Monthly Archives: November 2010

I forgot the most important lesson!

As you know I am working on putting together a candida info site based on this blog.  I know its hard to find the info that you may need and it can take ages to read all the posts.  Pulling together all the information in an easy to use website is a big project and I didnt realise how much work it would be!  But I am determined to complete it.  But I’ve been foolishly pushing myself too hard.  I work full time and in the evenings I have been working on the site.  I have been having a break over the weekends but I’ve been so tired that taking Saturday and Sunday off didnt seem to do much to restore my energy. 

I have basically forgotten one of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt over the years – listen to your body.  I kept thinking that as I was enjoying the process of sorting the information and its not really ‘work’ that it was just like enjoying a hobby.  Yeah right!  Its still working on the pc which was what I do all day long. 

Unsurprisingly my back has been aching and finally on Sunday I became ill.  It was my body’s way of saying, “you’ve been ignoring me so now I’m going to make sure you listen”.    I’m disappointed with myself for getting too carried away with my new project and not pacing myself.   Now I’m worried that if my immune system is too low the candida may return so I’m resting and sleeping as much as I can.   Its been a sharp wake up call.

New website

Hi everyone.   Thanks to everyone who has voted on the Candida Test Poll.   If you are a new visitor and havent voted yet I’d be really grateful if you could vote – its the panel to the right.

As this blog has grown I’ve become aware that it is not easy for a new visitor to find the relevant info that they have been searching for.  So its been on my mind for a while to try to sort out all the info and my experiences into an easier find format.  I’ve finally started work on this project and I am hoping to create a new candida info website with easy to use buttons.  This blog will still stay here and carry on.  Once I’ve finished the new website I’d really love to hear your views.  It’s a big project so bear with me and hopefully it will be totally worth it!

By the way if you are in UK have fun at the Bonfire parties tonight! 

best wishes, Katie x