Aspartame or Sucralose?

I have noticed that a number of UK supermarkets and retailers including Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys are removing aspartame from their own brand products such as diet drinks.  This is fairly old news for the health conscious as aspartame is so toxic. (If you are unaware of the risks to your health of ingesting aspartame visit Dr Mercola’s brilliant website).  But for those of us on an anti candida diet its worth checking the labels as they seem to be replacing aspartame with sucralose (also called Splenda).  Sucralose is a derivative from sugar so we need to avoid it all costs.  Anything which ends ‘ose’ I believe is from sugar eg dextrose, fructose etc.. Actually I tried to find out more about sucralose from Dr Mercola’s site before writing this post but every single article was unavailable to me. This is the message I got:

Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England.

It says it all doesnt it? I’ve done some internet research on the possible dangers and toxicity of sucralose and lets just say that I wont be drinking or eating it even when I’m off the candida diet! I’ll be using natural sweetners in the future such as honey or maple syrup.  I cant believe the lawyers would go to such extreme lengths to stop us accessing the information at Mercola when the info is readily available on other sites!

12 thoughts on “Aspartame or Sucralose?

  1. Djinn

    I think it’s worthwhile trying to avoid all sugary type substances. The only two I seem to be able to tolerate are xylitol and maltitol (in very small quantities!). Fructose is okay, providing you limit the amount you ingest. Better to get it from fruit and veg. 🙂

  2. Katie

    Hi Djinn
    Thanks for your comments. Yes I agree. I cant tolerate malitol at all (very antisocial effects on me!) 😉

  3. Vini

    I know this is an old article but I wanted to respond incase anyone comes across it .

    There is a small minority of people who believe that Pure Sucralose actually kills Candida. YES you did hear me correctly KILLS CANDIDA. This doesn’t include Splenda now as they have added things to their “pure sucralose” which have a negative effect.

    The Candida eats the sucralose and then dies. Simple as that. You still get the die-off still but it’s apparently very effective and quick.

    I wouldn’t advise taking it for months though as I’ve heard that Sucralose is a bit dodgy in the long run.

    Be warned though – I’m not a doctor!

  4. Scott

    Vini – that is interesting. I bought some whey protein a few months back, not realising it had sucralose in it (I saw the ingredient list and mistook it for sucrose)
    Whilst taking this protein, I did develop mild body aches, this appears to be a candida die off symptom for me as it also appears to happen when i take xylitol.
    So there could be some truth in sucralose being anti-candida. NOT that I would ever take it purposely, I still believe it’s toxic and I sure won’t make the mistake of getting it mixed up with sucrose again.

    Katie – if you’re still reading this, the good news is that Tate & Lyle no longer appear to stop us reading the relevent articles on mercola. I was pretty peed off with this to start with and that they could censor us this way. I even emailed mercola and tate & lyle to ask for further info and state my opinion. mercola’s office referred me to tate & lyle and t&l didn’t bother getting back to me. Typical.

  5. Katie Post author

    Hi Scott
    Thanks for your update. It sounds like the situation regarding surcalose is unclear. I am going to go back to Dr Mercola to read the mysterious articles about Tate & Lyle.

    Katie x

  6. Blair

    Hi, I don’t know if anyone is still reading this blog, but I’ll take a chance and post a comment. I’d like to address the subject concerning sucrolose. I have been battling Candida now for about four months. I’ve experienced just about every food item available to me, and I know that I cannot tolerate sucrolose. The Candida can be all but cleared up, and if I have some sucrolose, it will fire back up within about two hours and last for the remainder of the day.
    Other items which do this to me are: white vinegar, sugar, regular table salt, of course any type of simple carb, fruit of any type, so in other words, complex carbs as well, for the most part. I can have a very small amount of oatmeal as long as it is uncooked. This is indeed a “battle” which I realize is probably going to be quite difficult to win. I do appreciate all of the information which is found in blogs such as this one. Thanks so much for everyone who leaves comments.

  7. Ben

    I’ve heard a lot of people make claims that sucralose is a problem–but so far, all actual studies (and even anecdotal evidence) suggest the contrary. In fact, some of the early studies where ants were killed with sucrolose were explained in much the same way as candida. Sucralose *tastes* like sugaar–because the molecule is *shaped* like sugar. However, it has a chlorine molecule in it, so it *can’t be digested*. (This is a *very* different thing than “is poisonous”.) There is no evidence to date that the chlorine in sucralose interacts with the body in any way (encased as it is in the sucrolose molecule). However, not being able to digest it means you poop it out instead of adding the calorie.

  8. George

    Sorry to tell you Vini, but sucralose actually makes candida grow and your body. Sucralose is a sugar derivative that is 16 times sweeter that sugar; therefore, worse than sugar gram for gram. I’ve personally have had to deal with a systemic candida infection,so based on personal experience, it makes my candida grow like it’s on fertilizer, even with a sugar restricted diet! So, sorry, through personal experience, sucralose is really bad for candida, and you are way off on your facts.

  9. George

    Hey Ben….The way the Sucralose is produced is that the hydrogen molecule is replaced with choline molecule, making it just hypocaloric in nature. Choline to the human body is a carcinogen, but the makers of Splenda or sucralose tell us that the body just expels the choline out of our system, but in fact, independant studies show that our bodies actually absorb 12% to 16%.of this molecule. No one knows what the long term effects of this product will have on our bodies. Personally, I stay away from sucralose, it’s poison.

  10. leftinthesuburbs

    George — candida doesn’t eat sweetness. It eats sugar. The chemical modifications to candida most likely make it inedible by candida. Yay, a chlorine molecule being attached to something can make it go from edible to inedible lickity split. If sucralose messes with gut flora, than it may cause candida to proposer further through a more indirect route.

  11. Tony

    My mother never let us have diet anihtyng or artificial sweeteners when I was growing up she was so obsessively against it, that I was always fearful’ of it and never got into drinking anihtyng diet. I very rarely drink pop, it’s a treat at a restaurant now-and-then thing for me and I don’t keep it in my fridge. If I do, I just order regular coke. One glass of regular coke over my regular diet that barely includes coke isn’t a big deal in the long run it’s all about balance, and having more healthy input than unhealthy, and keeping active.My boyfriend jokes that I’m addicted to coffee and I do loooove my coffee but even that addiction is like, one large coffee a day, maybe another in the afternoon. That’s barely an addiction, as I know some people who brew an entire pot and work their way through it, haha. I do love the taste and the warmth of it, but I think I have a normal intake of it. Not willing to cut it.Good luck, I know it’ll be a challenge as your body adjusts but the more you stay away from it the less you’ll crave it. You are making a good decision! I like clean, raw, organic and natural foods. It’s just this one thing that I need to stop. I like coffee too and don’t have a problem with that. But, I definitely don’t give it to the girls because I KNOW it’s so bad. 🙂 The holidays did a number on me, it’s hard to go back to eating clean. But, not impossible. Thanks for sharing! :)[]

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