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Yikes! Is the candida back?

Sunday 11th January 2015

As you may know I fought candida for about 10 years on-off and finally I have been free for many years.

But recently my stress levels have been really high and I have been feeling terrible. This situation has been continuing for several months. I know the long term effects of stress are awful and I was taking Rhodiola and Lemon Balm to keep myself calm. To be honest I was more worried about my mental stress and I hadn’t thought about candida.

But I’ve recently realised that my bowel is very sluggish and I’ve had a few ear infections again. Oh no. Of course these symptoms could be related to being stressed out. But I know that I have created the ideal conditions for candida again.

Also I must confess that I ate and drank a lot of sugary stuff over Christmas. Normally that sort of indulgence is fine but under stressful conditions it probably wasn’t wise.

So here I am hoping for a better year and realising that if I dont sort out this problem quickly then 2015 could the year that the candida returns with vengeance.

So I’ve decided to think positive (you know I am a BIG believer in the power of thought) and come with a plan of attack.
This is what I am doing:-

1. Avoiding sugar and yeast as much as possible.
2. Drinking tons of water to clear out toxins
3. Taking my homeopathic candida remedy (I use Helios Homeopathy products)
4. Taking teaspoon of colloidol silver 10pm once a day
5. Taking maximised capryllic acid with main evening meal
6. Reading through my blog and website for more ideas as I’ve forgotten a lot!

I also desperately need to get my bowel moving otherwise all my efforts will be in vain. Here in the UK I used to take Milk of Magnesia overnight to encourage bowel movements but then I heard they stopped selling it temporarily. When I had candida really bad I used to eat one apple per day with the permission of my naturopath. I am convinced that the regular fibre did more to get rid of the candida than the sugar helped to boost it. Hope I am making sense! lol!

Finally I also need to think about what is causing my stress and see if I can do anything about it.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and candida-free 2015
Katie x

ps if you have emailed me or left a comment then sorry but I’ve been having spam problems again. I am getting hundreds of junk emails and comments which I need to plough through to get the genuine ones. If you havent had a reply please resend.

Day 4 – not so great

Today was ok I guess, not so great but partly my own fault. I think because things were going well I’ve become a bit complacent and actually forgot to take my silver today during the day today. Its meant that the candida has created a windy tum and a bit of the hayfever returned. I also felt run down and tired. I should listen to my own advice! Its hard sticking to the anti candida diet but I can tell its helping and hopefully I might lose a few pounds too! I also need to drink more water to flush out my system. I am trying to plan my meals so I dont get caught out or end up starving. I can recommend the Beat Candida Through Diet book by Gill Jacobs. Its certainly gave me loads more ideas for what I can eat. If you have suffered from candida for a long time then I can recommend a book by Michael Murray called ‘Chronic Candidiasis’. It gives you a good understanding of why you might find it difficult to get rid of your candida problem and plenty of natural remedies which really work. Its thanks to this book that I started using capryllic acid which is excellent

My Mistakes

So for the last two years I have considered myself as a former candida sufferer and I have been merrily eating whatever I want although I do limit sugary stuff as I dont want to put any more weight. And now all of a sudden, almost overnight I am ill with candida again. To say I am gutted and depressed is an almighty understatement. So I sitting here writing this blog in an attempt to keep sane as this feels vaguely constructive.

How did this happen again? Ok firstly I got complacent and didnt panic when I ran out of my probiotic, I didnt even realise that I had also run out of my iron supplements some time ago (boosts your immune) and I started to worry about some stuff that isnt worth worrying about. I bet the candida couldn’t believe its luck! And what did I do when I felt a bit fed up and run down? Treated myself to a glass of my favourite red wine (sugar and yeast!) !!! Yes I know I sound totally stupid but I am telling you guys in the hope that I can stop someone else making the same mistake. Within a few days I am sneezing (hay fever), feeling sick (food intolerances) and with a foggy head (goodness knows). I am trying my best to be positive. I’ve beaten it before and I will do it again, I keep telling myself. So this what I am going to do:-

– stop eating sugar / alcohol / wheat
– limit potatoes
– get some Garden of Life Primal Defence asap
– get some iron tablets fast!
– take capryllic acid tablets
– take pau d’arco
– take weak colloidol silver

The last one is my secret weapon as it seems to zap the candida very quickly. Though I have taken it for 2 days now and no reduction in the symptoms. In fact I seem worse 🙁 I will assume this die off as I havent taken my own advice (below) and done the anti candida diet first. The simple reason is that I cant bear the thought of having this candida for any longer than I have to. I want my old life back again asap. If the weak silver doesnt work then I will move onto the stronger stuff if necessary.

Mentally I am re-reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I think its a fantastic book! If Louise can cure her terminal cancer I am sure I can get rid of yeast!

Bit of background

Hi I’d better explain a bit about me.

I had bad food poisoning twice and this led to digestive problems. Eventually I found a naturopath who is wonderful. He diagnosed candida (among other problems) and identified which vitamins and supplements I needed to take. This was an essential step in my recovery as 1. I had a clear diagnosis of candida (essential) and 2. I knew which vitamins to take to aid my recovery. My research shows that a lack of certain vitamins and supplements can create the breeding ground for candida. For example low iron levels need to rectified asap. In the beginning I followed the restrictive and totally depressing anti-candida diet to the letter. I lost a lot of weight (yippee!), got very fed up and depressed (nightmare) and learnt about making my own fresh food with no junk in them (great!). I made friends with the local guy who runs the health food shop and spent a long time reading and learning about candida. Some things worked for a while e.g threelac, yeast raiders, etc and others worked better e.g. capryllic acid and pau d’arco. So the main thing is to try different yeast killers. Rotate them if necessary to kill off the candida.

One word of warning – if you have candida really bad or had it for ages then my advice is to do the anti candida diet for a few weeks before introducing a yeast killer. There are masses of sites which explain the anti-candida diet so I wont go into it here. But you can experience ‘die off’ where basically you feel worse before you get to feel better.

Anyway I have used so many methods of beating candida that I hope I can help others. I should also mention that I am a spiritual person and I also had healing to help boost my energy. I dont think for one minute that it cured my candida problem but I enjoyed the sessions enormously. The healing made me realise that one of the reasons I think I got candida was because of stress and more accurately my response to it. I’d lost my inner peace through worrying too much about stuff that didnt really matter and I lost perspective. Fast forward 3 years….and here I am again repeating my errors!!