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Hi my name is Katie and I had severe candida on-off for 10 years.  I work full time so I sympathise with candida sufferers who have to keep working to earn money even if they are really ill.    It took many years for the problem to be diagnosed and eventually when I realised what the problem was I fought it on-off for ages due to other serious health problems.  But even in the ‘off’ periods I was still feeling run down and ill when I should have been 100% better.   In 2007 I was again diagnosed with candida and I thought to myself “ok lets get rid of this once and for all”.  I felt like an old hand and kept reminding myself “you’ve beaten it many times so just do it again!”.  However the last episode was harder to beat and it forced me learn a lot more about the underlying problems which can feed the candida.

Update: I’ve now added a page which summarises my approach to beating candida. To get started please read this page first. http://www.beatcandidayeastinfections.com/how-i-beat-candida-yeast.htm

At this point I should explain that my candida was originally caused by food poisoning and recurrences have only happened in extreme circumstances such as multiple uses of antiobiotics in a very short timespan, serious illness, etc..   However in the summer of 2007 I had a recurrence which I now believe was caused by a hormone imbalance.  I had changed my contraceptive pill at the same time.

With this last recurrence it occurred to me that others might benefit from my own methods of regaining my health.  So this blog is written for other candida sufferers in the hope that I may be able to help them with practical tips or even just by sharing my experience so that they know they aren’t alone.

I have also had to deal with huge levels of stress over the years connecting with my work which has also damaged my health.

Where I Am Now

But now I am 100% better and I have been for many years.  Of course I get bugs from time and to time but the candida and IBS has never come back.  I believe this is because I finally learnt what was causing it and worked hard to get my body back on balance.  The anti-candida diet and anti-fungal supplements often work well for people and they get better and forget all about candida.  Lucky them!  But for many of us we need to stop and work out the root cause before we can hope to beat candida for good.

If I can give you one important message based on what I’ve learnt it’s this –  please don’t ever give up.  I thought I would never get better and that candida would haunt me forever but I got there in the end.  And if I can do it then I hope you can too!   The key I believe is to keep investigating what is causing your candida so that you can start to eliminate the cause and finally get better.

My disclaimer
I should also explain that I am not a medical person and so my methods may not work for others and I strongly recommend that you either see a qualified health practitioner for professional expertise.  The last thing I would want is to tell you about something that worked for me and then hear that it made you worse.  It would break my heart.  I have always followed the advice of a very experienced naturopath and without his help I would not be well today so please please get professional advice too as we are all different.

Before writing this blog I read other similar blogs and I was disappointed that some of them were clearly written to promote a specific product by a particular company.  It made me doubt if the blogs were genuine.     I would like to point out that I am NOT here to sell you anything and I am a real person! 🙂

Why I Have Adverts on My Website

Some people ask me why I have adverts on my blog and website.  I’ve added these recently to help pay towards the running costs of the website.  I have to pay for the domain and webhosting and the few cents I earn when people click on the adverts helps towards these costs.  To give you some idea of my ‘earnings’ over the past few months I’ve earned $3!   So I’m certainly not doing this to make money.

I know how money can be tight when you are fighting candida (the supplements alone can cost a fortune and thats before you try any alternative therapies) so the last thing I want is to cost you money.   I think I’ve spent a small fortune over the years on my health.  I darent add it all up.

Take Care When Searching the Internet

I know how hard it is when you are ill and you are desperately searching the internet for answers.  So I will try to explain not only what I am doing now but what else I have tried in the past and give some indication of what works and when.  One more thing, if you feel like trying anything new say a Candida supplement my advice is to put the name of it into google and see if you can find any problems or side effects with it.  Its worth double checking.  For example some people recommend liquorice root but I found that it should not be taken if you have high blood pressure.  Def worth knowing!   The sales guy in the health food shop may not tell you that.  So take care!  Also be careful when reading ‘advice’ on other candida sites which are written by people who have not managed to beat the candida yet.   Some of what I’ve read has worried me so always check with your doctor if you are not sure about anything.

Try to stay positive

Finally I would say that having candida has changed my life and some of it in great ways that I never would have dreamt. I know it may sound hard to believe but its true. Ok yes I cant go mad on sugar or alcohol but I have discovered new holistic treatments which I love that are now a big part of my life such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation and reiki.  I have found fantastic complementary therapists who now help my friends and family with their health issues .  Its amazing how many people have actually benefited!   We believe that my naturopath has saved the life of at least two people that are close to me by diagnosing life threatening conditions which were missed by doctors. If I hadnt become ill I wouldnt have found this naturopath and I wouldnt have been able to recommend him to my friends, who would not be here today if it wasn’t for him.   Its very strange how things work out.   Every cloud has a silver lining I guess!  By the way I often asked if I can recommend my naturopath but I dont think he is working any more.  I always suggest that you either ask friends and family for recommendations or seek out a qualified and experienced health practitioner.  In the USA I’ve heard of many doctors who run wellbeing clinics and in the UK I suggest holistic therapy centre.

I wish you all the best on your journey.  Finally I believe that we all have a Guardian AngelGuardian Angel at our side always.  So don’t forget to ask them for help and support if you need it.   I ask mine for all the time!  And yes I get lots of help for which I always say thank you.

If you have any questions I will always do my best to answer them – just leave a comment on the site and I will receive it as an email or click the Contact page for more ways of reaching me.
love,  Katie x

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  1. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi, my name is Lisa I am 39 married with one child and live in UK. I am amazed ! You are amazing. Your blog is brilliant and it is so reassuring to know others feel the same.It is like looking in a mirror when I read your comments.. I have had ME for 8 years but have now decided it is Candida I have I have been doing the diet for 3 weeks and feel like I have more energy now but really suffering with sinus ear trouble and blistery sore thraot goingto docs today as not sure if infection or just die off. I am only taking garlic at the moment. Dont want to take antibiotics though. Have you any suggestions for my throat and sinuses ? Would love to hear from you. Lisa

  2. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Lisa

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. I used to get loads of ear infections and I still have sinus problems. My ear infections were a nightmare so I totally sympathise. I used olive oil to try to reduce the wax which was causing the infection. It sounds like yours are slightly different. My naturopath tells me that sinus problems can be caused by several things including eating dairy products and also by high levels of oestrogen. I’m hoping that as my hormones balance out it should improve. I take a weak colloidol silver solution (by a reputable company not home made!) for my sore throats as it kills candida. I live in the UK and you can get it in Holland & Barrett (own brand) which is 3 parts per million (very very weak) or Higher Nature do one which is 10 ppm which is the one I take now. I hope this helps! Good luck!
    Katie x

  3. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Katie

    I dont eat dairy so maybe its my hormones. They are all over the place at the moment as I had a miscarriage 4 wks ago at 9 weeks pregnant so that would make sense. My nutritionist recommended Colloidol Silver also, so I think I will get this. I live in Solihull Uk, Is the Holland & Barret one ok to take when on diet sometimes they have things added ? SHe also recommended Citricidal as a gargle. Isnt it weird how hormones affects you I am sure they are my main problem as I was fine until I got pregnant. It has put me off for life.
    How are you feeling at the moment ?? You seem to know so much about Candida. I must admit I am getting like it to, I think my husband thinks Im obsessed, I spend hours trawling the net. I am really thin 7st 4lb and look ill I have lost a lot of weight recently on the diet and he tries to get me to eat cake and stuff to fatten me up. My weight is my main problem on the diet. I am going to Cyprus Wednesday and really fancy having a few glasses of wine. I dont think I can go the whole time without cheating ! Ilook like a skeleton in my bikini I may frighten a few people on the beach with my bones. Lisa x

  4. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Lisa
    I am so so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I used to take the Holland and Barrett Colloidol Silver and it was fine. No dodgy ‘added’ ingredients but that was a few months ago so best double check the label in case it has changed. Like you I have lost weight but I find that stir fries and eating lots of nuts and seeds have helped me not to lose too much. Do you like these sort of foods? I also bought a fantastic cook book called ‘Cooking without gluten, sugar, yeast and dairy – made easy’ by Barbara Cousins. Its full of yummy recipes that us candida girls can eat including cakes! Admittedly some of the cakes have dried fruit (so its a treat when the candida is low) but the book has been really inspiring and got me eating and enjoying food again.

    I am very envious that you are going away on holiday! I would love to book a trip but I am nervous at the moment. We might have to go away anyway so I am considering self catering. I can eat all veggies, salads, meat and rice. You should be ok in Cyprus for menu options but it wont be easy to keep the will power going! My candida does create food intolerances which are quite low at the moment so I am just trying to avoid food which feeds the candida rather than avoiding stuff because I had an intolerance. I hope I making sense! I miss my wine too. I think we can drink occasional vodka with soda water and lime or diet coke but dont tell my naturopath as he absolutely hates aspartame due to its cancer-causing effects. I rarely drink but I cant bear the thought of a holiday without one! Anyway I hope you are have a lovely holiday. At least you will be leaving behind all this rain! love Katie x

  5. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Katie, Thanks I will get some of this tomorrow although my throat feels a little better today. That book sounds brilliant I will definitely get it. As a previous chocaholic and cake fiend I need something to cheer me up. My mum used to bake me cakes for the diet she was great. Sadly, I lost her last year to Cancer. I think I have gone downhill slowly since I lost her when I think back. We were really close and she lived with us in a granny flat attached to our house. I do eat nuts and seeds, they are ok, although I find my throat ulcers worse after eating nuts for some reason. I am so looking forward to my holiday I have never needed one so much. A bit worried about travelling as I know it is going to do me in for a couple of days. I am sure I will succumb to the odd drink as my husband will be having one and I dont think I will enjoy the holiday unless I do. I will have to be extra good when I get back. Have you got anything planned for a holiday it sound like you could do with one too ! So good to chat to you. Do you have children Katie and do you work ? Hope you dont mind me being nosey. Its great to find someone else in the same boat as sometimes you feel alone with this Candida thing and think you are the only one in the world dealing with it. People I work with dont understand they thing I should eat plenty of junk food to get my weight back on and then I will feel a whole lot better – if only it was that easy. Lisa x

  6. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Katie,

    I forgot to say, I have been taking Milk Thistle also as my nutritionist says my adrenals are struggling. Have you stopped taking this now I am sure they help my liver. I know Patrick Holford has a good book called Balancing hormones naturally. I am sure he recommends exercise but also certain foods and herbs. He talks a lot of sense.


  7. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Lisa
    Thanks so much for your messages. Its so nice to feel that I am not alone! In answer to your questions yes I do work but I don’t have children. I’m not married although I have a boyfriend. I would love to have children but that hasnt happened for me and at this rate probably won’t 🙁 How old is your child? Thanks for the Patrick Holford recommendation. I didnt know about him but I’ve just been on his website and he sounds very knowledgeable. I found out about milk thistle affecting oestrogen levels on the internet but I havent double checked with my naturopath yet. I am so paranoid about anything that may increase my oestrogen levels that I have stopped immediately. I am also unsure about flaxseeds which I used to sprinkle on my cereal. Sometimes I feel like I am going mad. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum. A huge loss like that is bound to affect your health. There is breast cancer in my family and I lost my grandmother to it so its always a worry that it could affect my generation. Thats the real reason I am determined to get my oestrogen levels down as all my research shows that high levels of oestrogen can eventually cause it. Its quite worrying. If it wasnt for the candida I wouldnt have know about it. I totally understand when you said about people in work not understanding. Mine think I have an eating disorder and dont want to put weight on! They also think I listen to ‘quacks’ as I gave up on my GP years ago. I mistakenly told one girl in work about my naturopath. He’s so amazing that he doesnt advertise but is fully booked up and people visit him from all of the UK just by personal recommendation. He’s saved the lives of several people that I know (including my Dad) by diagnosing life threatening illnesses that GPs have missed. So I think he’s a star! But I told someone in work and that person has twisted it and told the others that I am not listening to proper medical advice. Its sooooo frustrating. Lets hope that we can both get better soon! I hope you have a lovely holiday! You will be so brown as Cyprus is bound to be lovely and hot. You lucky thing! Katie x

  8. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Katie,

    Back from holiday it was brilliant travelling was hard work but the weather was great I had a good rest. I am feeling so much better. Despite eating everything I shouldnt puddings wise and eating chocolate and wine I feel well ! I think it will probably catch up with me very soon. I tend to collapse after eating for six weeks what I call junk food. I have been eating a lot of olive oil and garlic and fish though. I love the med diet it is so much better than our bland english food. How are you feeling Katie and how is the diet going I am going to slowly get back into it myself over the next couple of weeks Lisa

  9. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Lisa

    Glad to hear you had a fab time! I am so glad it went well – it sounds like it did you the power of good! I have been keeping to the diet 95% of the time but I darent deviate much as I feel the candida is just waiting to return. I am alternating my anti-fungal supplements as I have been on them so long I worry about creating resistence. If I ate puddings and drank wine I would have immediately symptoms of bloating, wind etc so perhaps you are beating the candida? I’m very impressed that you feel well! Fingers crossed for you! love Katie x

  10. Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Katie,

    I spoke too soon. Woke with a sore throat today and feeling cack. Knew it was too good to be true and would catch up with me eventually it normally takes 6 weeks though not two so not a good sign . Back on the diet today feeling miserable . You are very determined and do so well to do it 95% of the time. It is good to know you are on it too, it helps me through to think I am not alone. Have you tried acupuncture I was thinking of trying that again. Your Naturopath sounds great, where does he practice ? Good to hear from you Lisa x

  11. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Lisa
    I hope you are feeling better by now. Colloidol silver is good for sore throats. I tend to get an instant response if I’ve eaten something that feeds the candida. My diet has been terrible this week as I’ve had a hard time recently. My stress levels are off the scale with work and other problems so I’m sure the candida will thrive now 🙁 My naturopath is in South Wales. I have a follow up appointment next week to test my hormone levels and see if the candida levels have risen. I am so stressed out that I am going to ask if he can recommend anything to help me deal with stuff. I dont mean supplements. I am thinking of trying a spiritual session called Life Guidance or something similar in the hope that sorting out my life will destress me. Its just an idea! Katie x

  12. Lisa

    Hi Katie,

    I am about 6 out of 10, my throat is sore on and off It goes when I do mouthwashes so I may just have to do these daily. I have bought some silver now so I will give it a go. Thanks. I find acupuncture and massage really helps me with stress. Maybe you need a holiday I felt great after mine. I have noticed a lot of my symptoms are gradually returning as I have kept off the diet. My problem is my weight I have put weight on again which I am happy about and I know if I start the diet I will feel better but lose weight and then that will get me down. I cant win !.


  13. Lulu

    Hi there,
    I have just been told I have Candida – I kinda knew as my symptoms were just building and building. I am busy researching online and eading some very interesting blogs, thankyou for taking the time to put all your thoughts out there for the rest of us to read! Very useful, inspiring and understanding.

    I am lucky and have a very supportive husband, who is using my new eating plan to lose some weight himself! I have been on it for two weeks and I am surprising myself in that I have managed to cut all sugars out! I am a previous sugar addict and chocoholic!

    I am keen to find out about mouthwashes and gargles to try out, as the Candida is evident in my mouth and its horrible. I am due to start my Nutritionists advised supplements as soon as they arrive, but feel that I want to do something NOW!

    I also highly recommend the “Cooking Without’ book. I have a very healthy neighbour who has lent me this great book. I really want to try the cakes, but not sure about the Stevia??? I read too that you can also buy something called Xylitol from Holland and Barrett – any advice or info on these?

    Wishing you all good health and stress free days!

    Lulu x

  14. Kiki

    Hi Katie,

    Reading your blog is like a godsend. I feel every ounce of you past struggles, and hope that with time I will be in a similar place you are. I love your talk of angels, and of adding the complimentary alternative therapies. I really want to do acupuncture. A friend of mine is a nutritionist who studied here at a local chinese medicine school, and she recommends accupuncture highy. I have just found your blog, but I will keep reading and ask any questions I can thing about. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

  15. Lisa

    Hi Lulu,

    I find a tea tree mouthwash good after a salt mouthwash. I rinse with saltwater and then put about 4 drops of tea tree oil in very warm water and rinse with that. It really seems to help my sore throats. Do you have sore throats/mucus/ulcers ? I suffer from all three but have it under control now. It seems to be worse when I eat dairy or chocolate. Hope it works


  16. katie Post author

    Hi Lulu

    Sorry I havent replied to your question about stevia and xylitol. I havent tried either although I now chew gum with xylitol for my teeth as its proven to help keep teeth healthy. As far as candida is concerned I think the jury is still out for xylitol so I wouldnt take any chances if you have a lot of candida. There are some reports that if can help with oral candida but again I dont know how widely it has been tested. Beware if you try it that it can have laxative effects!
    As for Stevia I would feel more confident about trying it as it seems widely used by people fighting candida. Even my heroine Karen Tripp recommends it on her excellent website for beating candida! Karen’s site is at http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/4966/
    But I have never seen Stevia for sale so I’ve never tried it. If you try it please can you let us know what you thought? And where you bought it?
    Best wishes

  17. chriskolba

    Not sure if youve heard of or read Liz Lipski’s book Digestive Wellness. It is very good and comprehensive.
    Good luck and keep up the good work

  18. Katie Post author

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your suggestion! No I havent heard of the book but I will look it up. I am always buying new books and that one sounds very interesting!

    Best wishes, Katie x

  19. Simone

    Hi Katie,

    I was curious what you said regarding milk thistle.
    Milk thistle actually helps the body process high level of eostrogen, helps break the oestrogen down.
    If your liver is not functioning well, then oestrogen levels will be high. Milk thistle is renowned for balancing hormones. Not sure why you have stopped taking it??



  20. Katie Post author

    Hi Simone
    Thanks for your comments. Its always great to get feedback. I am in two minds over milk thistle as I know it has some great benefits to the body. However my research identified an oestrogen-effect on the body caused by the herb so I decided to cut it out. Here is an example of the research which I read (this is from Drug Digest):
    “Due to possible estrogen-like effects of milk thistle, certain types of breast cancer tumors actually increased in number and/or seriousness when milk thistle was given to female animals with existing breast tumors”. I know that milk thistle has good results with targeting cancer cells but I found several reports which mentioned it’s oestrogen effect. To be honest since I’ve been having regular acupuncture my liver function has improved hugely so I havent missed taking the milk thistle.
    love and light
    Katie x

  21. Katie Post author

    Hi Thanks for contacting me. Please can you tell me more about your candida kit?
    Thanks, Katie

  22. Kloe

    Hi Katie,
    I really like your blog, especially the fact that you noticed that your Candida is related to your stress levels. I too have been dealing with Candida on and off for 10 years and finally realized that we need to treat it at the root cause- on the mental/emotional/spriritual/energetic levels. Best to you!

  23. Toni

    Hi Katie,

    Firstly I would like to say wow what an amazing website, I read every one of your blogs in succession to try and learn as much as I can in my pursuit of health and happiness.

    I too have given up on GP’s, It has been a costly and time consuming exercise being treated for my symptoms, never really getting to the cause of my ailments.

    I would like to share some of my experiences of Candida with you and others in the hope that they may also be able to help me with some unanswered questions.

    I have suffered with Eczema for the last two years and had been prescribed by my GP with a course of prednisolone (horrible stuff), steroid creams and skin allergy tests in the hope of finding a cure.
    I decided to visit a nauturopath two weeks ago to help with my stomach and reflux pains since suspecting I had Candida and had already started the diet, I have since discovered that the creams that my GP prescribed have been suppressing the eczema not curing it.
    There is a strong link between my Candida and the condition of my skin, as soon as I stopped using the steroid creams I had a massive outbreak of eczema. I have been having cool salt baths and using ice packs to help reduce the inflammation and burning sensation of my rashes.
    Having been on a Candida diet for a few weeks and now with the help of my naturopath using chinese medicines, accupuncture and wheatgrass cream, all of my symptoms are improving dramatically.

    Now I know what is wrong at least I can start doing something about regaining my health, there have been weeks and months that I felt so anxious and felt unable to cope with everyday life not knowing what was wrong, you explain the psychological feelings perfectly Katie.

    I am however wondering since coming off my contraceptive pill and beginning this fight against Candida if it is possible that the regularity of my menstral cycle can be effected ? I am definetly not pregnant but have not had a period for 6 weeks and am beginning to get a little worried. Has anyone else experienced this ?

    Many Thanks


  24. Katie Post author

    Hi Toni
    Thanks for sharing your experience which I’m sure will help others. I’m so glad that you are the road to recovery. Candida definitely affected my periods I believe. It can affects the hormonal balance in the body. I’ve used an acupuncturist who helped enormously with this problem. It only took 1 treatment to see an improvement but I did spend a lot of money and waste time with an acupuncturist who was useless. So I recommend trying different acupuncturists to find one who can help.

    Keep up the good work and please keep in touch 🙂
    Katie x

  25. cricket

    Hello-Katie you said you went to a bad acupuncturist before finding a good one. What did the bad one do? Received h202 infusions 2x wk,taken every antifungal under the sun products,tea ,herbs, to no avail. Had several strains of yeast one that is rare for eight years . What has helped the most and is working finally.
    the baking soda/sodium bicarbonate ( NOT baking powder that makes cakes rise ) and lemon juice cure . Two tablespoons lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda . Wait for the foam to go down and drink on empty stomach in the morning and wait 1 hour before eating . wait a week and most will see a beautiful pink mouth. This will bring your ph way up and candida can not live in a high ph enviroment .I was thrilled by this. Drink ,water,water all day long and love it. never drink this after you have eaten unless a couple hours have passed. You can do this 2x a day five days a week. Also important: take chromium ,multi b twice a day , and a high 6 strain probiotic . I stick a little not much antifungal of your choice in with the drink. The reason not much, is because I made my candida much worse over time because i did not treat antifungals like regular antibiotics . they kill good bacteria also and can in the long run make the candida stronger. A little goes a long way. Triphala (herb )for intestines and overall cleansing ,and very important is magnesium citrate (this will heal leaky gut and holes in your intestines where candida can go into your blood stream. Buffered vitamin c 2 x a day 1000 ,this will be a less expensive and very effective antioxidant. Make a list start doing this and most of you with the diet (no dairy not even lactose free milk to much sugar ) will have very good luck. Some in a few weeks and others in a year but it will happen. Good luck and love ,you can do it !!!

  26. tiredbunny

    Hi Katie
    I was diagnosed with Candida last year by a nutritionist. I cannot eat dairy, Wheat, Yeast and Sugar (sugar means no fruit, no dried fruit, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no honey, maple syrup or Agave nectar). Stevia has not been passed by the FSA for sale in the UK as food although some companies such as Cargill are going to launch this as a sweetener later this year when (they hope) the EU will pass this product for consumption.
    I do drink – vodka and gin with soda water and lime. I do treat myself to champagne and sake!!
    Like you I am in a very very stressful job and this is the root of my problem. I used to faint in the bathroom (what a mess) and I have to be careful now and be alert when I feel dizzy.
    Since following this diet, I feel a lot better, more in control and better placed to cope with the stress. My life needs to change, I need to move out of the city but all these things cost money etc etc…
    I have just sold my flat, am planning my wedding and have just been promoted so a lot going on.
    I take a lot of supplements recommended by my nutritionist and they help too. It is expensive to switch to foods you can eat that you buy from health food shops – ie buckwheat crackers which I eat for breakfast (usually quinoa porridge) if Im staying with friends and family. I work and like you time is needed to prepare food etc etc. In the main I stick to meat, fish, veg and salads as well as quinoa, amaranth, beans, sprouts, seeds, herbal teas. I hardly drink milk but when I do I take Oaty.
    I miss ice cream, coffee, shredded wheat, chocolate, wine, smoked fish and its hard to fine quick foods that dont have sugar, vinegar, yeast, dairy, wheat in them!!
    Anyway, keep the blog going – its great – and all best wishes..

  27. tiredbunny

    Also, does anyone suffer from like REALLY bad smelly wind? I only get it in the evenings (starts around 5pm). Very much reduced at weekends when not at work. Thankfully my other half does not have a good sense of smell!! But for me its a root of embarrassment!

  28. Katie Post author

    Thanks for your feedback. My ‘bad’ acupuncturist simply didnt really care. She would have several clients on the go at the same time so she would stick the needles in and leave me for AGES. My new acupuncturist is really good. He stays with me and often moves the needles into different positions during one session. He regularly checks my pulses to decide how long to leave the needles in. He also uses chinese herbs which he burns on my body. Sounds painful but its not – its just warming. I feel miles better after one treatment and I see results compared to no major benefits after months of the old one. She said it was my fault for occasionally eating bananas! I am really interested to hear that you have had benefits from improving the pH of your body. I have heard good results from people who use cider apple vinegar which I believe has a similar effect. So many diseases seem to be linked to the pH levels e.g. cancer. I never heard of antifungals making candida stronger but I’ve always tried to alternate my anti fungals as I got a better response that way so perhaps thats why! I am better these days but I am sure your comments will be invaluable to the many many people who read this blog so a big thank you 🙂
    Katie x

  29. Katie Post author

    Hi Tired Bunny

    I am glad you are feeling better on the diet. I so sympathise with the work stress. Do you use relaxation techniques like meditation or do you treat yourself to reiki healing treatments? I used both when I was ill and it helped enormously. For 1hr a week my poor stressed out mind could completely switch off and it did me the world of good. Do you take a probiotic and anti fungals? I know exactly who you feel and I bet you wonder if it will ever end. Well hopefully it will, especially if your work stress eases. I can now eat everything but I do try to be sensible as it took a long time to get better and I dont want to ruin everything! By the way I also found acupuncture really good so you might want to try that too. I think your system has become completely out of balanced and now its a question of helping it to regain it balance in every way that you can.

    Keep in touch and good luck with your wedding 🙂
    Katie x

  30. Katie Post author

    Hi Tired Bunny

    In reply to your second comment I think bad wind is a sure sign of imbalance in your gut flora (which I’m sure you’ve figured out!) but you may need to get help from a naturopath. I would be guessing why this is happening but I’m sure it can be sorted out if you can find someone to test you for food intolerances. My stomach problems always got worse in the evenings which I think is because I had eaten 3 meals by then so there was a lot of fermenting going on (gross). As the candida dies away and you replace it with good bugs (probiotics) it should improve. Keep positive!
    Katie x

  31. Greg

    Hi Katie,
    I’m 54 and was given tons of antibiotics during child hood for bronchitus. 7 to 10 a year for 17 years. I was a mess for most of my thirties all of my 40ies. I feel better now but still have problems if I eat the slightest bit to much. Going out is a problem perfume, deotarant paint cleaning products etc…. I’m still doing the caveman diet nuts and berries raw vegies beans. Thai food seems to work just not to much. 6 meals a day small never eating after 8 at night. Always hungry. Iv’e gotten so far and would like to be normal some day. Before the Candidia I was a healthy kid good eater and very active.I take Three lack and I rotate all the antifungle natural products but I just can’t seem to break the place I’m at now. I need to drink a ton of water. Not always conveniant. I teach Yoga ,Tai Chi Qigong, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and meditation. These all help but don’t pay the bills very well. I live near Oshawa in Ontario Canada and have tried to get financhal help from Gov LOL. I seem to just pay the bills and thats It.I would have to be on the street to get assistance. This all sound so bad but I’m really am an up person but every now and then you get knocked down.So I know how this happened and I know how not to feed it, I can’t figure how to get better than this. Iv’e stagnated! I want to be better! I’m so tired of giveing excuses why I can’t do things or saying no every time I’m offered a beer. Or going to bed at 10:30 every night of life.Mother nature rules my life and if I don’t listen I pay. What do you think? I read your disclaimer so I will take your coments with a grain of salt.
    Metta Greg

  32. Katie Post author

    Hi Greg

    I have replied to your email privately. Please please let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes

  33. Barbara Stanfield

    It is so refreshing to find someone who is not trying to sell something . My dog and I have a systemic yeast problem and I am so exhausted and frustrated. I can not find a vet or doctor that knows enough about yeast to diagnose it much less treat it. Some of them try to tell me it isn’t possible to have a yeast problem systemically. I have read so much and searched the web and I never have time to take care of my own health because I just run out of time. I read that it was a problem getting help in some of the books and I did not believe it. The books were written over thirty years ago , so I was sure I would find help. It is hard not to give up and yes, it is so lonely at times because no one seems to understand. One doctor suggest I go to a “shrink”. It might not be a bad idea, except everything cost so much and I need to use the money for supplements. I am a person who avoided drugs all my life and defied doctors and was scared to take pills. Now, I am trying all kinds of things in desperation. I wish I could find the permanent cure so I could have a life. A little knowledge is fun and interesting, but I would rather read a good book just about life and fun. I have not been able to find a naturopathic doctor or vet. Some claim to be holistic, but they would rather depend on conventional medicine . because it is faster and impressive. Then two weeks later the cycle starts all over. I wish I were young and full of energy and could write books and educate people and maybe eventually doctors would receive the training that they need. It is so frustrating trying to get help from “someone that knows not that they know not”! At least ” I know that I know not. ” And I don’t have to be right, I just want the dog and myself to be WELL! I have a real problem with eating. It is no fun and shopping is no fun. One has to skip most of the isles. I did before. I am not a junk food person and see thru most of the so called health foods that are loaded with sugar. My problem now is I need to eat carbs because fruits and vegies irritate my stomach if I only eat them. I am 74 now and nothing really taste that good anymore. Sometimes I forget to eat . I don’t know what to eat so I go do something and forget to come back. I wanted to be one of those active old ladies that ride horses , swim rivers and keep up with the youngsters. I wanted to help others and volunteer etc. Those things take energy and a clear mind. I have become so self absorbed trying to figure it all out. I am a boring person because the illness consumes me. I had cancer before I got yeast problem. It did not take half the concern that this sickness is taking. I was lucky as it was a mild cancer and I had a masectomy. It was easier tho as everyone knows what cancer is and doctors knew what to do and family gave support.

  34. Katie Post author

    Hi Barbara
    Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. Sorry its taken me a couple of days to reply. I think I know you are feeling as I felt utterly despondent and I genuinely felt that I would never get better. But I am fine now and I can eat whatever I want. If I can do it then I think you can too. I think its very important to plan your meals and snacks so that you have enough energy and do not feel hungry or weak. I have written a lot about the candida diet with ideas for how to survive on my website at http://www.beatcandidayeastinfections.com/anti-candida-diet.htm. There is also a link to cook book if you need inspiration. I only eat the minimum of fruit while on the diet. By that I mean the minimum to avoid constipation which was about 1 apple per day. I also often forget to eat but it plays havoc with my digestive system so I now set an alarm so if I’m working or gardening and likely to miss a meal the alarm will tell me! Are you taking a good probiotic? You did ask me to recommend a product but I’m not sure which is the best. I personally look for one which contains a mixture of probiotics with several million in each tablet to try to give myself the best chance of keeping my gut healthy. I never miss a day. I’ve got some info somewhere about the best ones to take so I’ll look it up soon as many people ask me the same question. I personally think that if you sticking to the candida diet, taking a probiotic and alternating good anti-fungal supplements then you are giving yourself the best chance of recovering. If you still poorly after several months of this approach then I think there must be other underlying issues e.g. stress, low stomach acid, lack of digestive enzymes etc.. For me it was stress and negative thinking. I learnt the power of positive thinking, reiki and meditation and it helped a lot. I think you need to take care of yourself and gradually build yourself up again. Please please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on.

    By the way I dont know about candida in pets. How has this been diagnosed?

    Take care
    Katie x

  35. imi w

    Hi Katie,
    I have been on an anti candida diet for about a month now, after being diagnosed by a naturopath with a bacterial overgrowth, candida and leaky gut.
    I have found that I still get bad abdominal cramping and quite a lot of gas after some meals. Did you find this?
    How strict did you have to be with your grain intake? I find that I cramp up more if I dont have a grain with a meal, but is this harming my progress do you think?
    I am taking an antibacterial herbal and probiotics along with fish oil and slippery elm to heal my gut again.
    I find that my cramping is quite often linked to stress/anxiety and negative thinking.
    How did you manage to change your negative thinking around to become more positive and have more belief in what you are doing?
    Some days I manage okay and then I will have a setback and cramp up badly again, and need to be positive to break out of the cycle again.
    Its so good seeing that there is someone out there who has been through this and come out of the other side, as it seems that for every one person you find who believes in what you are doing, there are ten more who are skeptical and cause you to doubt yourself.
    Thanks for reading this,

  36. Katie Post author


    Thanks for getting in touch. I used to get bad wind and stomach pains after eating. I tried eating more slowly and I stopped having a drink of water with my meals but no joy. In the end I tried digestive enzymes which I took with each meal and that helped. I tried to avoid grains as much as possible so I cant comment really. You need to ask your naturopath about the gas and cramps after eating. I also found I was low in stomach acid and at one point I had to take a supplement to help. I’m always a bit nervous about telling me what I took in case people randomly try these supplements themselves without getting tested first to see if they need them. I dont want to make anyone feel worse.

    In reply to your question about negative thinking, I basically almost brain washed myself into thinking positive. I made a CD of happy positive songs to play in the car. If a sad song or tv show came on I would turn over. I made sure I watched lots of comedies and I avoided negative people. When I was alone I read Louise Hay’s affirmations over and over again especially before going to sleep. If I caught myself thinking a negative thought I immediately stopped myself and turned into a positive. Its weird but somehow your subconscious will believe whatever you think or say (even if you dont really believe it!) so keep telling yourself that you are getting better and your candida levels are low (even if they are not) and one day it will be true. And by the way, I had a LOT of people in my life at the time who thought I was crazy. I was losing weight on the candida diet and they thought I had an eating disorder but I ignored them and kept going.

    The secret is never to give up I think.

    Katie x

  37. Harply

    Hi Everyone,
    I consumed a lot of soup to heal myself. I would boil vegies, and veg stalks for about 1 1/2 hr. for broth add a organic veg cube and that got me through the 3 day hangover feeling that would overwhelm me when I made a mistake. I love Thai soups as long as there is no tofu. Now I find East Indian food and Thai is doable. I eat mostly raw and very little meat. I can now eat beans 🙂 Wild rice is also a main meal for me now.
    By for now

  38. Katie Post author

    Hi Madonna
    If you read my blog I tried them all!! Well at least it felt like it! I found rotating several anti-fungals to be the best way forward for me but I know plenty of people who have picked one and stuck to it and got rid of their candida. Examples include pau d’arco and capryllic acid. I have put some examples on my website at http://www.beatcandidayeastinfections.com/candida-yeast-infection-treatments.htm I think the trick is to focus on the diet, take a good anti-fungal and boost your immune system.
    Good luck and stay positive!
    Katie x

  39. katiebeatscandida Post author

    Hi Bonita
    Please don’t worry. It’s not life threatening but you do need to get professional medical advice so that you can get better.
    Katie xx

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