Gentian violet – anyone tried this remedy?

I was recently talking to a candida sufferer (who is on the mend by the way) and we were discussing how candida sufferers must be coped in the old days.  I think they didnt realise what was wrong and they just suffered.   Or perhaps because sugar was rare they didnt get candida or thrush infections?  I just dont know and I’d be interested to hear your theories.  Anyway my friend said she’s heard that some people use to use Gentian Violet to treat thrush infections.  She said that women used to paint it onto their skin to treat vaginal thrush for example.  So it wouldnt work for candida in the digestive system.  But I’m intrigued.  Does this stuff really work?  Is it safe?  Can you still get it?  Does anyone know about this?  If so please let me know as it might help others.  All I’ve managed to find out is that it really is purple so it stains the skin.  Yikes!

Bye Katie xx

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  1. Mary-Ellen

    Hi Katie
    I’ve heard of Genetian Violet. My gran recommends it. Its anti-fungal and has been used for years so I think its pretty safe. I’ve found research which shows its effective against fluconazole-resistant strains of candida. But its got to be painted on so if you cant reach the part of the body affected I guess its no good. By the way I love your new website. Thanks so much for putting it together. You’ve no idea how much it helps me 🙂 Is it you in the EFT videos by the way?

  2. Katie Post author

    Good Morning Mary-Ellen!

    That was a quick reply! I’m impressed about Gentian Violet helping resistant strains of candida. Def worth looking into this further. Have you used it yourself? I’m cautious about recommending a treatment that I havent tried personally.
    Thanks for the lovely words about my website! It took ages to create and now I want to revamp it! Its never ending but feedback like yours makes it all worthwhile! And no its not me in the EFT video section! ha! I dont know the lady who did the videos but I like the way she explains it.

    Katie xx

  3. fishchick72

    In the late 1980s when I was a teen I had a horrendous ear infection. After years of chronic ear infections (starting at 1 week old) & always being given antibiotics for them, this time they told me it was fungal. It took over a year to clear it up & my wax glands were destroyed during the process. But the only medication I was told to use was gentian violet. It stains really bad, bright purple. I had to put it in my ears. But it did work.

    I have always wondered if its still around & a few years back my cousin said she was using it on her nipples while breastfeeding her daughter. Her daughter had thrush & my cousin had a fungal infection on her nipples. She said it worked well for her also. So as of 5 or 6 years ago it was still available.

    I really should find some & buy it & keep it around.

  4. Stacie

    I used gentian violet all the time when I was getting thrush, and didn’t know why yet. It worked great as a short term treatment. I would swab my mouth with it at night, with a q-tip, and would be much better by the next morning or the morning after that. It stained my tongue and all the white spots where the thrush was but after I was awake several hours and had eaten and drank it would be gone. It was the only relief I could get from the pain and discomfort. My dr said it was safe enough to use on new borns. The only problem I found out with it is that it also kills the good bacteria. It is also VERY bitter! I have found it at almost all the pharmacies around me and it is fairly inexpensive. Use carefully though because it stains bad. My bathroom counter was stained from it for a long time when I dripped a little on it. I had a sore on my lips and it stained it for a couple of days. I would recommend it for a short term treatment with a quick outbreak but not for long term. Diet has worked best for me.

  5. Katie Post author

    Hey that’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing that. I hope it wasnt the Genetian Violet which destroyed your wax glands. So far all my own research suggests is really safe – thats why they let new mums use it. Shame it stains though. I think I should get some for my medicine box.
    Katie xx

  6. Katie Post author

    Hi Stacie
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of gentian violet. I’m glad the anti-candida diet worked for you.

    Katie xx

  7. notyourrawmama

    This is a wonderful website. Thank you for all the information and the kind voice that it is delivered through.

  8. LY

    Gentian Violet has been used since I was a child (I’m now 58). My father was a doctor and he would use it when I got those little ulcers in my mouth from too much acetic fruits, etc. It’s also a wonderful antiseptic and causes a minor wound to scab over quickly. It has been used for thrush in adults and babies for many years. I just bought some at the pharmacy to try it for toenail fungus. I’ve heard it clears that up also. You can buy it at most pharmacies and Walmart, Walgreen’s, etc. They usually keep it behind the counter and it is cheap. Hope this helps.

  9. Katie Post author

    Thanks! Its always nice to get nice comments as the site takes a lot of work.
    Katie x

  10. Ina

    I just bought Gentian Violet for my 92 year old mom. We found the whitish stuff in her mouth this morning. I had suspected that she might have a yeast infection down below since she is taking a low dose antibiotic for a UTI that we have had trouble getting gone. She is on a low does of Keppra from a one-time seizure last year, and now is on a thyroid med for underactive thyroid (for 10 days already). she is still very sleepy and this stuff was in her mouth this morning. she has had a funny cough lately. We had a chest xray and lungs were clear. So now I ready that it is a topical med only. However all are saying to apply with a cotton q tip so I will try that since both Pharmacists said to. any suggestions will be helpful and I will be sure to continue the yogurt.

    It all started with trying to get rid of that UTI. I also have used Listerine Total Care for the last year or so and I ready something about that throwing off the balance of good bacteria. Human body is so complicated.

    Thanks, Ina

  11. katie Post author

    Hi Ina

    I’ve never tried Gentian Violet myself but its been around for years. Have you asked the pharmacist about trying a probiotic? If her gut is out of balance then natural yogurt alone may not be enough.
    I didnt know about Listerine Total Care. If the candida/yeast doesnt go then you may want to ask that pharmacist about anti-fungal treatments but you need to ask about possible interactions with the other medication. I really hope your Mom feels better soon.

    Thanks, Katie x

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