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Gentian violet – anyone tried this remedy?

I was recently talking to a candida sufferer (who is on the mend by the way) and we were discussing how candida sufferers must be coped in the old days.  I think they didnt realise what was wrong and they just suffered.   Or perhaps because sugar was rare they didnt get candida or thrush infections?  I just dont know and I’d be interested to hear your theories.  Anyway my friend said she’s heard that some people use to use Gentian Violet to treat thrush infections.  She said that women used to paint it onto their skin to treat vaginal thrush for example.  So it wouldnt work for candida in the digestive system.  But I’m intrigued.  Does this stuff really work?  Is it safe?  Can you still get it?  Does anyone know about this?  If so please let me know as it might help others.  All I’ve managed to find out is that it really is purple so it stains the skin.  Yikes!

Bye Katie xx

Giving up sugar can help us look younger!

I spotted an article this morning in a UK newspaper (Daily Mail) explaining how giving up sugar can help people to stay look younger for longer.  Sounds good to me!    To read more go to . What do you think?  I gave up sugar for years while I  had candida and now I am careful not to eat too much of it.  Do I look younger than my age?  Well people tell me that I do but I’m not convinced!     I’ve posted also this on Twitter so let me know via Comments or Twitter if giving up sugar is helping you to fight the signs of aging!

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