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Day 1

So now you are up to speed with where I am at, here’s a quick recap of today.
In one word – disaster! Well not really. I’m just gutted that I feel and look terrible. Ate wheat-free museli with soya milk for breakfast. Drank small amount of pomegrante and blueberry juice to try to boost my immune system. Ate crisps for lunch ( yes I know!) as I couldnt eat anything else in the cafe and prepared my own chicken stirfry for tea. Started taking Nelson’s Candida homeopathic remedy (worth a try!) but couldnt believe that it contains lactose and sucrose!!!! I’m lactose intolerant and sugar??!!!! I have decided that as I am desperate to get better I will try Nelson’s remedy for 2 days as its the weeknd. Fingers crossed that the silver starts working soon. Taking 5ml x 3 times a day. I am also asking my Angels to help me through this challenge.

Update: 1 Sept 07 – I gave up on the Nelson’s remedys. Not surprisingly they didnt seem to help at all and as they contain sugar and lactose they probably made things worse.  Save your money and try Dr Reckweig’s homeopathy remedies