Monthly Archives: February 2011

Would you recommend your health practitioner?

Hi everyone and a big thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on the site (you can read more of them on the About page).   A few people have been in touch to ask me about the naturopath that I used to visit.   Unfortunately I think he has retired and I dont know anyone else I can recommend.   I am currently working in my spare time on the content for my new candida website and I am hoping that it will be really useful to anyone who is suffering from candida.   I suddenly thought that perhaps I should add a page listing health practitioners who can help people with candida.   I get visitors to this blog from around the world so if you would like to recommend your particular practitioner, regardless of where you live, then please leave their details by clicking Comments link at the bottom of this entry.   My only criteria is that they must be qualified and properly insured and GENUINE!

Update:  I’ve had quite a few people asking if they can be included in my listing as they sell products or services to help people beat candida.   I’ve got to say that I am very sceptical about many of them.   I really wanted genuine recommendations not unqualified people recommending themselves!   So I’ve had to add a disclaimer : I will decide which practitioners’ details (if any) I publish.   And if you are thinking of getting in touch to try to sell your ‘wonder product’ for candida  dont waste your time.  If you read my blog you would know my opinion of this approach.  I really want to help candida sufferers who wish to visit an experienced practitioner so please no more requests to publish links to websites promoting products, books or downloads of any kind.  Sorry but I dont want to do that.

By the way Sally from Dubai has been in touch to ask does anyone know where she can buy caprillic acid tablets?  Please get in touch if you can help and I’ll pass on the info to her.


Katie x