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Hip hip hooray!

Yesterday I had my 8 weeks follow up with my naturopath. His regieme for beating candida is about 8 weeks but I have been feeling under the weather so I was 100% sure that he would say I need to keep on the diet a little longer.  Well he tested me using kinesiology muscle testing (which I have found excellent over the last decade) and the CANDIDA HAS GONE!!! I cant tell you what a relief it was.  More accurately the candida levels are fallen to a normal level. I no longer have any food intolerances so in theory I can start to reintroduce foods again!! But I do feel below par and he identified that I still have the virus that affected me last month. He tested it and identified it as an influenza type virus which will hopefully disappear soon. This would explain some of my symptoms. I was blaming everything on the candida! But to be totally honest I am nervous about eating ‘normal’ stuff again.  This whole episode of candida has shaken my confidence big time regarding my health and I have to think carefully about my lifestyle in the future. I’ve been advised to regard wine, chocolate etc as a treat rather than every day food but I did before to be honest.  So I need to do some careful thinking and planning to devise a healthier diet and lifestyle aimed at boosting my immune system and preventing another flare up of the candida.  I will continue to blog as I work all this out. For now (as I still feel a bit unwell) I am going to continue on the regieme partly as I wouldnt be able to introduce food types and then see if they caused a problem due to my virus symptoms.  I wouldnt know what to blame! The second reason is just because I have been losing weight and I need to lose some more before the Christmas party season (I know I’m sad!) and thirdly and most importantly I think I was mistaken in the past as I always rushed straight back into my normal diet as soon as I got the all clear. I am fairly healthy and dont eat takeaways or fast food but I do love biscuits, fruit juice, crisps and chips occasionally. Starchy food and sugar!! I think in the past I managed to beat the candida down to normal levels but the moment I started eating bad stuff I think the candida started to rise slowly.  If anyone out there has any maintenance / prevention tips then I would be really interested!  I am still taking threelac (2 a day), oregano oil and I’ve just finished pau d’arco and grapeseed extract.  I’ve stopped taking the Primal Defence due to warnings on the internet which could be fake but I’m taking no chances. I’ve been advised to olive leaf extract to boost my immune system (fight off the bug and kill off any remaining candida).   I can’t stress enough how I would never have beaten the candida in only 8 weeks without the professional advice of an experienced naturopath and kinesiologist. 

Day 2

The sun is shining and I am about to sit in the sunshine for 20 mins or so. I think it helps and I’ve been told that so long as I am careful not to burn, then it can help to raise the seratonin levels in my brain which makes me feel better! If you want to learn more about the positive effects of sunshine visit Dr Mercola’s fantastic website.

I am taking weak colloidol silver (3ppm) to start with. 5ml three times a day. I am also taking my pau d’arco, capryllic acid and my Garden of Life Primal Defence arrived this morning (edited by Katie 10 Oct 07 – I dont recommend this product any longer.  There is too much controversy. Now I rely on threelac for my probiotics). I think my bad day yesterday was due to kill-off. I feel a lot better today. I should also add that I have been diagnosed as low in pancreatic enzymes so I take those too. I also take a selection of vitamins according to the tests carried out by my naturopath. So yes I am rattling! But I feel a lot better. I am also taking aromatherapy baths which I highly recommend. I mix 10 drops of pure essential oils in a few ml of carrier oil (grapeseed as I already had some). The mix of oils depends on how I feel. I use an aromatherapy guide book for advice. Its easy!! For example today my bath will contain tea tree and lavender to kill candida and any bugs plus rosemary to help alleviate fatigue. I would add some lemon oil but you cant use if you are going in the sun. Lemon helps to lift the spirits. There are so many oils to choose from and many of them smell divine. They only cost a few pound so its a low cost treat! You can also burn the oils in a special oil burner but I think baths help more if you are poorly. I burn oils if someone germy has visited!

I am also doing my Louise Hay’s affirmations which helps enormously (and I was such a sceptic in the beginning!). Plus I’m trying to drink loads of water. Fingers crossed that all this works.

Hope its lovely and sunny with you today!