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Reducing Oestrogen Levels

Morning! I am doing some research into foods and herbs which can increase oestrogen levels.  I am already shocked to discover that milk thistle is one to avoid. I have been taking milk thistle for about a year on-off to try to support my liver while I fight the candida.  Several books have recommended it for candida sufferers so I thought I would let people know.

I’ve also learnt that exercise will help reduce oestrogen levels which is interesting. I know that fat deposits can increase oestrogen in the body but after doing the candida diet for quite a while I have lost weight so that is not a factor for me.  However I dont take any exercise so that is going to change! I am way too unfit to even attempt an exercise class or the gym so I’ve dug out my old yoga and exercise DVDs! Worth a try!

If anyone has any tips for reducing oestrogen (estrogen) levels then please let me know!

love Katie x