Splenda & Gut Flora

I am always interested in the latest research about gut flora as maintaining a healthy gut is key to my continued good health.  I take a good probiotic every day and will do so forever.  I avoid asparatame because of its awful health risks and I always thought Splenda (sucralose) was a better option.  However this article from Dr Mercola alarmed me and I wanted to share it with you.   He states that research has shown that sucralose reduces the amount of good bacteria in your intestines by 50 percent.  You can read more by clicking on the link below.    The article goes on to explain many reasons why sucralose should be avoided.   Sorry its yet another thing to avoid if you are on the candida diet but this is worth knowing I think


3 thoughts on “Splenda & Gut Flora

  1. John

    OMG I had no idea bout sucralose. I try to limit it as I know its a sugar but I had no idea that it actually kills off the gut bacteria. Why the hell dont they publish this info more widely? Thanks for letting us know Katie

  2. phmurphy

    Wait just a second here. The dose rate for the rats in the referenced study would be the equivalent of 55 teaspoons a DAY for a 110 pound person. That is over 1 full cup of sucralose a day. SCREECH, reverse, there are other studies that show the normal amount of sucralose has no negative effects.

    Besides, just logically, unless sucralose is the only sugar that is consumed in a day (NOT) then the bacteria have plenty of other sources.

  3. igotguts

    Phmurphy, that last paragraph of your post doesn’t even make sense. Please give me one other sugar source that could kill off the gut flora the way sucralose did in the study. …I’ll wait….

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