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Visit to health food shop and update

Hi I ‘ve been away for a few days and I’ve been itching to get back to my blog! I’ve been identified as having (temporary) food intolerances caused by the candida and I’ve had these intolerances confirmed since I last blogged. No gluten, lactose or sugar which is tricky.  But since I’ve been avoiding the foods that I can’t digest at present I do feel a lot better.  Its important to find someone reliable to test you as the intolerances vary.  I am also trying to vary my diet as eating too much of something can create new intolerances.  Candida sure is a challenge! So I have dusted off my cook books and I am experimenting with some lovely new foods.  Luckily I love salads, veggies and meats so its just a question of working out combinations to vary my diet. However lunches are trickier as I work in an office.  I have found a range of soups by the New Convent Garden company which I will be trying next week. No nasties in the ingredients. These are fresh soups but I am experimenting with freezing them.  I went along to the health food shop today and spent a fortune! I spotted grapefruit seed extract which I am going to take in rotation with the other anti fungals to zap the candida. I also remembered today (wish I’d remembered sooner!) than I previously had great results with SF 722 capsules.  I’ll see how I get on with everything I am taking now and I may move over to SF722 if needed in a few weeks.  If I had recalled this product sooner I would have tried it first but my memory isnt as sharp.  At least I can blame the candida! When I am better i’ll have to blame old age! 🙂  Anyway I wanted to tell you about some of the great items that I have found in my health food shop which you might like too.  My fav is vegetable crisps.  I buy mixed bags and they are lovely especially if you are missing potatoes (some anti candida diets say no spuds or you may be intolerant).  I also bought gluten free muesli, organic cornflakes (no sugar), puffed buckwheat and puffed quinoa. All great for breakfasts or snacks with soya milk! I am going to alternate them with fried breakfasts.  I’ve bought some millet bread to try too.  Some of these foods were pricey though.  If anyone can recommend a low cost website selling these things please let me know! But it was fun choosing new things to try and its brightened me up as the candida diet can get repetitive which is the last thing you want (risking new intolerances). I’m off to eat some delicious veggie crisps! 🙂