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Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally

Monday 21st September 2015
Natural treatment SAD

I wanted to do a post about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this Autumn (Fall) as my regular readers will know that in the past I’ve really struggled with the change in seasons at this time of the year.  So many of my friends enjoy the changing seasons and I am trying very hard this year to do the same.  I just love the warmth and light of the summer months. Plus I love the colors of the flowers.

In previous years I have tried many different treatments and I wanted to share the ones that worked best in case it helps someone else.   I personally think that many candida sufferers are prone to SAD syndrome.  I don’t know why but perhaps because having candida can affect our wellbeing so we are already feeling low?

Here are my personal tips in order of importance.

1. Daily walks
autumnal walkI think this works the best. Even if the weather is dark and depression, put on some waterproof clothing and get walking. I used to dread the walks as even the thought of walking through my nearby woods in winter was depressing.  I remember thinking “Oh but everything will be dark and dead and its so depressing…”. Luckily I was wrong!   I enjoyed the fresh air and there are still plenty of birds and squirrels around in our local woods.  I have also started to take along my camera which has helped me to look for the beauty even in the depths of winter.  And I do appreciate that if you are feeling unwell that you may not have the energy to take a long walk.  But if possible try sitting outside in the fresh air as that also helps a lot.

2. 5htp

This is a natural remedy which helps to ward off depression and aids better sleep. You need to take it about 3 months before it really starts to work apparently although I think it works much faster. So do not be put off if you think its too late to start taking it this year.  I felt a benefit within a week or two.  It helps to boost serotonin.  I took one tablet before bed.  It definitely helped my mood and helped me to sleep better too.  I haven’t started to take it this year as I feeling better with the regular walks.  I hope I won’t regret not taking it!  I have a pot
of 5htp in the cupboard if I do feel myself getting worse.  One of my friends takes it through out the year as she prone to depression and low moods.  She thinks its brilliant as it doesn’t have any side effects unlike prescription drugs.


3. SAD Light Boxes
I bought a portable SAD light box last year and initially I loved it. But I made the mistake of using it too much. I didn’t know that you are supposed to use it for only 30 mins per day!   I had it on in my home office for hours.  In the end I started to feel ill (which could be coincidence) and I stopped using it.  What an idiot!  Now I ensure that I have plenty of normal bright lighting in my office and that seems to help on dull days.  Personally I think my first suggestion of Daily Walks is cheaper and more effective that a SAD light box. But if you can’t get out then you could try one. Some of my friends swear by their light boxes so I will trying mine again this winter but this time with a sensible time limit!

4. Take Vitamin D3
This is a supplement which many people should take especially in the Autumn and Winter months. I live in the UK where the weather can be variable even in the summer.  So I tend to take vitamin D3 almost all year.  I don’t take it on bright summer days when I know I can get outside in the sunshine.   I’ve noticed that my general health has improved since taking this so I am really pleased.   I take 5,000 iu per day.  I am not a medical expert so I am going to link here to an excellent article by Dr Mercola which explains the benefits of Vitamin D3



5. Make the Best of Each Season
This is the one I struggle with but I am trying my best!  Instead of being sad at the sight of my favorite swallows disappearing on their autumnal migration to Africa, I am trying to focus on more positive aspects of the season.  For me this has included going blackberry picking, storing apples, buying beautiful Autumnal flowers for the house and digging out favourite winter woollies. What are your favourite Autumn (or Fall) activities?

I hope my suggestions help you.   If you have any additional suggestions to help others then please use the comment box below.    And one last thing, if you are really struggling then please go and see your doctor.


Struggling along…

Well I have had 2 acupuncture sessions and so far I think its helping.  I’ve also started meditation classes again and had healing. I can recommend all 3!  But my stress levels have risen as changes in work have been announced which will make my work life more stressful when its already really stressful so I am trying not to panic.  I’ve applied for loads of jobs over the past few years but got nowhere.  I’ve had a few interviews which are good experience. I’ve been told by a psychic person that I am not meant to leave my job yet but thats incredibly frustrating! So I am continuing my job hunt anyway and looking into self employment options. Sorry thats nothing to do with candida but just wanted to explain my stress! Its hard to get better when you are under stress.  I hope that my hormone levels are starting to balance out.  My period was a lot easier and my head feels clearer though I’m not 100% my normal self yet.  I havent returned to my naturopath yet as I’m spending a lot on the other treatments and I dont feel there’s sufficient change yet.  If anyone has any ideas on how to cope with a stress in the workplace then I would be grateful! I know it affects the adrenal glands and there are herbs which can strengthen the glands but I dont know if they are safe to take.  I’ll ask my acupuncture lady.  I think she knows her stuff because I went to see her on the weekend and I had a really sharp pain in my ribs just below my chest.  It was the day after I had heard about the changes in work and I was really frustrated and annoyed.  I mentioned the pain to the acupuncturist and she quickly identified the exact spot and found another spot on the other side of my body which was also sore but I hadnt noticed.  She asked if anyone had really upset or annoyed me and when I said ‘yes’, she explained that in Chinese medicine this can affect the liver and spleen which causes the rib pain.  She used needles to soothe the problem and the pain went away!  Strange but true! 

love and light, Katie x

Bit of background

Hi I’d better explain a bit about me.

I had bad food poisoning twice and this led to digestive problems. Eventually I found a naturopath who is wonderful. He diagnosed candida (among other problems) and identified which vitamins and supplements I needed to take. This was an essential step in my recovery as 1. I had a clear diagnosis of candida (essential) and 2. I knew which vitamins to take to aid my recovery. My research shows that a lack of certain vitamins and supplements can create the breeding ground for candida. For example low iron levels need to rectified asap. In the beginning I followed the restrictive and totally depressing anti-candida diet to the letter. I lost a lot of weight (yippee!), got very fed up and depressed (nightmare) and learnt about making my own fresh food with no junk in them (great!). I made friends with the local guy who runs the health food shop and spent a long time reading and learning about candida. Some things worked for a while e.g threelac, yeast raiders, etc and others worked better e.g. capryllic acid and pau d’arco. So the main thing is to try different yeast killers. Rotate them if necessary to kill off the candida.

One word of warning – if you have candida really bad or had it for ages then my advice is to do the anti candida diet for a few weeks before introducing a yeast killer. There are masses of sites which explain the anti-candida diet so I wont go into it here. But you can experience ‘die off’ where basically you feel worse before you get to feel better.

Anyway I have used so many methods of beating candida that I hope I can help others. I should also mention that I am a spiritual person and I also had healing to help boost my energy. I dont think for one minute that it cured my candida problem but I enjoyed the sessions enormously. The healing made me realise that one of the reasons I think I got candida was because of stress and more accurately my response to it. I’d lost my inner peace through worrying too much about stuff that didnt really matter and I lost perspective. Fast forward 3 years….and here I am again repeating my errors!!