Monthly Archives: May 2011

Drum roll… website is now live!

Hi everyone!  As you may know I have been trying to pull together all the info in this blog into an ‘easy to use’ website.  Its been a huge undertaking and its still not quite finished but we have published the first draft.   I have tons more info to add but I decided to go ahead and publish the site as I know many of you have been waiting and its taken me months and months to get this far.  I will be adding more pages as I go along.   I would really appreciate your feedback and opinions as I really want the new site to be easy to use and helpful to anyone looking for honest information.   But I don’t want to get people’s hopes up by offering a guaranteed ‘cure’ either as so many other candida sites appear to do so its important to get the right (and honest) balance.

Here is the link

Please come back and leave a comment to tell me what you think.  All feedback gratefully received (please be kind as its my first website!)

Love, Katie x

Splenda & Gut Flora

I am always interested in the latest research about gut flora as maintaining a healthy gut is key to my continued good health.  I take a good probiotic every day and will do so forever.  I avoid asparatame because of its awful health risks and I always thought Splenda (sucralose) was a better option.  However this article from Dr Mercola alarmed me and I wanted to share it with you.   He states that research has shown that sucralose reduces the amount of good bacteria in your intestines by 50 percent.  You can read more by clicking on the link below.    The article goes on to explain many reasons why sucralose should be avoided.   Sorry its yet another thing to avoid if you are on the candida diet but this is worth knowing I think