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Is Candida Albicans the next superbug?

I’ve heard several candida news reports recently which alarmed me.  It has been known for a long time that candida infects people with low immune systems and therefore people with severe illnesses such as cancer are often suffering from candida too.   But now reports are starting to coming out about the dangers of candida to seriously ill people in hospital.   It appears that candida albicans is becoming resistant to the normal drugs used by hospitals.    These are called Echinocandins range of drugs.   Some of the articles are quite frightening and suggest that candida could replace MRSA as the most feared superbug.   I wonder when the hospitals will start to investigate colloidol silver as a way of killing candida?  Perhaps if candida albicans starts to make headlines will doctors start to take it more seriously?  I really hope so.

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Should you get rid of your houseplants to help beat candida?

When I was really ill with candida I took the view that I would do everything I could to get better. So if I heard something could help then I would look into it. At the time several people warned me about the dangers of mold (like in the bathroom) and microscopic fungi growth on the soil of houseplants. I became obsessed with getting rid of the tiniest black spots in the bathroom and to this day I view mold with horror. I also moved my houseplants into a spare room. Now was I over reacting? I’d love to hear your views. When I looked closely I could see a tiny layer of microscopic fungi/mold on the top of the soil. If I tried to scrape it off then I would start sneezing and I realised I was releasing all the spores into the air. Aargh! I was frustrated as I had chosen some of the plants specifically to clean the indoor air. If you are regular readers of my blog you will know I am a BIG fan of keeping the air inside as clean as possible (no air fresheners just open the windows regularly). Anyway my house plants went into a spare room until I recovered. Now they are back in the main rooms but I will never put one in my bedroom again. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this one. And if you think I’m paranoid I will probably agree with you! Anyway got to go – just spotted a black dot on the shower curtain that I need to zap!
Katie xx

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