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Beat Candida With Laughter?

I am slowly getting used to Twitter and I’ve already made some great new friends online. Today I received a thought-provoking tweet which I wanted to share with you all

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”. Irish Proverb

This made me think as I know I completely lost the ability to laugh when my candida was terrible. I had a lot of problems at home and in work at the time and I really felt lost. I also couldnt sleep well due to the worries and stomach aches I suffered from. In the end I had to find ways of relaxing before bed and I started to watch old comedies to cheer myself up. Around the same time a friend told me the story of a man who cured himself of terminal cancer by laughter. He watched the funniest tv shows and films all day long to keep himself laughing and happy. Apparently laughter boosts the immune system. My life has become stressful again and I had forgotten this golden tip. I’m determined to keep my immune system strong so I dont succumb to candida or anything else if I can help it.

Finally here is some excellent advice from author Patrick Quillin which is actually aimed at cancer sufferers but I think is applicable to most of us. I am going to print out and stick on my office wall.

“Feed your mind the good thoughts of music, beauty, laughter, play, art, friends, share a nice drink at sunset and discuss the events of the day with a loved one. Feed your heart the good feelings of love, forgiveness, confidence in your abilities, a sense of purpose in your life, and a trusting relationship with your Creator. And feed your body good nutrients through diet and supplements, thus providing your body the raw materials that it needs to rebuild itself.”

Take care,
Katie xxx