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DIY Skincare and Hormone Updates

Hi just thought I’d share some more info that I have found.  Thanks to everyone who has left comments!  I learning about making my own skincare products at the moment.  I have bought some of the natural stuff and everything seems fine enough but a little bland.  For example I like Tesco’s Bnatural range but its quite plain.  Some of the paraben-free stuff costs a fortune too. I was intrigued by an article that I read about Jo Fairley who wrote the Beauty Bible which I love.  She has now written a book packed with recipes which sound really interesting. Here is the article that I found

Unfortunately the writer doesnt say what she thought of the stuff that she made. But I am really intrigued!  Has anyone else tried this approach? Any tips? 

On the candida side of things I thought I ought to explan further that my naturopath uses a combination of homeopathy, kineseology, acupunture and reflexology.  The first two are used to diagnose the cause of problems.  Its very impressive! But he also has medical knowledge which is essential.  My candida is now ‘low’ and the tests confirmed this but he stressed that the conditions within my body would mean that if I eat anything which will need the candida then it will immediately flourish.  He is right!  I have eaten tiny quantities of ‘bad’ food and straight away my symptoms are back (wind, bloating etc).  So I am sticking to the diet while trying to balance my hormones.  Interestingly Dr Mercola believes that to balance estrogen and progesterone you need to first balance the adrenal glands.  This can be done by reducing stress and having early nights. Whoops! I think he is right as I went for a whole year (on the pill) yet Candida-free and I ate anything I wanted.  But I was very relaxed, went to meditation classes and I was in bed by 10pm each night so I think that all helped.  I am trying to do the same again (failed miserably this week though).  Still its 9.45pm so I’m off to bed!

Good night, Katie x


I’m finding that this little blip is a lot easier to deal with.  I’m taking a lot more probiotics than previously as my aim is to beat this once and for all. In the past I’ve been so keen to get to the end of the 8 weeks that I havent really had a plan to beat it forever apart from trying to stick to the anti candida diet and keeping my fingers crossed! Not a good plan as I realised this year. I had a tremendously stressful period. I wont go into all the details but it was a nightmare and I thank God that all my loved ones are ok which is the main thing.  I have found a fantastic cook book which I recommend called ‘Cooking Without Made Easy’ by Barbara Cousins. Its full of recipes without dairy, gluten, yeast or sugar.  It even includes cakes!! Perfect for candida sufferers and also anyone who is intolerant to gluten.  We are having fun trying out the recipes!  I think Dr Mercola’s view that trying to zap the candida with anti fungals is not really the long term solution.  I am trying to boost my immune system through vitamins, healthy eating, lots of sleep, aromatherapy massages, chill out time (a new one for busy bee me!) and of course probiotics.  I understand that most of the immune system is in the gut so an imbalance of gut will adversely affect the immune system. I understand this better now. I am keeping on the diet as I’ve managed to lost a half a stone!! So I want to lose another half a stone so that I look nicer in my bikini this summer.  One of the perks of the anti candida diet! 😉

But one of the negatives is other people’s attitudes. Does anyone else have any ideas on this one? I dont tell many people about candida or the diet as its supervised by my naturopath and they think anyone who isnt a ‘proper’ Doctor is a crank.  My limited diet makes office parties and meals an absolute nightmare.  I have heard rumours that the women in the office think I’ve got an eating disorder as I avoid the junk food that they eat!! Mind you I also avoid their obesity so I’m not complaining too much!  So do I tell them and risk getting called a crank? I’ve tried it and totally regretted it so I tend to keep quiet and try to avoid eating in front of people… and I wonder why they think I’ve got an eating disorder! he! he!  I wish I knew someone else who has candida.

I’m back!

Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared without an update.  I had all the all clear before Christmas and I was able to enjoy all my favourites (apart from red wine) over the holidays. I kept off red wine as I was warned it is really bad for candida sufferers. But everything was fine.  I kept taking the threelac and everything was going great… Then I hit a mega stressful period and my mostly ‘good’ diet when out of the window.  Not surprisingly my health dipped and now yes you’ve guessed it – the candida is back.  I am working hard to reduce my stress and reintroducing a healthier diet and lifestyle back into my life.  I’m interested in Dr Mercola’s view that taking anti candida formulations ultimately leads to resistant strains.  He advocates probiotics and an anti candida diet. Take a look at this video.

It certainly makes sense to me. I’d love to hear from anyone else who is using probiotics to improve their health.  I’m doing my own research into the different types especially L. sporogenes and best dosages. Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated! I’ve got to look at this as a life long health plan!

Aspartame or Sucralose?

I have noticed that a number of UK supermarkets and retailers including Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys are removing aspartame from their own brand products such as diet drinks.  This is fairly old news for the health conscious as aspartame is so toxic. (If you are unaware of the risks to your health of ingesting aspartame visit Dr Mercola’s brilliant website).  But for those of us on an anti candida diet its worth checking the labels as they seem to be replacing aspartame with sucralose (also called Splenda).  Sucralose is a derivative from sugar so we need to avoid it all costs.  Anything which ends ‘ose’ I believe is from sugar eg dextrose, fructose etc.. Actually I tried to find out more about sucralose from Dr Mercola’s site before writing this post but every single article was unavailable to me. This is the message I got:

Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England.

It says it all doesnt it? I’ve done some internet research on the possible dangers and toxicity of sucralose and lets just say that I wont be drinking or eating it even when I’m off the candida diet! I’ll be using natural sweetners in the future such as honey or maple syrup.  I cant believe the lawyers would go to such extreme lengths to stop us accessing the information at Mercola when the info is readily available on other sites!

Day 2

The sun is shining and I am about to sit in the sunshine for 20 mins or so. I think it helps and I’ve been told that so long as I am careful not to burn, then it can help to raise the seratonin levels in my brain which makes me feel better! If you want to learn more about the positive effects of sunshine visit Dr Mercola’s fantastic website.

I am taking weak colloidol silver (3ppm) to start with. 5ml three times a day. I am also taking my pau d’arco, capryllic acid and my Garden of Life Primal Defence arrived this morning (edited by Katie 10 Oct 07 – I dont recommend this product any longer.  There is too much controversy. Now I rely on threelac for my probiotics). I think my bad day yesterday was due to kill-off. I feel a lot better today. I should also add that I have been diagnosed as low in pancreatic enzymes so I take those too. I also take a selection of vitamins according to the tests carried out by my naturopath. So yes I am rattling! But I feel a lot better. I am also taking aromatherapy baths which I highly recommend. I mix 10 drops of pure essential oils in a few ml of carrier oil (grapeseed as I already had some). The mix of oils depends on how I feel. I use an aromatherapy guide book for advice. Its easy!! For example today my bath will contain tea tree and lavender to kill candida and any bugs plus rosemary to help alleviate fatigue. I would add some lemon oil but you cant use if you are going in the sun. Lemon helps to lift the spirits. There are so many oils to choose from and many of them smell divine. They only cost a few pound so its a low cost treat! You can also burn the oils in a special oil burner but I think baths help more if you are poorly. I burn oils if someone germy has visited!

I am also doing my Louise Hay’s affirmations which helps enormously (and I was such a sceptic in the beginning!). Plus I’m trying to drink loads of water. Fingers crossed that all this works.

Hope its lovely and sunny with you today!