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Benefits of Eating Seasonally to Beat Candida

Monday 12th October 2015
beat candida with seasonal foodOne of the biggest problems with beating candida is sticking to the anti-candida diet. The most common question that I get asked via email is “Did you really stick to the diet?”. The answer is a resounding “yes!”.  I was desperate to get better and I was getting to the point where I would have tried almost anything to regain my health  (By the way if you are struggling check out my main website pages which have plenty of tips for following the anti-candida diet including little ‘cheats’ to keep you sane! > main candida site)

beating candida with seasonal vegOne of the best ways of sticking to the anti-candida diet is to plan your meals (VERY important) and to eat vary your food by eating seasonally. I still aim to eat seasonally even though the candida has long gone. But I am always a tiny bit worried that it may return so I try to maintain good health. So I was interested to read an update today on Dr Mercola’s website about the health benefits of eating seasonally. Not only does it introduce variety into your diet but it also has nutritional benefits too. > read Dr Mercola’s Fabulous Fall Foods

Dr Mercola explains the benefits of many of the vegetables available now which is great news for anyone following the candida diet.  All I need to do now is learn how to find some tasty recipes and learn how to use my new soup maker!

One word of caution though. One of the best Fall foods are apples.  Now I did eat an apple per day when I was on the anti-candida diet.  But I dont think you should over do it fruit-wise.   Why did I eat apples?   Well if you have followed my blog over the years you will know that I followed the instructions of my Naturopath.  He felt strongly that one of the biggest barriers to getting rid of candida is constipation.  The candida is mostly in the gut and it needs to be disposed of.  If you are not using the toilet regularly then the candida stays in your body and grows stronger.  So for me the solution was a daily apple which helped to keep me regular and the candida was eventually beaten.  I do get occasional emails from candida sufferers who don’t seem to believe that I got better eating a daily apple.  Well I did!  Some of them can be quite irate so I daren’t tell them that I also use to eat peanut butter!  I didn’t know it was regarded as a ‘banned’ food for candida sufferers.  All I can think now is that my overall regime was effective at destroying the candida and the occasional apple or peanut butter didn’t not impact upon this.

If you are suffering from candida please read my main candida website which I put together to help people.


Katie xx

Heart warming story of girl who used diet to cure her health problems

ellaI read this positive story this morning which just shows the power of what we eat.

Ella is a 22 year old in the UK who ate a dreadful, sugar-rich diet. She had terrible health and was bed ridden.  I believe she must have had candida along side other serious health problems. Typically her doctors wanted her to keep taking medication forever but Ella changed her diet and is now better!  Ella learnt about the power of food and she changed her diet completely.  She has cut out sugar, gluten, dairy and meat.

Ella has set up her own blog with tasty remedies to help others.

She has also launched an app (Deliciously Ella) to help others to eat healthily and this app is number 1 in the itunes app store.

I hope her story will inspire you.

> read Ella’s inspiring story on the Daily Mail website


Katie xx

Surviving Halloween with Candida or Yeast

I think for many of us with sweet tooths being on the anti-candida diet can be really challenging. I love my candy and I found a few tips which helped me to get through the diet. I was thinking that with all the candy in the house ready for trick or treaters it must be really difficult for candida sufferers now so here are my tips for satisfying your sweet cravings but not ruining your candida-busting diet. If you can add any of your own tips please add your commments at the bottom.

1. Try chocolate flavour sugar-free gum.I found chocolate flavoured and other flavors of sugar free gumin my local store and I loved it! In fact I still use it!

2. Sugar-free sweets are ok in moderation but avoid anything with sorbitol or malitol in the ingredients as it is likely to give you awful wind and an upset tum unless your will power is so strong that you can just eat 1 or 2 pieces of the candy. I didnt have this problem with gum though probably as I never swallowed it.

3. I made up an equivalent of fizzy pop using sugar-free squash and soda water. Not too bad I must say! I got a bit carried away and started mixing up the different squash flavours which meant I didnt get fed up of the same flavours. (I think this tip is for my UK readers as I’ve never seen squash drink for sale in the States which is odd as its lovely!)

4. Now this is controversial but I ate 1 apple per day on the candida diet to keep my digestive system regular. I still beat the candida and I did this on the advice of my naturopathic doctor. So I would really savour my apple each day.

5. I would sprinkle FOS (Fructooligosaccharides Powderon my sugar-free cornflakes and rice cereal in the morning to help strengthen my digestive system and feed the good bugs. It tastes slightly sugary which always cheered me up!

I did find really delicious sugar-free candy from Japan which I loved. They were made from brown rice extract and vanilla and looked like brown round lumps but they tasted great and I miss them. Anyone know where I can get them?

If you are getting really bad sweet cravings consider taking Chromium supplement which helps to minimise the cravings. Ask your doctor for advice about taking it. Also try to eat more protein which can also help. Its also worth getting your thyroid checked. (Note about Chromium: please use caution if you have a history of hypoglycemia or take insulin. Chromium may lower blood sugar.)

For more tips of on how to survive the Candida Diet click here

Happy Halloween!
Katie x

Giving up sugar can help us look younger!

I spotted an article this morning in a UK newspaper (Daily Mail) explaining how giving up sugar can help people to stay look younger for longer.  Sounds good to me!    To read more go to . What do you think?  I gave up sugar for years while I  had candida and now I am careful not to eat too much of it.  Do I look younger than my age?  Well people tell me that I do but I’m not convinced!     I’ve posted also this on Twitter so let me know via Comments or Twitter if giving up sugar is helping you to fight the signs of aging!

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love, Katie x

Aspartame or Sucralose?

I have noticed that a number of UK supermarkets and retailers including Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys are removing aspartame from their own brand products such as diet drinks.  This is fairly old news for the health conscious as aspartame is so toxic. (If you are unaware of the risks to your health of ingesting aspartame visit Dr Mercola’s brilliant website).  But for those of us on an anti candida diet its worth checking the labels as they seem to be replacing aspartame with sucralose (also called Splenda).  Sucralose is a derivative from sugar so we need to avoid it all costs.  Anything which ends ‘ose’ I believe is from sugar eg dextrose, fructose etc.. Actually I tried to find out more about sucralose from Dr Mercola’s site before writing this post but every single article was unavailable to me. This is the message I got:

Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England.

It says it all doesnt it? I’ve done some internet research on the possible dangers and toxicity of sucralose and lets just say that I wont be drinking or eating it even when I’m off the candida diet! I’ll be using natural sweetners in the future such as honey or maple syrup.  I cant believe the lawyers would go to such extreme lengths to stop us accessing the information at Mercola when the info is readily available on other sites!

Visit to health food shop and update

Hi I ‘ve been away for a few days and I’ve been itching to get back to my blog! I’ve been identified as having (temporary) food intolerances caused by the candida and I’ve had these intolerances confirmed since I last blogged. No gluten, lactose or sugar which is tricky.  But since I’ve been avoiding the foods that I can’t digest at present I do feel a lot better.  Its important to find someone reliable to test you as the intolerances vary.  I am also trying to vary my diet as eating too much of something can create new intolerances.  Candida sure is a challenge! So I have dusted off my cook books and I am experimenting with some lovely new foods.  Luckily I love salads, veggies and meats so its just a question of working out combinations to vary my diet. However lunches are trickier as I work in an office.  I have found a range of soups by the New Convent Garden company which I will be trying next week. No nasties in the ingredients. These are fresh soups but I am experimenting with freezing them.  I went along to the health food shop today and spent a fortune! I spotted grapefruit seed extract which I am going to take in rotation with the other anti fungals to zap the candida. I also remembered today (wish I’d remembered sooner!) than I previously had great results with SF 722 capsules.  I’ll see how I get on with everything I am taking now and I may move over to SF722 if needed in a few weeks.  If I had recalled this product sooner I would have tried it first but my memory isnt as sharp.  At least I can blame the candida! When I am better i’ll have to blame old age! 🙂  Anyway I wanted to tell you about some of the great items that I have found in my health food shop which you might like too.  My fav is vegetable crisps.  I buy mixed bags and they are lovely especially if you are missing potatoes (some anti candida diets say no spuds or you may be intolerant).  I also bought gluten free muesli, organic cornflakes (no sugar), puffed buckwheat and puffed quinoa. All great for breakfasts or snacks with soya milk! I am going to alternate them with fried breakfasts.  I’ve bought some millet bread to try too.  Some of these foods were pricey though.  If anyone can recommend a low cost website selling these things please let me know! But it was fun choosing new things to try and its brightened me up as the candida diet can get repetitive which is the last thing you want (risking new intolerances). I’m off to eat some delicious veggie crisps! 🙂