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Yikes! Is the candida back?

Sunday 11th January 2015

As you may know I fought candida for about 10 years on-off and finally I have been free for many years.

But recently my stress levels have been really high and I have been feeling terrible. This situation has been continuing for several months. I know the long term effects of stress are awful and I was taking Rhodiola and Lemon Balm to keep myself calm. To be honest I was more worried about my mental stress and I hadn’t thought about candida.

But I’ve recently realised that my bowel is very sluggish and I’ve had a few ear infections again. Oh no. Of course these symptoms could be related to being stressed out. But I know that I have created the ideal conditions for candida again.

Also I must confess that I ate and drank a lot of sugary stuff over Christmas. Normally that sort of indulgence is fine but under stressful conditions it probably wasn’t wise.

So here I am hoping for a better year and realising that if I dont sort out this problem quickly then 2015 could the year that the candida returns with vengeance.

So I’ve decided to think positive (you know I am a BIG believer in the power of thought) and come with a plan of attack.
This is what I am doing:-

1. Avoiding sugar and yeast as much as possible.
2. Drinking tons of water to clear out toxins
3. Taking my homeopathic candida remedy (I use Helios Homeopathy products)
4. Taking teaspoon of colloidol silver 10pm once a day
5. Taking maximised capryllic acid with main evening meal
6. Reading through my blog and website for more ideas as I’ve forgotten a lot!

I also desperately need to get my bowel moving otherwise all my efforts will be in vain. Here in the UK I used to take Milk of Magnesia overnight to encourage bowel movements but then I heard they stopped selling it temporarily. When I had candida really bad I used to eat one apple per day with the permission of my naturopath. I am convinced that the regular fibre did more to get rid of the candida than the sugar helped to boost it. Hope I am making sense! lol!

Finally I also need to think about what is causing my stress and see if I can do anything about it.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and candida-free 2015
Katie x

ps if you have emailed me or left a comment then sorry but I’ve been having spam problems again. I am getting hundreds of junk emails and comments which I need to plough through to get the genuine ones. If you havent had a reply please resend.

Benefits of keeping regular!

My thanks to Lucy who has been in touch to discuss her candida recovery.   With her permission I wanted to mention something which we discussed that I think can help others.   Basically we discussing how important it is to make sure that you go to the toilet regularly when you are trying to get rid of candida or stop it returning.  Constipation can cause all sorts of minor health issues such as bad skin, stomach ache and it appears to cause candida to thrive.    I make sure I eat fruit every day to keep myself regular.  When I was on the anti-candida diet I ate the minimum amount of fruit to keep my system moving.  It was trial and error but I quickly learnt that it equated to about 1 apple per day.   Some people prefer to add fibre to their diet in other ways and that’s fine.  But it is something that you cannot overlook.   Some people say drinking more water helps to keep your bowels regular so that is worth trying on the anti-candida diet.

Anyway Lucy and I were talking about this issue and I suddenly remembered that when my candida was at its worst I worked in an office where the toilets were near the boss’s office.   He would watch you go in and go out.  So you always felt like you had to be quick!  This was terrible for anyone with any sort of digestive problem and it often meant that I would be in too much of a rush to go to the toilet when my body needed to.   I’m sure this ridiculous situation contributed to my candida problem.  Lucy was in a similar situation and always felt like she needed to ‘wait until I get home’ and of course that it is really bad for your digestive system if it happens all the time.   I’ve no idea what the solution is but we’d be pleased to hear any ideas or suggestions.

take care
Katie x
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