Monthly Archives: April 2011

Check out this Louise Hay video

As you know I am working hard on a new candida support website based on my own personal experiences of dealing with candida.  Now I’m better I want to try to help others.  I’m a big fan of Louise Hay who is very inspiring to anyone who has health problems as she beat ‘terminal’ cancer as a young woman.  I love her philosophy on life.   I wanted to include a video of her on my new site to inspire others but I couldnt wait for the site to be published before I shared this!  So here is a lovely interview with this great lady which I think you will enjoy 🙂


Upcakes…..are they the answer to our prayers?

I recently heard about Upcakes which are made in London.   They make cakes which are free from wheat, sugar, dairy & eggs.  You can only buy their ChocBites online and I notice that you need to buy 2 tubs which is 16 pieces.   I’ve examined the ingredients and the only sweetner is cane juice.   Has anyone tried these?   Cant wait to hear if they are as delicious as they sound!  Go to