from the food then there’s a good chance your skin will suffer.  And if you factor in the food intolerances (like gluten) which candida creates then it does make sense that candida could have a really bad effect on the skin.  What do other people think?   

My skin has never been great anyway so I cant remember if I got more spots when I had bad candida.  I remember people saying how pale I was but I had other health problems at the same time.    I wonder if my own skin problems are related to hormonal imbalance but I am taking Black Cohosh to try to sort that out.   All I need is to find something magical to sort out my sagging face and I will be happy!!

take care,  Katie x

Does candida cause tooth decay?

I have had some problems with my teeth recently and I suspect a flare up of the candida which is all my own fault as I’ve been eating whatever I want while my stress levels rocketed and I ran out of my digestive enzymes.  Yes I know!  Idiot.  I dont know for sure if the candida has flared up but I think it has.  At the same time a tiny cavity in my tooth has suddenly escalated to a root canal filling.  Now I remember when my candida was really bad that I had terrible teeth problems.  Yet I am almost obsessed with brushing, flossing and I eat very little sugar.  I can recall a dentist telling me how shocked he was at the rate at which my tooth decay had progressed.  As a new dentist he explained that it was ‘much faster than we were ever taught at University’.   Well the same thing has happened again.   Once again a tiny filling has quickly become a huge problem which may result in losing the tooth.  I am desperately trying to learn about teeth decay and I would welcome any comments.  I have noticed that plaque builds up quickly on my teeth.  I seem to have ‘sticky’ teeth with food sticking to them easily compared to others.  

So far my research seems to be pointing to the role of digestive enzymes and in particular protein enzymes.  I know I am low in these enzymes and I understand that many candida sufferers are in the same situation.   My research so far seems to suggest that taking protein enzymes can prevent tooth decay.  Does anyone else know about this? 

At present I am using colloidol silver as a mouth wash to try to kill the bacteria in my root canal in the hope that my dentist can complete the treatment.  Although I must say that I was shocked to read Dr Mercola’s opinion of root canals but its too late now as my treatment is underway.  I’d really appreciate the opinions or advice of others on this issue as I am worried about my other teeth.

Katie x

Update: July 2011
Now I’ve been free of candida and other health issues for quite a long time I can see quite a few changes. My teeth are now fine. I dont get the sticky plaque problem that used to drive me nuts and my teeth dont decay faster than other people’s. I brush and floss twice a day and thats it. I dont do the oil pulling either any more so I think my general good health is reflected in my teeth. So if you are having teeth problems then please don’t give up getting rid of the candida. I’ve put a ton of info and tips on my new website at Feedback welcome!