The benefits of getting even!

Feeling happy!

Feeling happy!

Hi as you may know I believe that stress plays an enormous part in my candida problems.  I recently returned from holiday with the candida virtually gone and no symptoms at all.  I’ve felt great!  I expected to resume my stressful, frustrating job and for the candida to return.  But developments at work have been very interesting!  Basically my boss is a bully and he has caused many of us (me included) years of stress and worry.  We’ve tried to speak up to the bosses above him but to no avail.  Even when the Finance dept notified them of his fraud, they just told him off and life carried on.  Anyway the staff all got together and went to the bosses as one voice.  What a difference!  To be honest there was one person who was encouraging them and that person was very brave and had nothing left to lose.  Her bravery inspired us!  And now our boss is worried and stressed!!!!!  I cant believe it!  I believe in karma and to see it actually happening before our eyes is absolutely marvellous!  We are all feeling so much better, elated in fact.   I know he may not lose his job despite the catalogue of bullying, errors and sheer imcompetence which was presented to the bosses.  But its sooo nice to see him stressed for the first time ever.   And physically I feel great!  No more relying on natural laxatives, no more stomach pains at night and no more candida problems.  I never dreamt that I would feel so much better.   It just goes to show how much stress I was holding onto inside, if you know what I mean.

I’ll keep you informed about developments but I dont have high hopes that he is booted out.

Katie x

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