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Candida Tests

Hi everyone.   I am carrying out research into the different methods of testing for candida as I’ve been asked by quite a few people about the tests that I use.  I’ve just created a poll which is on the right hand side (and on the Candida Test page) I’d be really grateful if you could answer the quick question.   I’m going to write more about the different tests shortly.  If anyone can recommend a particular test please let me know so I can include it!  Bye Katie x

Little request…

Click to visit Operation Christmas ChildHope you dont mind me going off-topic today but I just wanted to let people know about Operation Christmas Child.  If you haven’t come across this charity then please take a moment to click on the image to find out more about their good work.  Basically every year my friends and I fill wrapped shoeboxes with gifts, toys and sweets which are distributed to needy children around the world.  This year Operation Christmas Child are asking for extra shoeboxes as they want to distribute them in Haiti too.  I think its a worthwhile cause and I hope you will too!  Katie x

Update: I should point out that the link above is for the UK website.  If you are in USA here is the link

Do you really have candida? Or is something else…

Hi everyone. Hope you like the new Autumnal banner 🙂 Well I arrived back from my ‘summer’ holiday last week and I must confess that I did have quite a few treats! Well I figured I had been tested clear of candida for over 12mths so I could relax a little. I had a small dessert each day and one alcoholic fruit cocktail a day. In my candida years this would have been unheard of. I recall in 2008 on holiday that I felt bad for having a small glass of sangria ONCE! Then on my return from holiday I noticed that my tummy was bloated, my ears and mouth were itching, my skin was bad and I though “oh no! its back!”. I was dreading returning to the anti-candida regieme. Well I went to my kinesiologist / naturopath who tested me and it turned out its just a bug. It made me wonder how many people believe that they have candida and yet really they have something else? I must admit that the bug is quite unusual and is proving hard to shake off but I’m relieved its not candida. It makes me realise how important it is not to rely on self-diagnosis. Does anyone of any other reliable tests for candida?

Katie x