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Email Access is Back

I have finally managed to regain access to my emails.  I was so delighted as I’ve had problems for months.  But my delight quickly turned to upset when I saw how many emails I’ve received from people all over the world who needed help and support.  I am working my way through them all. Please bear with me as I need to read them carefully before responding.  I’ve had hundreds which shocked me.

It makes me realise how important it is to keep this blog going and for us all to share our stories and suggestions to help each other.

If you have any tips to help candida sufferers please leave a comment at the end of this post or email me at


Katie xx

Drowning in Spam!

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post to say sorry if your comments have not appeared on my website yet.  You know I love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I think its important we pool our knowledge and experience to help everyone.   But I’ve had problems with the blog and today I have over 5,000 spam comments to wade through before I can find and approve the genuine ones.   Aaargh!  Why do so many people send out rubbish comments full of links to porn and goodness knows what else?  Surely no one lets these comments appear on their sites?  What is the point?!

Its going to take me ages to clear it all out as I have to check them all carefully so I dont delete any genuine ones.  So bear with me as I’ll do it in stages.  My website helper tells me the problem has hopefully been solved but I’m not holding my breath.


Katie x  ps if anyone is an expert on wordpress and knows any tips to avoid this in the future I would be grateful!

A new year and fresh hope!

Happy New Year everyone! I want to start the new year off on a positive note and I’ve started to pull together stories from people who have beated candida like myself.  I know so many people are suffering from candida and probably wondering if they will ever get better.   If you have time you can read through this blog where I recorded my battle to cure my systemic candida.  For others they get better after taking probiotics, anti fungal remedies and following the diet strictly for 8 weeks.  They are very lucky!  I certainly know of 2 friends who did exactly that.

I have started to publish the success stories on the  Your Stories page (

My aim is give hope to everyone who is feeling down.   If you would like to share your story (even if you are not quite better yet but you want to pass on tips to others) then please get in touch.  You can leave a comment on this blog or email me at

or get in touch on Facebook.

I will continue to add success stories in 2013 and once you are better please don’t forget to drop me a line so your story can also inspire others!


Katie xx

Night shift workers and IBS (and maybe candida)

I have to share this with you as I was shocked.   I was talking to a friend who works the night shift (graveyard shift) at a local call center. He was saying it was quite a stressful job and they all found it hard to stay awake during the night.   He said he and his co-workers dont eat during their shift (no time) and they survive instead on energy drinks with caffeine.  He actually said, “Isnt it crazy? And we all wonder why we suffer badly from IBS and get ill”.

I was horrified. I thought that these poor people are probably suffering from candida too and storing up health problems in the future. I wonder how many other night shift workers do the same?   There’s something wrong somewhere when people have to live like this to make a living.

I am finally on Facebook!

After months of wondering if its a good idea, I’ve taken the plunge and launched a Facebook page!  You may already know that I use Twitter occasionally but I think Facebook will be more useful for reaching more people and getting feedback.  I love to hear your stories about beating candida and if you are willing to let me share your stories (anonymously if you wish) that would be great as I really want to inspire others.

I’d also appreciate a ‘like’ on my Facebook page as its looking very lonely at the moment! lol!


Katie x

Yuck! Does my furry tongue mean the candida is back?

For those of you who have followed my story over the years it will be no surprise to hear that although I havent had candida now for many years it is always a concern that it may return.  For most of the time this concern is so buried at the back of my mind that I completely forget about it and get on with my busy life.  I eat and drink whatever I want and I just try to keep my stress levels down and be sensible.

But every now and again the fear of the candida returning comes back.  Recently I have had a very stressful time with factors outside of my control causing most of the worry. I’ve also been working far too hard (no change there!) and got run down.  So when I came down with a bug I wasnt surprised.  But I was surprised that my usual attack of echinacea, zinc and even colloidiol silver (10ppm) didnt have any effect.  In fact I’ve been so ill that I’ve ended up going to the docs for super powerful antibiotics.  I hate taking these things as I know they can kill good bcateria too which can lead to candida.  But I was so ill I didnt have a choice.  But when I read the leaflet which came with them it clearly stated that nutritional supplements could have an adverse effect on this medication.  So I decided to take a break from my normal supplements while I got better.  Mmm was this a mistake?  Probably.

So I’ve finished the treatment and I am getting better.  But I feel weak and tired.  I am taking my probiotics and a good quality anti fungal but something’s not right…

Last night for some weird reason I decided to check my tongue.  Dont ask me why!  I’ve never done this before so I dont know what it looked like when I had candida.  But last night and today my tongue looks gross!  Sort of furry with yellowy-white covering.  Yuck!  I am sure its normally pink but I dont check my tongue so how do I know this?!  Anyway  I rushed to my study to pick up a book called You Are What You Eat: by Gillian McKeith.  I love this book as its so simple to follow.  I remembered Gillian explains what different parts of the tongue represent and how it should look.  I looked up ‘white furry coated tongue’ and was alarmed to see that Gillian believes that this may indicate mucus in the body and raised yeast levels. Does anyone else know about the state of the tongue and what it may represent?

Anyway today I am starting to feel rather concerned.  My aim now is to rebuild my immunity and strength while avoiding sugar and yeast.  I need to look back over my website and learn from my own experiences!  I wrote it all down to help people like you but now I need the info too!

love and light

Katie xx