Monthly Archives: June 2010

Heck! I’m addicted to… oil pulling!

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I had some major teeth problems recently and when I was looking for help I heard about oil pulling.   It basically means swilling clean oil around your mouth each morning and spitting it out.  Then you rinse your mouth with water.  Apparently it has been shown that your mouth is full of bacteria in the mornings and so if you do this before you take a drink when you wake you can help to detox the body, fight candida and improve your teeth, etc..  If you google ‘oil pulling’ you will find plenty of fans who think its brilliant.   

Well the first time I did it I took too much oil into my mouth and I was nearly sick.  However I soon got the hang of it.  It didnt help with my bad tooth and my teeth certainly havent become whiter as one oil pulling fan promised.  But something weird has happened….if I dont do my oil pulling my mouth tastes a bit unpleasant each morning.   I’ve slowly become hooked on this very strange habit.  As soon as I wake I try to stop myself swallowing (to avoid swallowing those nasty bacteria) and then I rush to the cup containing a small amount of organic sunflower oil and quickly take a small mouthful.  Then I swish around it around my mouth for a few minutes. Its amazing how quickly it has become a habit!
Katie x