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Summer’s here!

At last its hot and sunny in Britain!  My garden was 34 degrees in the shade today.  Wow!  For my readers from outside the UK you have to make allowances for my enthusiasm as we Brits know it could be freezing and rainy in a few days.   So we have to make the most of the lovely weather while it lasts.   It got me thinking how tricky it is to enjoy lovely drinks and ice lollies when you are trying to avoid or limit your sugar.   Personally I love to make sugar-free squashes with soda water as it adds a bit of sparkle instead of boring water.  It took a bit of getting used to but now I love it!  In restaurants I usually ask for a soda and lime (tiny bit of sugar in this cordial) and I can relax knowing that 1. there’s no nasty asparatame in it (the alternative used to be diet coke. yuck) 2. there’s hardly any sugar in it (I hope) and 3. it costs hardly anything!   The cheapest restaurant I know only charges me 40p for this drink!   Marvellous 🙂

If anyone has any tips for enjoying refreshing drinks or ice lollies during the summer (while avoiding sugar) I’d love to hear them.

By the way the glam lady in the photo is not me.  Sadly.

love and light

Katie x

Hi everyone

Sorry its been a while since my last post.  Had a few family problems but everything is ok now.  I was worried in my last post that the candida had returned but according to my naturopath it hadn’t returned.  To be honest every time I feel out of balance I think its back but sometimes its just a bug.   I know I’m paranoid!   I am still minimising sugar in my diet and I go for regular acupuncture which helps with quite a few of my health niggles e.g. hormone imbalance.    But its important to find a good acupuncturist.  I thought I had found a good one but I had to leave as their prices were going up and I found someone who is not only cheaper but absolutely brilliant! Miles better in fact which is a relief.   I think the morale of the story is to try different therapists to compare as the first one was recommended to me by several friends but it turns out that they have never been to anyone else either! 

I am continuing with the oil pulling to help my teeth and to remove toxins from the body.   The more I read about oil pulling the more impressed I am!  If anyone has any feedback from using this technique themselves I’d love to hear from them!  I use organic sunflower oil by the way.

take care

Katie x