Does candida cause tooth decay?

I have had some problems with my teeth recently and I suspect a flare up of the candida which is all my own fault as I’ve been eating whatever I want while my stress levels rocketed and I ran out of my digestive enzymes.  Yes I know!  Idiot.  I dont know for sure if the candida has flared up but I think it has.  At the same time a tiny cavity in my tooth has suddenly escalated to a root canal filling.  Now I remember when my candida was really bad that I had terrible teeth problems.  Yet I am almost obsessed with brushing, flossing and I eat very little sugar.  I can recall a dentist telling me how shocked he was at the rate at which my tooth decay had progressed.  As a new dentist he explained that it was ‘much faster than we were ever taught at University’.   Well the same thing has happened again.   Once again a tiny filling has quickly become a huge problem which may result in losing the tooth.  I am desperately trying to learn about teeth decay and I would welcome any comments.  I have noticed that plaque builds up quickly on my teeth.  I seem to have ‘sticky’ teeth with food sticking to them easily compared to others.  

So far my research seems to be pointing to the role of digestive enzymes and in particular protein enzymes.  I know I am low in these enzymes and I understand that many candida sufferers are in the same situation.   My research so far seems to suggest that taking protein enzymes can prevent tooth decay.  Does anyone else know about this? 

At present I am using colloidol silver as a mouth wash to try to kill the bacteria in my root canal in the hope that my dentist can complete the treatment.  Although I must say that I was shocked to read Dr Mercola’s opinion of root canals but its too late now as my treatment is underway.  I’d really appreciate the opinions or advice of others on this issue as I am worried about my other teeth.

Katie x

Update: July 2011
Now I’ve been free of candida and other health issues for quite a long time I can see quite a few changes. My teeth are now fine. I dont get the sticky plaque problem that used to drive me nuts and my teeth dont decay faster than other people’s. I brush and floss twice a day and thats it. I dont do the oil pulling either any more so I think my general good health is reflected in my teeth. So if you are having teeth problems then please don’t give up getting rid of the candida. I’ve put a ton of info and tips on my new website at Feedback welcome!

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  1. Terry

    Hi Katie,
    I don’t know about tooth decay but when my candida was at its worst, my teeth were so sensitive that I could hardly brush them….even using sensitive toothpaste didn’t seem to help. Now that I am feeling better ( not cured yet, but better) the sensitivity in my teeth is gone.

  2. Melissa

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve just come across your blog and it’s been fantastic to read of your experiences and the highs and lows of your journey on the way to better health.
    I was diagnosed about six months ago with candida, which I think I have had since 2004. After a few times trying and failing on the candida diet, I’ve finally managed to stick to the diet for five weeks now with no major slip ups. I’m also taking some herbs and probiotics as recommended by my naturopath.
    I know you’re not a medical expert, but I have a few questions that I thought perhaps you could help me with from your own experiences…
    How many weeks/months do you find is necessary to stick to the candida diet before becoming candida free?
    When you’re buying candida-friendly foods, what sugar content do you go by as acceptable? For example, my lactose free milk has 11.8g of sugar per serving, and I’m wondering whether this is too much?
    Thanks, and good luck with staying candida-free!

  3. Katie Post author

    Hi Melissa
    Thanks for your kind comments! Its always nice to know that my blog is helping people. Well done on keeping to the diet for 5 weeks. I know it is really hard. In the past I have had to stick to the diet for 8 weeks before I tested clear for candida (via kinesiology with my naturopath) and then I could slowly reintroduce food. But I have noticed that when my stress levels are high or when I am not sleeping properly then the candida seems to take a stronger hold and it can take longer. On a more positive note when I have been unstressed, well rested and I’ve used EFT (tapping) I’ve managed to reintroduce some foods after only a few weeks. Again this was after testing by my naturopath. When the candida is really bad I avoid as much sugar as possible (even cutting out fruit) but I’ve always drunk lactose-free milk or (in the past) soya milk. 11.8g of sugar sounds a lot so it probably depends on how bad your candida is. I think different people can tolerate different amounts even on the diet. Sorry if this isn’t a definitive answer. Good luck with the diet!
    Katie x

  4. Melissa

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for your quick answer. It’s nice to know that you were able to treat your candida in eight weeks. My naturopath seems to think it will take around that for me too, but then I’ve read some websites that say it’s necessary to stick to the diet for nine months, and I don’t know how I’d manage that!!
    Melissa 🙂

  5. Kaitlin Cassidy

    Hey I came across this blog, because I was wondering if my teeth/acne issues are related to candida (if I have it that is). Do you have skin issues too? Would love to chat and get some insight on your symptoms

  6. Katie Post author

    Hi Terry
    That’s interesting. I have had sensitive teeth for ages but now when I think about it, they are a lot less sensitive these days. Perhaps it was the candida. Glad to hear you are feeling better!
    Katie x

  7. Casey

    Hi, Last week my gum receded so fast that I didnt know what hit me. I have a cavity now too. I have begun a candida healing diet and am wondering if this is what caused it? The Die Off? I am so unsure. I wont go to the dentist, I bought neem oil and have been brushing with a new brush and massaging Oil of Oregano into my gums. I will have to wait and see. But I am not going to the dentist. My other Dr. told me that the intestinal meridian runs along the gum line. I am sure they are all connected just dont absolutely understand how.

  8. Casey

    Wanted to add, more information on teeth brushing, all traditional tooth “paste” uses a scratchy base (ground up seashells) to clean the teeth and glycerin. These are not “healing” to the teeth, and they can not be washed off an old brush. You need a new brush when you get a new tooth cleaning product. Candida can be in your mouth “thrush” and so it can carry over from one brush to the next, or one brushing to the next. Using somthing to clean your teeth that is anti-fungal is the way to go. Listerin (sp) that toxic Blue or Green Stuff, is loaded with flourid, which NO BODY needs, and anti-bacterial, killing the good and the bad together, also not the right solution for this situation (maybe for a toilet bowl cleaner). Search for a tooth cleaner that will restore health to the mouth and gums and teeth, Neem oil, Myrrh, Oil of Oregano, Pure Celtic Salt/Himilayan, there are products out there too with all these ingredients combined. Look for Tooth Soap, Essential Oil’s, Living Libations Tooth Truth. Hope this helps along the detective path.

  9. Katie Post author

    Hi Casey
    Thanks for your comments. I havent investigated alternative toothpastes yet but you are right about flouride. Its been linked to cancer so I am wary. I cant believe some areas in the UK have added flouride to the drinking water. Thankfully I don’t live in one of those regions. I am definitely going to look into natural toothpastes and thanks for the reminder about changing toothbrushes. I often soak mine in Milton (bleach for babies) to kill off germs. Good luck with your teeth! Katie x

  10. Brittney

    Hello, Just saw this blog and since I just learned about this a few days ago, I thought I could pass it along…

    Oil pulling is an ancient practice that has been used in many cultures (as I understand it) to “pull” the toxins from the body. Whether or not it is actually pulling anything out, it does have a lot of immediate benefits that relate to what has been discussed on this blog, and you may notice a difference regarding tooth decay and skin appearance.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. It is mentioned that candida-overgrowth sufferers ought to oil pull more than once a day, and remember to always do this on an empty stomach!

  11. Katie Post author

    Hi Brittney

    I am really interested in oil pulling. Thanks for the link! I’ve got used to doing it now each morning. It doesnt take long and it cant harm.


  12. Katie

    I am also Katie 🙂 I have terrible teeth/gum issues and Ive had terrible Candida for years. I always thought I had Eczema on my ears, when a dermatologist corrected me and said it was Candida. I do think there is a connection.

  13. Katie Post author

    Hi Katie
    That’s interesting. I think there’s a connection too. I am trying very hard to keep the bacteria in my mouth low ie brushing and flossing twice a day plus non-alcoholic mouthwash. When I had bad candida and teeth problems I also used colloidol silver as a mouthwash last thing at night. I think it helped but its hard to say. Good luck!
    Katie x

  14. Casey

    A few months ago my teeth and gums hurt and ached and bled and things were all going wrong.

    Now I am using Neem Oil one drop on my brush when I brush morning and night and I am not eating any grains. My teeth are doing great! My gums bled last week because I broke down ( sounds bad ehh?!?) and I ate toast. That week my gums bled.

    I did make a mistake I used Organic Oil of Oregano and that is great to fight Candida but it is also anti-bactierial and that is not the best for your moth where there are happy bacterias that we need to keep our teeth strong and digestive system functioning. So I saw the Candida die off but the side effect was more gum damage.

    So I really can see the connection. Between my teeth and my intestinal health. The connection is HUGE. And I feel it. The candida feeds off the grains and sweets and that damages my intestinal health which in turn damages my teeth/gums.

    It is all connected, we are all connected.

    Much love, many blessings, and healthy bodies!

  15. Prachi

    Hi Katie,
    Love from India. I just stumbled upon this blog of yours. Very informative and after reading it, just realized that my mom also has candida, which her dentist failed to diagnose for years. She has all the same symptoms. Can I ask you one thing ? What treatment did you undergo for Candida ? Are you free of it now.
    P.S. – I am not going to spare that dentist of hers now..

  16. Prachi

    Hi Katie,

    After reading your blog, I realised my mom too has exactly the same problems for years. Not diagnosed by her dentist yet. Can you tell me what treatment did you undergo for the Candida ? it will be very helpful.

  17. Katie Post author


    Thanks for getting in touch. I think your mom needs to get a professional medical person’s opinion before deciding that she has candida. There are blood and stool tests that can be carried out. I used a combination of methods to get better. There’s a summary of what I did at my main website This page will save you having to read all the way through my blog!

    Bye for now
    Katie x

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