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Sunshine Can Help To Fight Candida!

Many of you will already know of the health benefits derived from sitting in the sunshine for 15 – 20mins every day.  
These include increased levels of vitamin D and higher serotonin levels, especially if you remove your sunglasss for the period.   Now higher levels of serotonin leads to an improved sense of wellbeing which I guess you dont need telling as we all know how the sunshine can make everyone feel more cheerful.  But it also has been shown to help to kill off candida.  Some studies have shown that serotonin has anti-fungal properties and has been shown in labs to kill yeast and candida.  If you live in areas which get less sun then you may want to consider supplementing with Vitamin D (I take krill oil) and 5HTP.   If you want to learn more about 5HTP and its benefits go to my website at and scroll down. 
Right I’m going to have a coffee and sit in the sunshine!

Bye Katie x

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