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5 Tips To Avoid Candida Recurrence

beat candida

Stay positive – you can beat candida

Hi there.  I know many of my blog visitors are fighting candida infections and are not the stage of worrying about it coming back.  You may even doubt if it will ever go completely.  I was in exactly the same position but I think these tips might also help those of you who are suffering

One of my biggest problems when I had candida was to work out the missing piece of the jigsaw namely what was causing it to keep returning?  There are many possible causes which is why I recommend the book on the sidebar of this blog as it goes through them and you can try to work out your own issues.   So these tips are based purely on my own experiences and my own health issues.

1. Avoid constipation at all costs.  This was a massive problem for me as I was following a pretty strict anti-candida diet which did not include much if any fruit.  This led to constipation.  I have realised over the years that I must ensure my digestive system stays regular otherwise I inadvertently create ideal conditions of a growth of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut including candida.  So an apple a day became part of my candida diet.  These days I do try to pay attention to my erm toilet habits and if things slow down I eat more fruit.  If that doesn’t work then I take Milk of Magensia overnight.  I’ve blogged about this before.  Its sold in the UK in Boots and chemists and works well as a gentle laxative.

2. Don’t get run down.  Many of us lead very busy lives and its easy to get tired and run down.   But if I over do it for too long then I run the risk of adrenal gland fatigue.  This is serious and to be avoided at all costs.  My symptoms start with waking up at night (often about 4am) and lead onto not being able to sleep at all, low blood pressure, difficulty getting up in the mornings, dizziness and lower immune system.   I take Raw Adrenal Gland supplement for a few days until I’m sleeping well then I stop.   Two tablets over the course of a day usually sort things out within a few days.  But then its up to me to make the lifestyle choices to restore my good health.

3. Eat healthily 80% of the time.  Although I enjoy sugary treats such as cakes, chocolate and sweets I do my best to be sensible.  Of course my good intentions went out of the window over Christmas but I’m back to be being more careful.  So I tend to eat chocolate or cake or sweets on a weekend and I aim to stick to plain biscuits during the week.  This is also for weight reasons to be honest. I’ve also read that eating sugar can contribute to faster ageing so its another good reason to reduce the amount we eat.  I also believe that eating a varied diet with as little processed food as possible really helps too.

4. Avoid antibiotics.  There are times in life when antibiotics are essential and they’ve saved millions of lives.   But many people take them needlessly without realising that they adversely affect the bacteria balance in your gut and can lead to candida overgrowth.  You can try to limit the damage by taking a probiotic but if you are prone to candida then I would suggest going on the candida-diet and taking anti-candida supplements for a few months following your antibiotic treatment.  Ideally try to avoid antibiotics in the first place unless your doctor says its necessary.   Personally I take cider apple vinegar (1 tablespoon in mug of warm water) which is great for fighting bugs such as colds.

5. Avoid vaginal irritants – If you are prone to vaginal thrush avoid irritants such as bubble baths, scented sanitary pads and scented soaps.   The vagina often turns dry just before the thrush (candida) reappears so try inserting some petroleum jelly liberally.  I’ve avoided many thrush outbreaks using this method.  But beware the petroleum jelly can break down condoms!

Do you have any tips for avoiding candida?  If so please share them in the comments  by clicking ‘leave a reply’ at the top of this post.  Thanks 🙂


Katie xx