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Benefits of keeping regular!

My thanks to Lucy who has been in touch to discuss her candida recovery.   With her permission I wanted to mention something which we discussed that I think can help others.   Basically we discussing how important it is to make sure that you go to the toilet regularly when you are trying to get rid of candida or stop it returning.  Constipation can cause all sorts of minor health issues such as bad skin, stomach ache and it appears to cause candida to thrive.    I make sure I eat fruit every day to keep myself regular.  When I was on the anti-candida diet I ate the minimum amount of fruit to keep my system moving.  It was trial and error but I quickly learnt that it equated to about 1 apple per day.   Some people prefer to add fibre to their diet in other ways and that’s fine.  But it is something that you cannot overlook.   Some people say drinking more water helps to keep your bowels regular so that is worth trying on the anti-candida diet.

Anyway Lucy and I were talking about this issue and I suddenly remembered that when my candida was at its worst I worked in an office where the toilets were near the boss’s office.   He would watch you go in and go out.  So you always felt like you had to be quick!  This was terrible for anyone with any sort of digestive problem and it often meant that I would be in too much of a rush to go to the toilet when my body needed to.   I’m sure this ridiculous situation contributed to my candida problem.  Lucy was in a similar situation and always felt like she needed to ‘wait until I get home’ and of course that it is really bad for your digestive system if it happens all the time.   I’ve no idea what the solution is but we’d be pleased to hear any ideas or suggestions.

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