Monthly Archives: May 2013

Drowning in Spam!

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post to say sorry if your comments have not appeared on my website yet.  You know I love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I think its important we pool our knowledge and experience to help everyone.   But I’ve had problems with the blog and today I have over 5,000 spam comments to wade through before I can find and approve the genuine ones.   Aaargh!  Why do so many people send out rubbish comments full of links to porn and goodness knows what else?  Surely no one lets these comments appear on their sites?  What is the point?!

Its going to take me ages to clear it all out as I have to check them all carefully so I dont delete any genuine ones.  So bear with me as I’ll do it in stages.  My website helper tells me the problem has hopefully been solved but I’m not holding my breath.


Katie x  ps if anyone is an expert on wordpress and knows any tips to avoid this in the future I would be grateful!