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Oil Pulling

Hi everyone.  Thanks for all your emails and comments about oil pulling.   I have been trying this Ayurvedic technique for a few months now but I am still learning about it.   If you’ve never heard of it then it means swishing a high quality vegetable oil around your mouth to remove toxins and bacteria.    It seems to help with such a wide range of health issues (including candida) that I can’t help thinking that more people in the Western world should know about it.   The basic theory is that bacteria and toxins from our digestive system gather in our mouths overnight (yuck) and this method uses the natural enzymes in the oil to ‘pull’ these toxins away.   I’ve found articles which stress that the benefits are long term and it isn’t for anyone looking for short term benefits.  Is that because it takes ages for the pesky bacteria and toxins to travel to the mouth to be pulled?  I’d be really interested to hear your own opinions and feedback.

Thanks to Clare who made me realise that I need to do it for a lot longer if I am to really benefit.  If you missed Clare’s comment she said,

“Hi Katie,

I use regular sesame oil. The site that inspired me is: I do it for 15 minutes. I read somewhere that the first 7-8 minutes are the most potent, but the deep stuff comes out after 10 minutes. So I do 15 minutes. When I am into the routine of it, I do it in the shower. That way I am already on my own, no one is going to talk to me, and I am doing two things at once.”

If you want to find out more about feedback about using different oils try Earth Cure’s wonderful website where people have posted their feedback about many different types of oils.

I’m definitely going to carry on with my oil pulling and I’m going to try Clare’s tip as I need to do it for a lot longer.  I’ll let you know how I get on and please let me know if you are going to try it too!

love and light

Katie x