Iodine Kills Candida

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Hi!  If you are a regular reader of my blog and website you will already know that I beat systemic candida years ago. You can read more at About Me.  But I know a lot of people are not so fortunate so I keep this blog and website going in order to help others.

Recently I was made aware that iodine deficiency is quite common and interestingly iodine kills off candida. It is estimated that a lot of people are suffering from the effects of low iodine which can lead to hypothyroidism. Iodine is essential for a healthy thyroid so if you are not eating enough iodine (or not absorbing enough due to low stomach acid) then it makes sense that your thyroid could be affected. I am also interested in iodine as I know that it has been linked with helping to prevent breast cancer which has affected some of my family members.

Here are some of the symptoms that you may encounter if you have low levels of iodine:-

  • feeling cold
  • constipation
  • weight gain (iodine helps to balance your metabolism)
  • dry skin
  • hair loss or coarse dry hair
  • weakness
  • muscle aches
  • depression
  • fatigue

Now I know these symptoms are vague and could be attributed to many other causes.  But for me the dry skin was getting a real problem.  I noticed my skin was looking prematurely aged and would get so dry it would be itchy.  I started to buy special moisturizers for dry skin and experimented with bath oils.  But nothing was really helping.

Then I heard about the DIY Iodine Patch test so I decided to try it out.   You will need some iodine and I bought a brand that was recommended to me. Here is the link if you are interested >Iodine Supplement

Here is a simple video which shows you how to perform this test.

All I did was paint a medium sized patch (about 7cms square) on my stomach.   The iodine is dark brown but looked orange on my skin.  You need to check the square over the next 24hrs to see your skin absorbs the iodine.   Be sure to apply to clean skin and obviously don’t wash the skin until the test is complete.  If the orange disappears the theory is that you may be deficient.

I have been taking 4 drops of iodine twice a day.  I used muscle testing to work out the dose and I can tell by my skin if I forget to take it.   Don’t forget that tests also show it kills off candida so it is worth checking out for many reasons.

Love & light

Katie xx

2 thoughts on “Iodine Kills Candida

  1. Jeffrey David

    Hi Katie,
    I’m a 46 year old male who strongly believes t hat I have chronic overgrowth. Doctors and naturopaths have said that I do not have it. I even tried NAET for over a year treating candida and I never passed it. The fact that I never passed candida albicans troubles me in that I am still uncertain if it is the underlying cause to a myriad of symptoms I complain about. I only tried the NAET because it seemed the practitioner and I were on the same page and most other professionals think it is a made up illness.
    I am currently ingesting raw garlic along with caprylic acid as well as taking a probiotic in the evening. I have been taking these products for a while without noticing any results. What to do???????????????


  2. Jeffrey David

    How did you know that your candida overgrowth was gone? Did you just start feeling better?


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