Night shift workers and IBS (and maybe candida)

I have to share this with you as I was shocked.   I was talking to a friend who works the night shift (graveyard shift) at a local call center. He was saying it was quite a stressful job and they all found it hard to stay awake during the night.   He said he and his co-workers dont eat during their shift (no time) and they survive instead on energy drinks with caffeine.  He actually said, “Isnt it crazy? And we all wonder why we suffer badly from IBS and get ill”.

I was horrified. I thought that these poor people are probably suffering from candida too and storing up health problems in the future. I wonder how many other night shift workers do the same?   There’s something wrong somewhere when people have to live like this to make a living.

2 thoughts on “Night shift workers and IBS (and maybe candida)

  1. Annie Parker

    This is common in other industries too. Its quite worrying how some people with important jobs keep themselves going through long shifts. I know long distance lorry drivers and medical staff who live on caffeine and energy tablets and drinks when they work all night. Its not just their health I’m worried about – I think of the danger to others if they are not concentrating properly.

  2. Sara

    I think lots of people live like this. Students and young people often seem to eat a diet designed to ENCOURAGE candida. It’s frightening especially when you think about how Candida can cause depression if its severe and goes undiagnosed for years.. makes me think there’s a link between suicide rates and diet via Candida.
    I wish someone would carry out some research to find out.

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