Email Access is Back

I have finally managed to regain access to my emails.  I was so delighted as I’ve had problems for months.  But my delight quickly turned to upset when I saw how many emails I’ve received from people all over the world who needed help and support.  I am working my way through them all. Please bear with me as I need to read them carefully before responding.  I’ve had hundreds which shocked me.

It makes me realise how important it is to keep this blog going and for us all to share our stories and suggestions to help each other.

If you have any tips to help candida sufferers please leave a comment at the end of this post or email me at


Katie xx

Christmas and Candida

Each year when I go shopping for Christmas food I always remember the difficult Christmases I had while on the anti-candida diet.  Its hard enough trying to keep to the diet without the added pressure of the festive season’s lovely tempting foods and drinks.

I learnt the hard way that the only way to cope was to plan my meals as always, work out little healthy ‘cheats’ and plan how to cope with any problems.  I never wanted everyone to know I was on the diet so work parties and social gatherings were tricky.   I learnt to say I was driving which was why I wasnt drinking.  I would stick to soda water and lime or diet drinks if I had to.   Buffets and canapes were another minefield.  Again I had to learn the hard way that it was easier to avoid than try to pick out what I could eat.   I used to use the excuse that I had already eaten and was not hungry.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that you can still enjoy the festive season and perhaps even a few ‘treats’.   I’ll be sharing some of my ideas soon! If you have any suggestions to help other candida sufferers please let a comment at the bottom of this page.

Homeopathic Remedies and Candida

I’ve used homeopathic remedies over the years to treat all sorts of ailments with varying degrees of success. The least successful was when I paid an homeopathic therapist a LOT of money to diagnose my problems. Her solution was to devise a homeopathic remedy in the form of a small tablet which was supposed to get me better. It had no effect at all!

But more positive over the years I’ve discovered several great homeopathic remedy companies who sell direct to the public. I’ve found their remedies really helpful with no side effects.   I know some people are cynical about homeopathy and regard it as ‘mind over matter’.   Well I don’t know the truth but I do know its helped me and my family a lot of the years.   And interestingly I know animals and small children who have benefited.  Yet they don’t know they are being treated so the mind link doesn’t apply to them.

I remember reading an article years ago about the British Royal Family and I read that they are also fans of homeopathy.  In fact I read that the The Queen takes 60 vials of homeopathic remedies everywhere she goes.   The Royal Family have used homeopathy remedies for generations.

I use homeopathic remedies to prevent illness too.  So when the winter bugs are doing the rounds I make sure I take my daily homeopathic remedies to ward off viruses and bacterial infections.  It seems to work well (touch wood).  So this got me wondering if the candida homeopathic remedies would help too?   I am a big believing in supporting the body when you are fighting candida.   For me this meant trying different holistic treatments as my main problem was stress.  I also took additional vitamins etc..    I just wish I’d known about homeopathic remedies as they are easy to administer and I’ve seen great results with other illnesses.  Has anyone else tried this approach for candida?

My favourite brand is Dr Reckeweg. I use this Dr Reckeweg website to read about the different remedies and decide which one(s) I need.  Then I order from an online store.     You can take more than 1 at the same time if you are using additional remedies.      There could be other great brands out there so please leave a comment at the end of this post if you can recommend any others.

The only one I didnt like was Nelson’s.  It came in a pink box in my local health store.  It was specifically formulated for candida but it contained sugar!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


Katie xx

Did you really beat candida?

I get asked this a LOT and I understand. When I was suffering from candida and repeated yeast infections I doubted if I would ever get better. And I struggled to find any candida success stories. Nowadays I think a lot of people get better and don’t think twice about it. They don’t think of publicising their illness online and telling everyone that they got over it! But I did because I thought it would help others. If you want to read about my story (and you’ve got plenty of time!) then scroll down to find the Archive list on the right hand column. Grab a coffee and sit down and read my blog which goes back years. You will read about my highs and my lows. But you will also realise that I’ve been through some really dark times when I never thought I’d get better. And yet now I am 100% better. I haven’t had candida or a yeast infection in years.

Now I know you are all busy folk and not many people have the time to read my entire blog. So a few years back I started to pull together everything I’d learnt into an ‘easy to use’ website. You can visit this website by clicking on the ‘Main Candida Website’ button above. Just take some time to have a good read. I especially recommend that you read the My Approach (How I Beat Candida) page.

I know many of my visitors will have been suffering from candida and yeast infections for a long time. This means that the candida has a firm hold and its going to take time to get better. In fact even when you are following the anti-candida regieme it may take time to even feel a tiny bit better. Why is that? Well I’m no medical expert but it seems to me that turning your health around when its been pretty bad is similar to a huge ship changing direction. Imagine a ship is sailing in a certain direction at full speed. Now even if the Captain pulls the wheel to change direction it can take time before the ship actually slowly starts to change to the new direction. Thats how it felt to me as I wondered when I would feel the benefits of the anti-candida approach. My body had registered that a change was required but it took a while to feel that change actually happening. This may sound a bit crazy but its just how it felt to me. So keep positive and keep going! I know it can seem like you are stuck with the candida or yeast infection forever but its important to keep going and the results will come. Please
check out my full website for plenty of ideas and suggestions. I’m a big believer that if you struggle to get rid of the candida then there may be underlying issues which need to be addressed. Again you will find plenty of info on the Main Site.

And if you would like to share your story please get in touch (leave a comment at the bottom of this page). By the way there are plenty of other folk out there who have also beaten candida. I’m far from unique! I know of several friends and family members who were diagnosed, went through the regieme and got better. They have long forgotten about it I’m sure and they are healthy and able to eat whatever they want these days. I personally learnt a lot from visiting Karen Tripp’s website (just google her) as she has also beaten candida and she explains it well on her website.

thanks for visiting my site 🙂
Katie xx

Anyone else dreading winter?

I always dread the winters even though its relatively mild where I live.  But it still gets very cold and the shorter days definitely have an effect on my moods.  When you are suffering from candida it can seem even worse I think.  I was definitely feeling more low when I had candida and I also suffered from anxiety.   But even though the candida is long gone (touch wood) and I still get very low.  I blame my personal circumstances which I am trying to improve but this Winter hardest for me at least.  I’m seriously thinking of investing in a SAD lamp this year to try to avoid sinking into seasonal depression.   So I thought I’d put together a few ideas for how to survive the Winter and try to stay cheerful.  I know every season has its pluses and minuses.    As I am always telling candida sufferers to stay positive, I now need to listen to my own advice! lol!   So here are my suggestions for making the most of the Winter and trying to avoid feeling low.  If you have any of your own suggestions that you’d like to share please add a comment at the end.

(These are in no special order.  And I’m going to do them all this Winter.  You are my witnesses!)

  • Try to get outside every single day
  • Get some warm waterproof clothing so I can do the first point
  • Buy fresh flowers for the house
  • Try to stay healthy (I’ll do another post on this soon)
  • Monitor my thoughts for negative patterns and keep positive
  • Leave more lights on around the house (I’m always switching off lights to reduce electricity bills)
  • Go for a walk every day if possible
  • I will avoid turning into a hermit and I’ll try to socialise to get out of the house
  • Listen to cheerful music to lift my mood

Anyone got any other ideas?   Please share!  Or do you dread winter too?  Then let me know.  Its always nice to know you aren’t alone.  Perhaps we can help each other through it.


love and light

Katie xx

Drowning in Spam!

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post to say sorry if your comments have not appeared on my website yet.  You know I love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I think its important we pool our knowledge and experience to help everyone.   But I’ve had problems with the blog and today I have over 5,000 spam comments to wade through before I can find and approve the genuine ones.   Aaargh!  Why do so many people send out rubbish comments full of links to porn and goodness knows what else?  Surely no one lets these comments appear on their sites?  What is the point?!

Its going to take me ages to clear it all out as I have to check them all carefully so I dont delete any genuine ones.  So bear with me as I’ll do it in stages.  My website helper tells me the problem has hopefully been solved but I’m not holding my breath.


Katie x  ps if anyone is an expert on wordpress and knows any tips to avoid this in the future I would be grateful!

Best probiotic to take to beat candida?

Firstly I’d like to say a big sorry to everyone who has emailed me recently but had to wait ages for a reply.  For some reason this blog is being bombarded with spam and your emails are getting caught up in all the spam.  I’ve cleared the backlog today and I’m looking at solutions.

One of the most common questions I get asked is about probiotics.   I personally noticed an improvement when I switched to a brand which contained Lactobacillus bifidus* along with other strains such as acidophilus.  But I know other sufferers who have seen improvements with other strains so I think its worth experimenting to see what works for you.  Probiotics alone wont kill off the candida of course.  But its vitally important to improve the balance of bacteria in the gut.  From what I’ve read, it is believed that most of the immune system is located in the gut so if you have an imbalance you may find you are more prone to infections and bugs.   I always take a probiotic every day and I always will.

I know some people recommend natural yogurt but many brands contain sugar and I just dont think yogurt would contain enough probiotics.  Perhaps I’m wrong so if anyone knows better let me know!

The other tip I’ve picked up is to look for a probiotic which contains at least 3 or 4 billion probiotic.  I think the theory is that the probiotics have a long way to travel to reach your gut so taking a good quality supplement with 3 or 4 billion is giving yourself a good chance that some will actually make it!

I usually buy a brand which also contains FOS.  It stands for fructo-oligosaccharides and it is sometimes called a prebiotic.  Basically its the food which the good bacteria can eat while they wait to reach your gut.  At least that’s the way I look at it!   Now I know FOS is a form of sugar but when I was very ill with candida I actually bought a pot of this stuff (its a fine white powder) and I sprinkled it on my sugar-free, wheat-free cereal each morning.  I figured I wanted to give the good probiotics the best chance of surviving the journey to my gut.  Did I need to do this?  I’ve no idea but sometimes it helps to think you are doing everything you can. I’ve also seen probiotic brands which contain other prebiotics such as apple to nourish the bacteria.

I experimented with refrigerated and non refrigerated probiotics but I couldnt see a difference.  The non refrigerated version is easier for me and I think the freeze drying doesnt adversely affect the product. I know some people are concerned that refrigerated versions may have not been kept cold during transit.  I’ve always thought that refrigeration after opening was the important aspect but again if anyone knows better please share your knowledge below (leave a comment).

Don’t forget that I was also taking anti-fungal supplements (rotating them daily), sticking to the diet and I was also taking digestive enzymes plus a host of vitamins as I tested low on quite a few e.g. iron.

If anyone else has any feedback about probiotics and candida please get in touch.  Its a question that puzzles a lot of sufferers so the more we can share the better.

ps as Spring as finally sprung in my part of the world I thought I’d share this beautiful photograph.   I always feel more positive when the days lengthen and it gets warmer 🙂daffodils



Katie xx


* Please be aware that Lacto Bifidus is derived from milk so avoid if you are highly sensitive to milk protein.  Even when I had trouble digesting lactase I was fine taking this supplement but please be careful.


A new year and fresh hope!

Happy New Year everyone! I want to start the new year off on a positive note and I’ve started to pull together stories from people who have beated candida like myself.  I know so many people are suffering from candida and probably wondering if they will ever get better.   If you have time you can read through this blog where I recorded my battle to cure my systemic candida.  For others they get better after taking probiotics, anti fungal remedies and following the diet strictly for 8 weeks.  They are very lucky!  I certainly know of 2 friends who did exactly that.

I have started to publish the success stories on the  Your Stories page (

My aim is give hope to everyone who is feeling down.   If you would like to share your story (even if you are not quite better yet but you want to pass on tips to others) then please get in touch.  You can leave a comment on this blog or email me at

or get in touch on Facebook.

I will continue to add success stories in 2013 and once you are better please don’t forget to drop me a line so your story can also inspire others!


Katie xx

Surviving Halloween with Candida or Yeast

I think for many of us with sweet tooths being on the anti-candida diet can be really challenging. I love my candy and I found a few tips which helped me to get through the diet. I was thinking that with all the candy in the house ready for trick or treaters it must be really difficult for candida sufferers now so here are my tips for satisfying your sweet cravings but not ruining your candida-busting diet. If you can add any of your own tips please add your commments at the bottom.

1. Try chocolate flavour sugar-free gum.I found chocolate flavoured and other flavors of sugar free gumin my local store and I loved it! In fact I still use it!

2. Sugar-free sweets are ok in moderation but avoid anything with sorbitol or malitol in the ingredients as it is likely to give you awful wind and an upset tum unless your will power is so strong that you can just eat 1 or 2 pieces of the candy. I didnt have this problem with gum though probably as I never swallowed it.

3. I made up an equivalent of fizzy pop using sugar-free squash and soda water. Not too bad I must say! I got a bit carried away and started mixing up the different squash flavours which meant I didnt get fed up of the same flavours. (I think this tip is for my UK readers as I’ve never seen squash drink for sale in the States which is odd as its lovely!)

4. Now this is controversial but I ate 1 apple per day on the candida diet to keep my digestive system regular. I still beat the candida and I did this on the advice of my naturopathic doctor. So I would really savour my apple each day.

5. I would sprinkle FOS (Fructooligosaccharides Powderon my sugar-free cornflakes and rice cereal in the morning to help strengthen my digestive system and feed the good bugs. It tastes slightly sugary which always cheered me up!

I did find really delicious sugar-free candy from Japan which I loved. They were made from brown rice extract and vanilla and looked like brown round lumps but they tasted great and I miss them. Anyone know where I can get them?

If you are getting really bad sweet cravings consider taking Chromium supplement which helps to minimise the cravings. Ask your doctor for advice about taking it. Also try to eat more protein which can also help. Its also worth getting your thyroid checked. (Note about Chromium: please use caution if you have a history of hypoglycemia or take insulin. Chromium may lower blood sugar.)

For more tips of on how to survive the Candida Diet click here

Happy Halloween!
Katie x

Night shift workers and IBS (and maybe candida)

I have to share this with you as I was shocked.   I was talking to a friend who works the night shift (graveyard shift) at a local call center. He was saying it was quite a stressful job and they all found it hard to stay awake during the night.   He said he and his co-workers dont eat during their shift (no time) and they survive instead on energy drinks with caffeine.  He actually said, “Isnt it crazy? And we all wonder why we suffer badly from IBS and get ill”.

I was horrified. I thought that these poor people are probably suffering from candida too and storing up health problems in the future. I wonder how many other night shift workers do the same?   There’s something wrong somewhere when people have to live like this to make a living.