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My Mistakes

So for the last two years I have considered myself as a former candida sufferer and I have been merrily eating whatever I want although I do limit sugary stuff as I dont want to put any more weight. And now all of a sudden, almost overnight I am ill with candida again. To say I am gutted and depressed is an almighty understatement. So I sitting here writing this blog in an attempt to keep sane as this feels vaguely constructive.

How did this happen again? Ok firstly I got complacent and didnt panic when I ran out of my probiotic, I didnt even realise that I had also run out of my iron supplements some time ago (boosts your immune) and I started to worry about some stuff that isnt worth worrying about. I bet the candida couldn’t believe its luck! And what did I do when I felt a bit fed up and run down? Treated myself to a glass of my favourite red wine (sugar and yeast!) !!! Yes I know I sound totally stupid but I am telling you guys in the hope that I can stop someone else making the same mistake. Within a few days I am sneezing (hay fever), feeling sick (food intolerances) and with a foggy head (goodness knows). I am trying my best to be positive. I’ve beaten it before and I will do it again, I keep telling myself. So this what I am going to do:-

– stop eating sugar / alcohol / wheat
– limit potatoes
– get some Garden of Life Primal Defence asap
– get some iron tablets fast!
– take capryllic acid tablets
– take pau d’arco
– take weak colloidol silver

The last one is my secret weapon as it seems to zap the candida very quickly. Though I have taken it for 2 days now and no reduction in the symptoms. In fact I seem worse 🙁 I will assume this die off as I havent taken my own advice (below) and done the anti candida diet first. The simple reason is that I cant bear the thought of having this candida for any longer than I have to. I want my old life back again asap. If the weak silver doesnt work then I will move onto the stronger stuff if necessary.

Mentally I am re-reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I think its a fantastic book! If Louise can cure her terminal cancer I am sure I can get rid of yeast!